Sun 21st Jul 2019, Rubery

Levels 2 & 6: Judges - Ali Brannen & Marianne Tembey
Level 2

1 Jane Page – Dinah – 99.9
2 Julia Bodsworth – Spot – 99.85
3 Jo Andrews – Cora – 99.45
4 Zoe Ashman – Swift – 89.95
5 Sarah Eccleston – Bella – 89.9
6 Deb Atkins – Sklya – 79.85
7 Ellen Ward Lindley – Meg – 79.2
8 Rob Warman – Bella – 78.2

Level 6

1 Nikki Inglis – Elli – 149.94
2 Janet Wykes – Jess – 129.9
3 Heather Poulton – Timmy – 129.4
4 Alison Williamson – Peppa – 128.5
5 Sarah Taylor – Hugo – 119.5
6 Sue Gardner – Lily – 99.94

It was the perfect sort of day for this Trial with the weather being warm but not too hot which meant the competitors could relax outside of their cars and have a good chat and a catch up.

My judges, Marianne Tembey and Ali Brannen, co-judged the morning’s Level 2 Trial and Ali judged the Level 6 in the afternoon. I’d like to thanks both ladies who did a sterling job. We steamed through the Level 2s who were of a high standard and hardly anyone used their full 5 minutes allocation time. This meant that we could have a leisurely lunch and Ali had plenty of time to decide where she was going to put the L6 hides.

The Level 6 interior areas were a changing room and the main hall. The exterior area was the main veranda. A white dog was run on all the search areas before the competitors ran.

Thank you to all who took part and congratulations to all the qualifiers. A huge well done to Jane Page & Dinah who took 1st place in Level 2 and Nikki & Elli who won L6 also achieving an Excellent Title.

Many thanks to Ali and Marianne for judging and also to Michelle, Lynn and Glenis for scribing. l’m looking forward to the next time.

Karen Denton

Marianne Tembey

First I would like to say thank to Karen Denton for asking me to co-judge alongside Ali Brannen. It is always lovely to be able to watch lots of teams working their way through the searches and in all different levels.

It was my first time at this venue and it is a really lovely venue for a Scentwork UK trial. Lovely and peaceful, away from the public, enough parking spaces and a fabulous exercise area for the dogs.

As a judge I was looked after extremely well and a huge thank you to my scribe Glenis who did a sterling job and to the lady who kept me in coffee. A very well run trial.

I was indoors and started with the tables and chairs. Always a favourite I think. I saw some fabulous quiet handling from Deb Atkins with Skyla, and although Jo Andrews was extremely nervous as soon as she passed the cones she handled Cora very well. Cora was such a happy dog she made me smile.

We also had some really lovely searching from Julia Bodsworth and Spot, and Sarah Eccleston with Bella.

Jane Page came in with Dinah and although Dinah made Jane think she read her very well and Jane’s patience paid off. Very well handled.

Zoe Ashman and Swift made a great team and produced some lovely searching.

We did have a couple of false alerts but all in all it was a pleasure to watch these dogs having fun.

I then went onto the boxes and luggage. The searching in this section was outstanding.

Julia Bodsworth & Spot, Zoe Ashman & Swift, Rachel Bradley & Jasper, Sarah Eccleston & Bella, Rob Warman & Bella, Jane Page & Dinah, Jo Andrews & Cora and Deb Atkins & Skyla all did really fabulous 1st finds in a very short time. 4 teams went on to find the second hide.

Penny Harris and Lyra plus Anne Johnson and Ellie did not have a good time and both dogs false alerted so it was not their day. But both fabulous dogs and I look forward to seeing them again. We all have off days and dogs do too. Both handlers went away with a bit more experience and they took the best dogs home with them.

A white dog was run in both searches.

All in all it was a pleasure to watch these teams all doing a good job.

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Thank you for the privilege of watching you and dog searching.

Ali Brannen

Level 2

Thank you to Karen Denton for asking me to judge this trial, also thanks to my fellow Judge Marianne Tembey and to the scribes and the runners for the day.

I was tasked with the exterior & vehicle searches and we started with the exterior. The scent was hidden inside a black tub and on the handle of a hammer. 8/10 teams found both hides, they were Ellen & Meg, Deb & Skyla, Zoe & Swift, Sarah & Bella, Rob & Bella, Julia & Spot, Jo & Cora and Jane & Dinah. Well done everyone.

It was then time for the vehicle search, the scents were hidden on the 2nd vehicles front wheel nut, and on the front grill of the 3rd vehicle. 6/10 teams found both hides and they were Sarah & Bella, Julia & Spot, Jo & Cora, Jane & Dinah, Ellen & Meg and Rob & Bella. The remaining 4 teams found one and they were Zoe & Swift, Anne & Ellie, Deb & Skyla and Penny & Lyra. Well done guys.

There were some really lovely searches, great handling, along with good indications which made this trial extremely successful with 9/10 teams qualifying. Nicely done everyone, keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

A white dog was used in all searches.

Level 6

Thank you to Karen Denton for asking me to judge at this trial, also massive thanks to Michelle Rodgers who scribed for me all afternoon and to Peter for keeping everyone moving and for making me coffee.

We started with the first interior search which was a sports locker room, the hides from left to right were: – bottom of a locker door, back of a bench, a crack in the step of the shower and a crack in a post. 6/10 teams found all 4 hides and they were, Heather & Timmy, Sarah & Hugo, Sue & Lily, Nikki & Elli, Alison & Peppa and Janet & Jess. 2/10 teams found 3 hides and they were Liz & Archie and Marianne & Kai. 1/10 teams found 2 hides and they were Kathy & Rowan and only 1 team found 1 hide and that was Annette & Disney. The most commonly missed hide was the shower step with 4 teams missing this. All hides were fairly low down as we had 3 small dogs and all were surface hides.

On to the exterior, again 4 hides were placed out there, from left to right the end of a small pipe, a drain pipe in the wall, the back of a board and a crack in a wooden flower bed. It was quite a windy day and the wind appeared to be blowing the scent on to a pile of children’s toys at the back of the search area and I think this made it quite difficult for the handlers as most dogs spent a while searching the toys. 3/10 teams found all 4 and they were Heather & Timmy, Alison & Peppa and Nikki & Elli. 3/10 teams found 3 hides and they were Liz & Archie, Janet & Jess and Kathy & Rowan. 3 teams found 2 hides and they were Sarah & Hugo, Marianne & Kai and Sue & Lily. Only 1 team only found 1 hide and that was Annette & Disney. The most commonly missed hide was the one in the crack of a flower bed frame. All hides were surface hides.

Lastly it was on to the 2nd interior search, which was in the main hall. The hides from left to right were the bottom of the cupboard door, the safety protector on a plug, crack in the skirting board by a door and a pillar in the middle of the room. 3/9 teams found all 4 and they were Sarah & Hugo, Janet & Jess and Nikki & Elli, 4/9 teams found 3 and they were Kathy & Rowan, Sue & Lily, Alison & Peppa and Heather & Timmy. 1/9 teams found 2 and they were Marianne & Kai, 1/9 teams found one which was Liz & Archie. The most commonly missed hide was the cupboard at the start of the search area which 4 teams missed. Again all were surface hides.

Qualifiers were 1st Nikki & Elli, 2nd Janet & Jess, 3rd Heather & Timmy, 4th Alison & Peppa, 5th Sarah & Hugo and 6th Sue & Lily.

Well done everyone, I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

A white dog was used on all search areas.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jane Page – Dinah204.955920587204.951102054099.9296
2Julia Bodsworth – Spot204.9742054820555204.957699.85253
3Jo Andrews – Cora204.58420532204.95382054499.45198
4Zoe Ashman – Swift2055620529104.95582054789.95190
5Sarah Eccleston – Bella205612053420524104.98189.9200
6Deb Atkins – Sklya204.9103205294104.95841056179.85542
7Ellen Ward Lindley – Meg104.257220532204.952341054579.2383
8Rob Warman – Bella104.259720574204.95951046178.2327
WA = Wrong Alerts ( 4 = elimination )P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Nikki Inglis – Elli040100.01127040100172040100.052240120300.06149.94523
2Janet Wykes – Jess040100126040100.0519803000.052400110200.1129.9564
3Heather Poulton – Timmy040100.0520303000.05240040100.52220110200.6129.4665
4Alison Williamson – Peppa040100.516613000.5240040100.51761110201.5128.5582
5Sarah Taylor – Hugo0401005404010014902000.52400100200.5119.5443
6Sue Gardner – Lily040100.01780300024012000.05240190100.0699.94558

Rubery Community Centre, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9AD

Start time: 9.00 am
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Caped at 10 entries. Only one dog per handler per level
Contact: Karen Denton 07968 413543
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