Sun 22 Aug 2021, Little Haywood

Levels 2 & 4: Judge - Rachel Fox

Chilwell Avenue Little Haywood Staffs ST18 0QZ

Start: Level Two 10 am Level four 1pm
Entry Fees: £29 per dog.
Contact: Dolores Palmer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

first of all can i apologise for the delay in submitting this, work and home has been full on!

thankyou to Delores for asking me to judge at this lovely venue, I thoroughly enjoyed watching some fantastic teams.
thanks to Julie for being a fab scribe and helping with the removal of articles at level 2.

Level 2
we started with the tables and chairs and items along the perimeter, all teams successfully found all items, with some lovely working to source from Lisa and Reuben, Liz and Bonzo performed a nice calm search with a lovely indication once the item was found.
Ellie didnt need any tasking and was straight to the article ! but lovely handling from all teams .
we then went outside for the exterior, some distractions from the outside environment , but again all teams correctly identified the scented articles, Torin with Lynne was very focussed on the search, not distracted at all , this boy works so calmly and methodically and is so lovely to watch and gain a very well deserved first place and Excellent !
boxes and luggage again was no match for these teams, with all correctly identifying the correct article , Liz and Mist are a joy to watch, and despite being a mature larger girl, she was the fastest in this search and found both items within 36 seconds, Liz tasks Mist in a lovely calm way, without nagging and are an excellent team . Alfie as always was very happy to search and is a very enthusiastic worker, with a non stop tail, and again nice handling from Ceris ( who just needs to trust him a bit more 🙂 )
we finished with the vehicles and wall and although you could see some of the dogs were tiring ( it was getting warm ) they were all still all happy to work . for a very excitable dog, Reuben searched so calmly and happily despite distractions, poor Bonzo was unfortunately spooked by a fly, but continued to work, with lovely supportive handling from Lis.
a huge well done to you all for qualifying and i hope to see you again as you progress.

in the afternoon we had the Level 4
we again started with tables and chairs and perimeter, Rachel and Chip demonstrated lovely systemic searching with nice tasking from Rachel – a great team to watch. Skylar wasnt hanging around and went straight to her first find and found both articles in 35 seconds. none of the dogs were fooled by the distraction scents which was great .
we then went to the exterior which was more challenging, Spring had a lovely indication, even when the article moved ! some really nice tasking from Ruby, with BooBoo working confidently and happily finding both articles.
the boxes and luggage again was successful for all teams , patience paid off for Ruby and BooBoo!
we finished with the vehicles and wall , by now some teams were tiring as it was quite warm and they had all worked well, with some dogs getting distracted by the environment and the distraction scents, well done to Lynne for listening to Dixie to successfully source the scent, and again patience paid off for Helen and Skylar !
well done to all qualifiers and a very well deserved first place to helen and Skylar with a score of 100!
I also want to mention two teams that unfortunately didnt qualify, but their team work and the joy of the dogs to be working was impressive and lovely to watch, Julia with Spot, such a happy little dog and a lovely relationship, and Clare and Ripple, again a really nice relationship, i think Ripple had a fantastic day which is what its all about .
well done to all and i hope to see you again .

Unusually I got to see some searches today. The standard was very high with some outstanding teams working. Well done everyone! Thank you to Rachel Fox for being such a lovely judge. And thank you to Julie Bytheway, her first time scribing and she took to it like a duck to water. Thank you both for mucking in & helping with clearing away searches and general tidying up – much appreciated. And Carole Millington, massive thank you for helping out at the 4 trial days I have run, this year. Your help has made such a difference in the smooth running of the trials. I can’t thank you enough.
I always wonder what challenges will crop up for each trial and cross my fingers that everything will go smoothly. Then take a deep breath and deal with whatever crops up.

Level 2 the scores were high with Lynne White gaining 100 percent and completing all searches in 276 seconds. Torin also gain his Excellence rosette. A brilliant result. The next 4 competitors’ marks were all in the 90s. And lots of Clean sweeps given out. Well done.

Level 4 is always a tricky level with the distraction scents to contend with. But Helen Taylor’s Skylar took it all in his stride, gaining 100%. Hot on Skylar’s heels was Rachel Richards’ Chip, gaining 99.5. Both teams were very impressive to watch. Ruby Kwok’s Boo Boo missed out on one scent but Ruby gained full handling points. And Sue Taylor’s Spring at 11 years of age gained 4th place. Well done also to Lynn Evans & Dixie also qualifying.

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