Sun 23 Feb 2020, Poulton Le Fylde

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Harry Latusek & Keith Clowes
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Carol Birks - Breeze20517.32055.962058.68205910040.94
2Paul Coward - Oxley20522.42059.5520521.5620513.910067.41
3Rachel Richards - Daisy20531.12056.0620517.3120533.410087.87
4Elaine Jubb - Jack2051420512.91204.917.5320522.199.966.54
5Amy Cambell - Baxter204.929.82057.4420518.0120533.899.989.05
6Karen Pilkington - Indee20533.8204.9532.6204.9526.4320514.999.9107.73
7Catherine Gilbert - Jet204.911420521.8120526.1820530.599.9192.49
8Julie Brown - Frankie204.958.2204.9524.3204.9540.252052699.8148.75
9Wendy Rolfe - Kamira2053620519.03204.85320591.699.8199.63
10Isabel Trotter - Basil20519.1204.9524.4720521.880545.879.95111.25
11Nancy Kelly - Izzy205123.8204.9527.6120517.270542.279.95210.88
12Ivan Sielsky - Stumpy2054220510.75204.929.6605170.979.9253.31
Level 3
1Wendy Cook - Talie2054520540.120534.220578.83100198.13
2Helen Taylor - Skylar20558.620567.520560.520553.71100240.31
3Rachel Richards - Chip20567.4620545.2204.977.120558.199.9247.86
4Cath Seddon - Reaper20598.8720555.9204.96220564.5599.9281.32
5Lynette Waddington - Jazz20538204.9128.1204.885.3204.992.6699.6344.06
6Vicki Martin - Kaizer105145.7520594.220560.5204.9103.4589.9403.9
7Mandy Wade - Fred104.885.03204.8100.3204.894.5204.9109.3289.3389.15
8Dee Strefford - Frank104.5218.1920565.4204.898.1204.5168.2888.8549.97
9Aldyth Kitchin - Spice10528.4105300204.96120552.379.9441.7

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Like Harry I would like to thank Felicity for inviting us to judge her level 1 & 3 trial. Also, many thanks to my 2 scribes Vicky at Level 1 and Alan Level 3. As Harry said the weather was dry but windy, also for the level 3 in the afternoon the temperature really dropped. For level 1 I judged both inside searches. The Level 3 I did both outside searches. All searches where white dogged prior to commencing.

Level 1

Table & Chairs
I set up the tables together with a slight gap between. The scent was on the underside of a chair out of view. All dogs found the scent and the handling was good with only 2 handlers losing .1 of a point on handling. There was some really quick times with Elaine and Jack taking only 14 seconds.

Boxes & Luggage

I put a selection of luggage and boxes making a total of 14. Again there was some excellent handling with nobody dropping handling points, although 1 dog missed the box. There was some really fast times with Carol with Breeze working off lead taking only 9 seconds.

I would like to congratulate all 12 teams on qualifying, 9 with clean sweeps and especially to the top 4 placed :

1st on time Carol & Breeze 100 points
2nd on time Paul & Oxley 100 points
3rd on time Rachel & Daisey 99.9 points
4th on time Elaine & Jack 99.9 points

Level 3
I did both outside searches for this level. By now the wind had really picked up and the temperature seemed to be dropping by the minute, making the scent stay low.

Exterior search
I set up 15 items for this search and all dogs found both scents . The handling over all was of a good standard, but only 3 handlers got full handling marks. The times were between 34.2 – 98.1 seconds, so well within the 5 minutes allowed. Points lost were mainly for blocking items whilst searching

Vehicle search
For this search I lined up 3 cars abreast, with a scent being on the second and third car. The start was up wind. Only 1 team took into account the wind direction. The overall times were good, with all teams finding both scents, which was very good due to the wind and cold. The dogs had to work hard to get to source due to the scent dropping low. All handlers bar 1 got full handling marks on this search and I felt all handlers worked the vehicle search to a high standard, considering this is a level 3.

I would like to congratulate Vicki & Kaizer who on my 2 outside Level 3 searches were excellent. But she was outside receiving a rosette due to not finding an inside scent. I must congratulate the following top 4 placed teams for some truly excellent team work:

1st on time Wendy & Talie 100 points
2nd on time Helen & Skylar 100 points also got their Excellent
3rd on time Rachel & Chip 99.9 points
4th on time Cath & Reaper 99.9 points

I would like to thank all competitors for their lovely welcome. Also to say how pleased I was to see the standard of team work between the competitors and their dogs.

A big Thankyou to Felicity for inviting me to her home venue of Poulton Le Fylde,to Judge these level 1 and 3 trials,alongside my good friend and co judge,Keith Clowes.A Thankyou also to my scribes,Julie and Catherine.The weather remained reasonably dry for us,although there was quite a gusty wind blowing of the North Sea.I was tasked with judging the outside searches in level 1.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

The vehicle used was located in the large car park,facing towards the start line.I hid the cloves scent underneath the rear number plate.The wind was blowing towards the start cones and it was plain to see the dogs picking up the scent very quickly.
All of the 12 teams finding the hide ,excellent handling and times by,Carol and Breeze,8 secs.followed by Nancy and Izzy,Elaine and Jack,Rachel and Daisy and Amy and Baxter,all in under 18 secs.Lovely clear and unmistakable indications shown by Carol and Breeze and Isabel and Basil.

This was also set up in the car park,with some 12 articles being laid out.The wind was blowing left to right across the search area.I hid the scent in a plug socket of an electric cable holder,placing this to the far left.
Only 1 of the 12 teams chose not to be made aware of the 3 articles.
All 12 teams were successful in finding the scent.
Excellent teamwork by Carol and Breeze,Rachel and Daisy and Amy and Baxter,all calling the alert in under 7 seconds.Lovely methodical search,of lead by Wendy and Kamira.The standard shown by all of the teams was very high for a level 1 trial.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners. 1.Carol and Breeze,2.Paul and Oxley,3.Rachel and Daisy..4.Elaine and Jack.
There were a further 5 clean sweeps in addition to the rosette winners.

Level 3
Following a short lunch break,I moved inside to Judge the interior searches in level 3

Boxes and Luggage
I placed out some 14 boxes and bags,hiding the cloves scent inside the flap of a red bag,placing this centrally to the rear.The gun oil I secured in the zip of another bag,placing to the front left of the start cones.
All 9 teams correctly finding both.Some lovely methodical searching by Aldyth and Spice,Helen and Skylar,Rachel and Chip and Wendy and Tallie.

Tables chairs and Perimeter
I set up the tables in a T pattern,hiding the cloves scent underneath the 2nd chair to the left hand side.I laid out some 8 articles around the perimeter.The gun oil scent,a Velcro patch,I stuck on the bottom bar of a gate on the left hand side of the search area.
5 of the 9 teams finding both,the remaining 4 finding 1.
Excellent searching by Lynette and Jazz,Rachel and Chip and Helen and Skylar.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners..1 Wendy and Talie..2.Helen and Skylar.(decided on time,both having maximum marks)..3.Rachel and Chip..4.Cath and Reaper,also decided on time,both having attained 99.9.

and Helen and Skylar.

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