Sun 23 May 2021, Finmere

Levels L2 & 3: Judge - Yaz Whitehall

Finmere Village Hall, Water Stratford Road, Finmere, Bucks MK18 4AT

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Heather Donnelly

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was lovely to be back organising and meeting real life competitors once again after what seems an awfully long time. Dividing the competitors in groups of 5 does make so much extra work for the TM as the searches have to be set up twice so that both groups have the same test as far as possible. I feel very fortunate to have had a very competent judge & scribe who are able to just ‘get on’ with it freeing up my time to rearrange the searches as well as ensuring good competitor flow. I am also very appreciative to Caroline Nicholson who stayed on and helped with the L2 group B which enabled me to catch up with inputting the scores too. Having a good team really does ensure the smooth running of a trial so thank you three.

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