Sun 23rd Sep 2018, Bromsgrove

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Geoff Dixon & Sue Abbot-Dixon
Level 3

1st Chris Clements – QueevaDiva :- 88.1
2nd Janice Dent – Ginny :- 86.7
3rd Alison Deakin – Izzie :- 77.7
4th Jackie Hodge – Lima :- 77.25
5th Paula Davis – Jazz :- 76.4
6th Kate Osborn – Kiwi :- 73.25

Level 4

1st Jamie Read – Bear :- 89.35
2nd Chris Clements – BaileyBoo :- 87.9
3rd Dolores Palmer – Gypsy :- 77.9
4th Julie Thomas – Betty :- 77.15

Levels 1,2,3 & 4 Bournheath 22/23 September 2018

Well the weather wasn’t the best for this weekend but I thoroughly enjoyed these two days. Levels 1 & 2 were run on the Saturday in torrential rain and Levels 3 & 4 on the Sunday in a gale force wind! Despite that, everyone smiled through it and worked their dogs enthusiastically in the difficult conditions. I knew almost everyone who attended and it’s always lovely when the SWUK family get together.

I’ll let the judges discuss the performance of the handlers and dogs as I had plenty to do and kept out of the way in order not to put any further pressure on the participants by observing them. There were some great successes with a couple of Excellent titles awarded and some moments of great disappointment when things didn’t go according to plan.

I had some nice feedback on my new venue which was pleasing. It definitely worked better than the previous one and I look forward to my next Trial in October to do it all again.

My judges on Saturday were Anne Tucker and Ellen Ward Lindley and on Sunday were Geof Dixon and Sue Abbott-Dixon. They were all lovely to work with and spent time at the end of each search to give every handler an appraisal which was really appreciated by all. I had a lot of feedback to say how valuable that had been so many thanks indeed to all the judges.

My scribes on Saturday were Michelle Rodgers and Jackie Hodge and on Sunday were Lynn Grice and Heather Poulton. The runners were Lisa Finney and Zoe Ashman and helping keeping people warm with teas and coffee was Julie Russon. They were all fantastic and were a great team. Many thanks.

Congratulations to those who qualified and to those who just missed it. We all get there in the end and it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t find it a challenge. 😊

Karen Denton

Thank you for asking us to judge Karen.

We had been following the weather forecasts that were predicting terrible conditions, so we had spent the week devising a plan, and selecting articles to use that would protect the scent from the rain.

We arrived at this lovely venue, and began to get everything in place for the day.

We were starting with the Level 3. Exterior, and Tables these were running at the same time, so I headed outside and Geof began inside.

The exterior items proved tricky for some handlers, but the dogs were working well. Queeva-Diva, who went on to Win did a lovely methodical search, she’s a fab little dog. Izzie did a great job too, as did Hugo and Kiwi.
Meanwhile, inside Jazz, Ginny and Lima were working well, and finding both scents.

We then moved on to Vehicles, and Boxes and Luggage.

We had some lovely searches here, although we saw a few handlers convincing themselves the scent must be on the 3rd Vehicle.
Izzie tracked the scents beautifully, as did Lima, Jackie wasn’t 100% but read Lima well and let her track back and stick with the scent.

The Star of this element though was Tomba. He, and Lisa arrived for their go in blustery conditions, but we needn’t have worried Tomba proceeded to do a Perfect Vehicle search, It was a joy to watch, Well done Tomba, and Lisa, Great Teamwork.
Boxes and luggage proved interesting, with a few of the dogs preferring to retrieve and play, and slightly forgetting the indicate part of the task, (guilty confession from Geof;, it was actually nice to watch the dogs having fun !),

Kiwi stepped up to the mark here, and did an awesome search, Geof says this was the best he’d seen her work, cracking!.
Also Judy, and Jaffa saved the best til last, and did a fab search here.

After a lovely lunch. we began the level 4.

Level 4 has the added distractions, we were using Tea and Coffee inside, and Shampoo and toothpaste outside. These did cause some interest, and we did have a few early calls while dogs were investigating them.
This time I was inside, and Geof headed outside.

We began with Tables and Perimeter, and Exterior. We had some nice searching inside, Dolly did a lovely little search here, as did Bear, Gypsy, and Bailey Boo. Sue and Lily did a great job, and Julie kept her nerve as Betty methodically searched the room, and we all held our breath as time was getting close. We needn’t have worried Betty got them both no problem.
With the blustering wind the exterior proved a little difficult for some teams, but there was some lovely searching, the lovely Kaiser ,Betty, and Bear search well, and Bailey-Boo nailed it, finding both scents.

Boxes and luggage, there was some lovely teamwork here. Kathy and Star did a really lovely search, as did Christine and Bailey-Boo. and Bear with Jamie handling was faultless, Bears faultless performance carried on to the Vehicle search, meaning that not only did he win the Red, he also achieved his Excellent Rosette too, an amazing team, who were a pleasure to watch all afternoon.

Vehicle search also highlighted some other great teams . Dolores and Gypsy were very impressive here, and Poppy did a lovely search here, handled beautifully by Jackie.

Well Done everyone, Congratulations to everyone who was placed, but also, as we said on the day, even though there were some teams that didn’t qualify, there were some elements you should all be extremely proud of.

Lastly, thank you to everyone involved, from making sure we were fed and watered, to getting everyone in the right place at the right time, and our fab scribes.

Hope to see you all again soon.

A/F = Alert Find H = Handling T = Time (seconds)
  Tables & Chairs Exterior Search Vehicle Search Boxes & Luggage Totals
Level 3 A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1 Chris Clements – QueevaDiva 20 3.9 123 20 4.95 217 10 4.65 300 20 4.6 65 88.1 705
2 Janice Dent – Ginny 20 4.8 184 10 4.1 122 20 4 241 20 3.8 147 86.7 694
3 Alison Deakin – Izzie 10 4.3 254 20 4.15 200 20 4.75 120 10 4.5 52 77.7 626
4 Jackie Hodge – Lima 20 4.3 91 10 3.9 207 20 4.85 62 10 4.2 76 77.25 436
5 Paula Davis – Jazz 20 4.6 104 10 3 202 20 4 135 10 4.8 56 76.4 497
6 Kate Osborn – Kiwi 10 4 300 20 0 105 10 4.25 300 20 5 36 73.25 741
Level 4 A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T A/F H T Marks Time
1 Jamie Read – Bear 20 4.95 87 10 4.4 142 20 5 99 20 5 112 89.35 440
2 Chris Clements – BaileyBoo 20 4.65 180 20 4.6 145 10 4 220 20 4.65 187 87.9 732
3 Dolores Palmer – Gypsy 20 4.85 155 10 4 111 20 4.7 200 10 4.35 99 77.9 565
4 Julie Thomas – Betty 20 4.65 261 10 4 151 20 4.4 194 10 4.1 242 77.15 848

Bournheath Village Hall, Claypit Lane, Bournheath, Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 9LA

10am – 5pm. Level 3 am, Level 4 pm
Entry Fees: £20 per dog.
Contact: Karen Denton 07968 413543
Download Entry Form to book a place.