Sun 24 Apr 2022, Cucklington

Level 2: Judge - Caroline O’Hare

Arthur Morison Memorial Hall, Cucklington, Wincanton, BA9 9PY

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £28.00 per dog.
Contact: Pippa Bentham

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

As ‘deputy’ trials manager, I would like to thank all our competitors for being such a friendly bunch, and am delighted that you all took home a Certificate to prove that you had a successful day. It is always a privilege to watch the teamwork
between handlers and their canine partners, and I hope that you enjoyed the searches devised by our lovely judge Caroline. Thanks of course to Pippa for gently ensuring all went smoothly, and our lovely white dogs Becky and Teggi for testing the areas.

Caroline O'Hare

What a day! Nine teams worked today and all qualified, six of them with full marks. We had an assortment of breeds and it was a joy to watch everyone work. The dogs seemed to enjoy it and the handlers in general let the dogs get on with it, only stepping in to help them focus when needed on certain areas/articles. It was also great to see handlers hold their nerve and wait until the dogs truly settled on their indication, rather than calling too soon, which is so easy to do at a trial.

Thank you to Pippa for managing a very efficient and friendly trial at a great venue and to Zoe for being a fantastic scribe and great company.

Congratulations to everyone, I really enjoyed watching your searches and no doubt we will meet again at one of the higher levels!

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