Sun 24 Sept 2023, Yarwell

Level 8: Judge - TBC

Village Hall, Main Street, Yarwell PE86PR

Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Justine Steele
– Tel: 07956488971

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial Manager Justine

Big thank you to Maz and Becky for coming along and setting a brilliant test at L8, Sunday 24th September 2023 at Yarwell Village near Peterborough.
12 hides to find over three search areas and they made fantastic use of extra kit to make a very interesting and busy first interior search area, with 5 hides to find. The exterior area was also spruced up with a car with an open boot with 6 hides to find and the second interior area, one of the very small kitchens with only 1, the remaining hide to find.
Interesting for me as I’ve dipped in & out watching a few of the searches & seems we’re all guilty of believing we are doing worse than we actually are in terms of finding target odour!!! This is especially true of the final area where all but two handlers called a wrong alert, sheer disbelief on the part of the handler I think to believe there was only 1 to be found. However, with the tactical decision of asking for a 30 second warning, despite the wrong alert many of these teams were able to call ‘all clear’ and I’m thrilled that so many teams managed to qualify at this tricky level.
Many congratulations to everybody including the two who did not manage to qualify this time, seems to me, it was really very close.
Outside of the search areas, the atmosphere seemed hearty, and thus making the whole afternoon, a pleasure to be involved with. Thanks Maz, Becky and Nikki. Well done all. See you soon I’m sure…

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