Sun 25 Jul 2021, Hinton Blewett

Level 7: Judge - Pippa Bentham

Hinton Blewett VH, Litton Lane, Hinton Blewett, Bristol, BS39 5AY

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Kate Kemp

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly many thanks to Kate Kemp and Susan Dawe for trials managing and scribing couldn’t have done it without you two. Hinton Blewett village hall is like the tardis, it’s a lot bigger than you think and it had the benefit of never having been used before any form of scentwork before, which really seemed to give the competitors the confidence to believe their dogs, most of the time. The first interior search had 5 scents and covered part of the main hall, the kitchen and a large storage room. The exterior area behind the hall had 4 scents and included scaffolding and stacks of tiles plus rubble stone walls. The second interior search covered the side hall, the gents toilet, disabled toilet and ladies toilets, there were 3 scents. There was some lovely searching done which was a pleasure to watch. Many congratulations to everyone who qualified you all deserved it, commiserations to Helen and Chip who were so close, Chip worked really well just ran out of time.

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