Sun 25 Jul 2021, Little Haywood

Level 3: Judge - Chris Bennett

Chilwell Avenue Little Haywood Staffs ST18 0QZ

Start: 10 am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Dolores Palmer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

christine bennett

what a great bunch of dogs and handlers, some very promising teams out today. Congratuations to Rachel and Chip, only marks lost was for blocking the dog on the vehicle. also lovely to see your other dog work NFC. nice prospect for the future. Helen and Marcus, again solid search and clear indication for him, just a blip on handlers part where she touched the wall to get him to focus. Kerry and Taggy were a nice team and the handler trusted her dog, sadly he missed the sneaky exterior item. Kate and Tali also worked well as a team and just didn’t find the vehicle. Things to note…It is level 3 and doors are included. not a single handler tasked their dog to search the door! Well done to everyone and you were all so close today. Rebecca, your dog was fabulous, just calm yourself and it will happen big time. Thanks to Dolores for inviting me and to Carole for the use of Teddy for white dog and a great job of being runner on her part.

A big thank you to Chris Bennett for judging the level 3 and setting a very interesting test. Also thank you to Carole Millington for being runner, and to her dog, Teddy, for doing the white dog duties. Carole I really appreciate all your help at all the trials
Today I got to scribe so was able to watch all the searches, a real treat for me. The handling was excellent and there were some very fast searches.
A well-deserved win by Rachel Richards & Chip meant that this team achieved their Level 3 Excellent. Congratulations. Second was Helen Hepple & Marcus, a team who are frequently in the placings, Congratulations on 2nd place. Third was Kerry Lancaster, you are becoming a familiar face at my trials Kerry , well done. Kate Wilkes, scribe at my last 2 trials was in the role of competitor today and obtained fourth place, well done!
It was lovely to see Sue Ellis’ Milly and Julie Bytheway’s Jess work, the really enjoy their scentwork.
I will leave Chris to comment on individual teams and how they worked. But I must mention Rebecca Jayne and Freddy. Nerves got the better of Rebecca today and she called too quickly on the early searches. Once she realised, she wasn’t going to qualify Rebecca relaxed and we could see what a fabulous team they are. Freddy also did the fastest search of the trial in boxes & luggage finding both scents in 26 seconds. I hope the feedback today was useful and I look forward to watching your progress in the future.
well done everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Such a lovely group of competitors!

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