Sun 26 Feb 2023, Gorsley

Level 7: Judge - Harry Latusek

Gorsley Village Hall, Quarry Lane, Gorsley HR9 7SJ

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Martine Taylor

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Catherine for inviting me along to judge this level 7.I eventually made having had to pass on a couple of invitations in the past owing to other commitments.Also a big Thankyou to my scribe,runner and my TM for the day,Martine,you all did a wonderful job.
A pleasant morning although a little chilly at times.
We had 10 competing teams.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
Interior one
This was set up using the main hall.3 minutes were allocated.
3 scents were concealed,basically along the left hand wall and bench at the bottom.,with a blank scent on the bottom of a chair leg, which was placed in the centre of the room along with 12 other chairs.
N0 1,(T)was concealed behind and half way up a cold radiator,no2,(C) was hidden on the back of a pile of chairs,which were placed against the wall.Lastly,no 3,( G) was concealed underneath and central on a large bench,between 2 stacks of chairs,at the end of the same wall.
A good start was made by all with 9 of the teams finding all 3,1 of which,Bobbie and Bella called the all clear on some 2 mins 20 secs.
Good displays also shown by Chris and Jubbly,Jan and Mattie and Pete and Dolly when he eventually stopped figure skating on the wooden floor,That’s Dolly not Pete.
This was set up around the side and rear of the main building,a walled and patio area.Lots of lovely of hiding places from the concrete paving slabs to furniture,pipes,doorways and even a nice bird table.
4 hides were placed out here.
1st (C)tucked into a gap in the paving slabs adjoining a garden shed,2nd.(C),placed under the right leg of a bench,sited on the patio.3rd(T),placed on the bottom leg of a chair,on the patio,4’ 6” or 135 cm to the right of the bench,for you youngsters.4th.(G).was concealed under the bottom strutt of the bird table,also sited on the patio,some 2 meters from the bench and chair.All 4 scents being set low amongst some building material and loads of fallen leaves.
3.5 minutes was allocated.
We had a mixed bag here with the the teams finding from 1 hide to all 4,we had 5 clear calls.
Some lovely searching,given the environment,with Chris and Jubbly showing the way home with a clear call in 181 secs.Closely followed by Paula and Bonnie and Alison and Ellie,in some 193 and 194 secs respectively.
This consisted of a corridor with a store room and another medium sized room leading of it.The store room was quite busy with lots of cleaning materials within.Room number 2,having numerous chairs,a large table,blackboard come easel and more than 1 doorway.4 minutes was allocated.
No 1 hide was a truffle oil scent,it was placed in the skirting board on entering through the door to the store room.All teams finding this hide with reasonable ease,some on entering and some when leaving.
No.2 (G).was hidden in room 2 on the rear of a wheel to the blackboard.No 3(C),was hidden in the left corner of the room,under a stack of chairs,some 60 cm from the ground.No4(C),this was hidden under the second door to the room,the door was left open so that the dogs had to push into the corner to get to source,as was the case with the hidden scent No 3…. Hide no 5(T) was hidden under a large table sited in the centre of the room,some 70cm from ground level.
We had 7 of the teams find all of the scents,with 5 calling the all clear.Two fing 4 and one finding 3.
A chair in one of the corners of the room contained a blank scent to which no dog gave a second look.
A lovely display all round here with nice systematic searching by Catherine and Ozzy and Kate and Rafiki.Paula and Bonnie Jazz leading the way home in 2 mins 47 secs,closely followed by Chris and Jubbly in 2 mins 59 secs and Jan and Mattie in 3 mins 1 second.
A very enjoyable few hours spent watching these well trained search teams.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day….
1….Alison and Ellie…..2…Chris and Jubbly…3…Paula and Bonnie Jazz…4…Bobbie and Bella…1st and 2nd places only separated by 1
wrong alert…
Well done everyone,I wish you all the best in your future trials.I hope to see some of you again,if not all,at some time in the future.

We had 7 teams find all scents,5 calling the all clear,

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