Sun 26 Jan 2020, Sutton Coldfield

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - Faye Sparkes & Liz Beaumont
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Tracy Ridgway - Enzo2051120512205282053310084
2Lynne White - Torin2051920549205352058100111
3Deb Atkins - Chester20530205432055320523100149
4Natalie Wakelin - Jensen20540205482051520549100152
5Sue Ellis - Delphi20532205752052920537100173
6Liz Whitmore - Mist205412055020512920534100254
7Debbie Goodwin - Fab20529204.933205402055999.9161
8Michelle Ableson - Bruce204.84120572059205799.864
9Rachael Fox - Esme20524204.8167205262052799.8244
10Anne Tucker - Oscar205150588205212051380137
11Sarah SQUIRES - Dexter20532204.98420534053879.9188
12Alison Hamilton - Mackenzie204.9112204.8127204.5186053379.2458
Level 4
1Marie Tomkinson - Bertie20548205622058810511090308
2Gill Douglas - Root205712055820514310510590377
3Mandy Rigby - Reenie2051671053220512320517090492
4Helen Soper - Toby205901059920513310512980451
5Paula Davis - Bonnie Jazz20553104.963205571056679.9239

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report by Keith Clowes
I would like to thank Ellen for inviting me to judge at her 1 & 4 trial, as well as Karen who trial managed the level 1.
Level 1
My scribe was James who I must thank him for his help.
First, I judged table and chairs. All teams found the scent and the times where really quick. The handling by all was of a high standard.
Next, I judged the exterior search and placed the scent inside the workings of a scissor jack. All the dogs, bar one, found the scent and handling was of a high standard. I would like to congratulate all the teams on their performance, especially the following who came:
1st Tracy with Enzo, who also achieved their excellence.
2nd Lynne with Torin, who also achieved their excellence.
3rd Deb with Chester
4th Natalie with Jenson
Also, Debbie with Fab who got her excellence.
There was so many clean sweeps that I cannot mention them all, so well done all.

I would like to mention Michelle with Bruce, who in their first trial after only a few weeks training, found all 4 scents in a total time of 64 seconds. They got a clean sweep with 99.8 point, so well done.

Well done all competitors an excellent result by all.

After being well fed by Ellen we then did:
Level 4
My scribes for the afternoon where Anne & Natalie. Thank you for your help.
First, I judged the exterior search. I put the cloves scent in the end of a hole drilled in a log and the gun oil on the flap of a small electric pump. The distraction scents where shampoo placed in a hole on top of a log and almonds scent in a tin with holes in the side. Only 3 dogs found both scents. Most dogs found either the gun oil or the cloves but also indicated on the shampoo. The weather for the exterior search was rain.
Next, I judged the table, chairs and perimeter. I placed cloves on a chair and gun oil on a door edge. The distraction scents were again shampoo, placed on the handle hinge of a large paint bucket, and almonds under the edge of a fire guard. All teams performed brilliantly and the handling was excellent.
Although we had no clean sweep’s, I would like congratulate the following on coming:
1st Marie with Bertie
2nd Gill with Root
3rd Mandy with Reenie
4th Helen with Toby

I feel that the weather did not help on the exterior search but overall the handling was very good.
I would like to thank all competitors from both trials for their warm welcome and friendly comments. Thanks also to all Ellen’s team for ensuring a smooth-running competition.

A little while ago I was reading passed reports from trials, and one stuck out at me… the trial manager had been very poorly and the judges had had to run the show without her. I remember thinking how awful it must have been for that poor trial manager because we really do put our heart and soul into trying to make sure everything runs well, and then that happens. I hoped it would never happen to me.

Well this morning…
A very well timed message of support came through from Karen Denton just as I was trying to work out what to do, and she offered to help. I grasped that offer with both hands!

I can’t give much of a report of the Level 1 trial as I turned up just in time to enter scores and take all the glory for the hard work Karen had done. The quality of handling was extremely high, with 1st-6th place decided on time!
Huge congratulations to Tracy and Enzo for first place and gaining their excellence, Lynne and Torin for 2nd place and also gaining excellence, and a special mention to Debbie Goodwin and Fab for also gaining excellence.

Thank you to the morning crew – Karen for trial managing, Collette the excellent runner and Marie and James for scribing. The contestants could not have had such an excellent time without you all.

The venue provides some challenges to ensuring people can get in and out of the search areas without disturbing other searches, or seeing them take place. I was very grateful to the Level 4s for their willingness to cope with this, and in the pouring rain too which rarely brings out the best in us, so thank you all!

Many congratulations to Marie and Bertie for their first place, and Gill and Root for taking second.

Thank you to my judges, Keith Clowes and Liz Beaumont for being so encouraging and positive to the handlers. And many thanks to Anne and Natalie for scribing in the afternoon.

Also a big thank you to Keith and Anne for helping to pack up and clean up at the end – your help was invaluable.

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