Sun 27 Aug 2023, Truro (Stithians)

Level 5: Judge - Denise Pile

Stithians Centre, Church Road, Stithians, Truro TR3 7DH

Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Jackie Lawer
– Tel: 07720 859356

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Many thanks to everyone who came along to our Level 5 trial on Sunday. A big thank you to our judge, Denise Pile, who set some great searches with an appropriate level of difficulty.
Thank you also to Elissa for scribing and everyone else who helped out. It looks like I might have to keep baking cakes to keep everyone happy, even when we have a little Cornish mizzle!
Well done everyone!

Thank you Jackie for inviting me to judge your Level 5 I think it was nice that it wasn’t all down to who was fastest, although you all did really well there were a few missed finds and 3 wrong alerts in total . Katie and Binks were the only ones to have maximum points but they were NFC lets hope you can repeat that score when you do it for real. Welcome Pauline and Hope to our neck of the woods, you have a very willing worker in Hope I like her a lot. And it stayed dry!! and ofcourse there was lemon drizzle cake always worth coming just for that.

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