Sun 27 Aug 2023, Yarwell

Level 1 & Level 6: Judges - L1 Vicky Boyd/Justine Steele L6 Nikki Johnson

Village Hall, Main Street, Yarwell, Peterborough, PE8 6PR

Contact: Justine Steele
– Tel: 07956488971

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 6 Report:

Thank you to Justine for her trial management of Level 6, Corrine for her diligent scribing, and Fern for her impeccable white dog responsibilities.

We were fortunate to have pleasant weather at Yarwell Village Hall today. It is always a privilege to judge at Yarwell, given the myriad of possibilities the hall presents.

Interior 1:

Our primary locations were the main hall and the aromatic cupboard at the back. We set up four hides within a time frame of 4 minutes. The distinctiveness of Level 6 is the introduction of Truffle Oil. Right from the outset, we challenged teams with the first hide: truffle oil concealed on a table leg, requiring dogs to navigate underneath. The second, located at the skirting board of the first cupboard door at the rear, was clove. The straightforward third hide, in the cupboard on a cube, ensured dogs facing challenges with the cupboard still had a shot at a positive experience. The final hide on a table leg was by the window wall, with both this and the cupboard hides utilising Gun Oil.


The trial encompassed the entire side of the hall, including the fire escape and two drain covers. With a time frame of 3 minutes, four hides were placed. Three were systematically aligned down the wall beneath ledges or window sills. While most teams successfully located at least two hides, it was intriguing to note some overlooking the third, perhaps thinking there were no more to find. The final hide was strategically positioned in the remotest drain cover, with the first two using gun oil and the latter using Truffle Oil.

Interior 2:

The entrance hall, the accessible toilet, and a compact room were our chosen areas. We placed four hides with a time frame of 3 minutes. The first two were close to each other: one in the radiator tap (clove) and the other on the kitchen door frame on the opposite side of the radiator (truffle oil). While the radiator hide was frequently discovered, only one team pinpointed the door frame hide. The third hide was in the handle of a plastic container in the small room (gun oil), and the last was near the window frame on the floor (clove). Intriguingly, many teams revisited the toilet multiple times, perhaps influenced by my positioning, leading them to assume a hide was present. Admittedly, a bit of subtle misdirection on my part!

In conclusion, each team exhibited great skill and teamwork, and the handlers showcased good skills. During our concluding walkthrough, I elucidated my rationale for the hide placements, hoping to provide teams with valuable insights for future practice. Judging Level 6 was an absolute pleasure. Kudos to all participants, with special mention to Alex and Marmite for securing the 1st position and Helen and Noodle for their 2nd place finish. Nicola’s commentary with Myrtle was also memorable; unfortunately, they didn’t qualify this time.

Look forward to seeing you all soon. In the meantime, happy sniffing

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