Sun 27 Feb 2022, Solihull

Levels 1 & 3:
Judges - L1 Pauline Whittaker - L3 Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Solihull Lodge Community Centre, Grafton Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 1NH

Start: L1 – 9.30am / Level 3 – 2.00pm
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Mandy Rigby

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Gloria Bonnell

Firstly, I would like to thank Mandy a fantastic TM who had everything well organised and made my judging so much easier also for inviting me to judge Level 3 today, along with my co judge my dear friend Harry Latusek. I was made to feel very welcome by Mandy and the lovely entrants. I’d also like to thank Scott my capable scribe.
I was tasked to do the inside searches.

Tables & Chairs

I placed the tables and chairs in a zig zag with one table slightly forward to the other, there were 8 chairs placed around the 2 tables. The scent was on the top leg of the chair to the left as the handlers came through start which was Gun Oil. The perimeter consisted of items around the room plus the back wall and door. Cloves was at the bottom of the beading going down the centre of the door which was on the back wall to the right of the search area. One dog and handler stood out that was Pauline Whittaker & Mandy, a brilliant search finding both scents in good time.

Boxes & Luggage

I placed out 15 items, varying between boxes and luggage, Gun oil was on a box to the left as handlers went through the start. Cloves was in a bag, placed on the flap of the pocket, at the top left of the search area. There were some excellent handlings done by the majority a pleasure to watch the dog’s work. Jo Robson & Kite, Caroline Griffiths & Poppy, Lynne White & Torin. Jo Stocks & Dolly, Pat Wills & Lulu and Margaret Deuchar & Time, Liz Whitmore & Mist, Trudy Longhurst & Tyler well done ladies lovely teamwork finding both scents.

Well done to all the qualifiers and the rosette winners as follows.

1st Jo Stocks & Dolly
2nd Margaret Deuchar & Time
3rd Pat Wills & Lulu
4th Trudy Longhurst & Tyler

I thank you again for a lovely afternoon spent with you all, and I look forward to watching your lovely dogs again in the future.

Gloria Bonnell

A Thankyou to Mandy for inviting me along to judge the level 3 trial alongside my good friend,Gloria Bonnell.A Thankyou also to my scribe for the afternoon,Haley,not to mention my 2 runners,Steve and Ruby,you all did a wonderful job.
I was tasked with judging the outside searches.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

This search area was set up,out of view, in the corner of the car park.
I laid out some 12 items,hiding the cloves scent in the handle of a set of car jump leads,this was placed to the right of the area.The gun oil was hidden inside a wooden wall clock and was placed centrally.
There was quite a little breeze,swirling the scents around, causing some of the dogs to indicate on adjoining articles to the the scented ones.
8 of the 14 teams correctly identifying both scents with 5 finding 1.
Excellent searching and handling by Jo and Dolly,closely followed by Pauline and Maddy,in some 47 and 57 seconds respectively.A good showing also from Margaret and Time and Lucy and Milo.

This search area comprised of the full length of the wall situated at the front of the building,incorporating shutters,drainpipes and alcoves.
The cloves scent I tucked into a crevice in the brickwork in one of the alcoves.The gun oil I hid in one of the steel shutters,on the right hand side approx 18 inches from the ground.The sun was shining and this area was sheltered from the breeze.
Some lovely searching by all of the teams,They were obviously very comfortable searching a walled area.Every team with the exception of 1 found both scents.
Margaret and Time showing the way home in some 41 secs,closely followed by Claire and Max,50 secs and Jane and Milly in 55 secs.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…..1..Jo and Dolly,100 + Excellence rosette.. .2..Margaret and Time.100…3…Pat and Lulu,100….4..Trudy and Tyler.100…
I wish all of you the best in your future trials, I hope to meet up with some,if not all of you,at sometime in the future.

Pauline Whittaker

Level 1 Judges Report Solihull 27th February
We had a lovely sunny morning for this trial with 10 competitors. Mandy is a great Trial Manager who was very well organised and provided lots of tasty cakes!!
We started with tables and chairs with the odour on the back right chair. Heather and Rudi were first with a quick and methodical approach which served them well all morning, ending up in 2nd place overall. Nelson worked by Casey had a fabulous indication right from the start and she worked him confidently off lead and was the eventual winner. Lovely consistency from this pair. Wesley and December have progressed a lot since I first saw them work and right from the start Wesley ensured that December had fully settled on the odour before calling the find. They went home with their excellence today- well done.
In the exterior items, I had placed the odour in the catch of a small tool box, the other two items were a grey crate and a child’s step. David Ward with Rudi did a fast search in 18 seconds although he was distracted by some interesting smells and lost marks for a tight lead. Karen Denton’s poodle Phoenix switched her nose on for this search and gave a lovely indication.
In the boxes and luggage I placed the odour on a large box, most teams did well with fast searches again from David & Rudi and Wesley and December. Deborah’s handling of Ruby the Bavarian Hound x Vizsla was lovely with excellent lead skills although they lost marks for trashing and Casey’s handling of Nelson was really quiet and calm, she kept out of his way and let him do his job.
The car search finished the trial and the teams all did well on this with some fast searches.
This was a lovely group of competitors with some excellent dogs and great handling skills on the whole, I look forward to seeing you all at trials in the future.

Level 1 & Level 3
Trial Manager Report

We were very fortunate with the weather considering the previous weeks windy storms, the sun shone for us all day.

Thank you to my Judges Pauline Whittaker (L1) and Harry Lakusek & Gloria Bonnell (L3) and all the helpers of the day. Beverley , Kelly, Scott, Hayley, Ruby & Steve. Brilliant team work and the day went really well.

A super speedy Level 1 which was completed in just over two hours and with two Judges on the Level 3 the searches where completed in the same time frame

Some brilliant results today bringing lots of happy faces.

It was great to open up the kitchen properly again for yummy cakes and hot drinks. The first time I have felt comfortable enough to do so since the start of the pandemic.

Great day, thanks to everyone that contributed to the running of the trials.

Congratulations on some terrific to results

Mandy Rigby (TM)

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