Sun 27 Mar 2022, Hinton Blewett

Level 1: Judge - Faye Sparkes

Hinton Blewett VH, Litton Lane, Hinton Blewett, Bristol BS39 5AY

Start: 9.30
Entry Fees: £25.00 per dog.
Contact: Pippa Bentham

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Well done everyone for today’s searches.
Some great teamwork and partnership demonstrated on this sunny Sunday.
We started with boxes and luggage with the clove article in the red suitcase, this being raised search with the article being in the zip.
For the second search exterior the article was on the left hand side black tray. Most teams started tasking the dogs on the right hand side working their way to the end items.
For the third search we did tables and chairs, by this point the dogs were getting tired so some lovely motivation and tasking for this search. The tables and chairs were apart making the team work for this find.
For the final search we had a wall search this was a harder search for the teams. As there was a handler eye object making teams think the article would be placed there. Well done for those that waited it out for your dogs to go to source.

Thank you to Zoe for scribing for me this morning we were an excellent team! Thank you to Pippa for asking me to judge this was a great village hall!

Well done everyone, I know not everyone qualified or found all the articles but great training experience.

What a brilliant morning, I think they all forgave me for dragging them out of bed after loosing an hours sleep. Thank you to Faye our judge and Zoe who stepped in to steward after Steph managed to smash her glasses and give herself a truly magnificent black eye, swift recovery Steph. Faye and Zoe did a magnificent job of conducting the searches efficiently setting fair tests, not everyone got everything but they all gave it a good go and we were done and dusted by midday. Thank you to the competitors you were a lovely friendly bunch who coped extremely well when the loo paper ran out. I shall add loo paper to the trials managers list, an essential item.

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