Sun 27 Nov 2022, Cornwood

Levels 1 & 5: Judges - L1 David Cameron, L5 Sue McAuliffe

Cornwood village hall, School lane, Cornwood, PL21 9QA

Start: L5 9:30, L1 Afternoon
Entry Fees: L5 £27, L1 £26 per dog.
Contact: Georgina Davies

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Lvl 1 in the afternoon in perfect weather considering the time of year. Six teams entered
Starting with Tables and chairs. Some great teamwork from all the teams, biggest issue was tight leads with one or two of the teams.
Exterior wall. Issues were naturaly the environment and some of the country sounds distracting the dogs. Remember the while wall from floor up needs to be checked not just head height.
Boxes and bags again saw some tight leads otherwise not bad at all.
Exterior once again affected by the external noises. Local pheasant farm, tractors, still great teamwork allowed good results and future learning opportunities.
Well done all who participated and i look forward to seeing you all working again. Finally a big thank you for Tracey for scribing for me .

Thank you very much, Georgina, for inviting me to judge at your first Level 5 trial and being so helpful. Thank you too to my scribe Lisa, who is so efficient and thorough.
We had some interesting areas to search and started with the main hall.
Interior 1. 5 hides
Starting from the left of the area going round the hall, there was clove on the back of the seat on a early chair, gun oil tucked in the door frame, gun oil by the lower door hinge in the corner of the room, clove low down on the support holding the tennis table and clove at the top of the chair back near the end.
There was some impressive searching and 5 teams cleared the area well.

Exterior. 4 hides
We used a path at the side of the hall wall with a wall close to the path. It was an interesting but rather awkward area. We used clove under a drain cover on the right, very close to the start, gun oil on the opposite wall just over 4’ further down the path, clove further down the same wall, low down, and gun oil tucked behind the drainpipe at the end of the search.
All the teams searched well, most clearing the area, the others finding 3. 2 false alerts where the scent was drifting and caused a little confusion. Really good efforts from all teams.

Interior 2. 3 hides
We used the entrance and the corridor to the hall, kitchen and cupboards. There were 2 gun oil and 1 clove placed at the bottom of the kitchen door next to the frame, in a pocket in the wheelchair cover and under the table in the middle, both relatively high (under 80cms).
Some great searches again so ended on a high!
Congratulations to Sara and Ripley, the winners today, Andrew and Honey 2nd, Jackie and Dart 3rd and Sally-Anne and Chase 4th.
Congratulations too to Andrew and Honey and Debra and Buddy on gaining their
excellent awards, a wonderful achievement! Enjoy Level 6!
It was a privilege and a joy to watch all the teams, thank you

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