Sun 28 Aug 2022, Thurleigh

Levels 3 & 5: Judges - Sue Abbott-Dixon, Geof Dixon

27 High Street, Thurleigh, Bedford, MK44 2DD

Start: 9:15am (level 3) – 1:00pm (level 5)
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thurleigh 28th August 2022

Level 3 & 5 today and what a day we all had. The weather was glorious, luckily not the heat we have been having but sensible proper trial weather. Level 3 had many challenges for their exterior searches due to next door (just through the hedge) having their grass mowed with a very load mower! Then we had horses, local dogs (barking) and motorbikes going past the search area. Then a helicopter flying above. The level 3 dogs all coped extremely well with these distractions. Thank you to our judges Sue Abbott-Dixon and Geoff Dixon. Plus a huge thank you to our two trainee scribes for level 5 Julie Fletcher and Lesley Clements. They both learnt a lot and enjoyed watching the dogs searching.

Huge plus was a surprise attendance by Killian a beautiful border collie puppy. So sweet we all just had to have cuddles.

It was a very long day, we were all tired but happy. All dogs searched beautifully and we had 99% qualifying rate plus in level 3 we gave out two Excellent rosettes. Julie Fletcher with Lola and Nicky Hamlin with Bing. Both onwards and upwards now to level 4 and distractions!!! Congratulations to all competitors today. I look forward to welcoming you again to Thurliegh very soon.

Marianne Tembey – Trial manager

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