Sun 28 May 2023, Haynes Village Hall

Judges - L4 Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell. L6 Harry Latusek

Haynes Village Hall, 25 Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Bedford MK45 3QB

Start: L4 09:30 & L6 13:00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou Stacey for inviting me to judge this level 6 . Thankyou also to my lovely scribe on the day,Gloria Bonnell.
A white dog used prior to all searches commencing.
We had 10 teams competing.

Interior One
I used the main entrance foyer and small room off to the left for this area.
Five hides,made up,of 2 truffle,2 cloves and 1 gun oil.
5 minutes was allocated.
An early hide of truffle was placed behind a door to the left on entry to area,all teams were successful here.
The remaining 4 hides were sited in the the room of the entrance foyer.
1 under a window ledge,another in the head of a large brush.The remaining 2 were both placed further around the room,1 under a table and another on the leg of an upturned table.
Only one team were successful in finding all 5 hides,well done on a lovely methodical search to Bev and Tye,(our eventual winners),finding all,in just over 3 minutes.
Five of the remaining teams finding 4 of the hides.

The full length of the front of the building was used for this search area,incorporating the railings and gate to the kids playground,also the alcove leading to the main entrance door.
4 hides were placed out,to the far left ,a truffle scent was hidden on the bottom of a red plastic guard contraption,the surface area being grass.
Moving around the railings/gate,a gun oil was placed on a post some 70 cm from ground level.
The remaining truffle and clove hides were placed under a window ledge,one to left the other to the right.
4 teams found all 4 hides with reasonable ease,once again Bev and Tye leading the way home in 96 seconds,good teamwork and searching also by,Liz and Bodie,Bettina and Oscar and Sharon and Fudge.

Interior 2
Part of the main hall and bar area was used for this search area.A stack of chairs being placed out as a decoy search area.
3 hides,3 minutes.
Gun oil was hidden on the bottom of a metal railing on entering the bar area,2nd scent truffle, was secreted under the seat of a tall bar stool at the far end,in a corner.Lastly,cloves hidden bottom of a radiator half way along the far wall.
All teams performed exceptionally well here with 8 finding all 3 hides comfortably.

A lovely performance all round,the experience of these teams coming well to the fore.My pleasure to judge them all.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…
1… Bev and Tye with maximum points….2…Bettina and Oscar…3…Liz and Bodie…4…Sharon and Fudge..

I hope to meet up again with you all at some stage in the future.

5 of the remaining teams put on a good displaying in finding 4 of the hides.
The remaining 4 hides

Thank you Stacey Robinson for inviting me to judge L4. Along with my co-judge Harry Latusek. I covered Vehicle/wall & Table & chairs.
A few handlers did not encourage their dogs to cover high and low so missed the scent on the front of car. Both scents were placed on the car, Gun Oil on the front radiator, Clovers on arch of wheel.
A few indicated on the distraction scent which was Vanilla, the other distraction was Peppermint which no one called on. Both scents were placed on the table. Gun Oil on nearest corner top of table. Cloves on far side top corner of table.
Well done to qualifiers and the rosette winners.
1st Anita Hillier & Lacey
2nd Sarah Connatty & Teddyetna
3rd Rosemary Jackson & Trev
4th Bettina Collivar & Ted
I’d like to thank you all for your entry and making judging you and your dogs a real pleasure.

Thankyou Stacey for inviting me along to co judge this level 4 alongside my good friend and colleague,Gloria Bonnell.
A lovely sunny day with a mild breeze.
11 teams took part and all searches were subject to a white dog running.
I judged the boxes/luggage and exterior.
Distractions scents of Peppermint and vanilla were used.

Some 13 bag/ boxes were laid out in the main hall.
Gun oil scent was hidden in handle of a green suitcase,placed to right of the search area,cloves scent was secreted under the pull up handle of a black pull trolley bag,this was placed central.
Peppermint and vanilla distractions were placed in a further 2 items.
7 of the teams were successful here,finding both scents,with the 4 others finding only 1.
A lovely display here by Catherine and George in some 41 seconds.Closely followed home by Bettina and Tor,Jane and Rafiki and Anita and Lacey,who provided us with a lovely flick back onto the scented suitcase.

I laid out 14 items on the tarmac to the front of the building,peppermint and vanilla once again being the distractions,these were concealed in a ceiling light fitting and a kettle.
The gun oil scent was hidden inside a round smoke alarm sited to the left of the search area,to the right rear I placed a square shaped smoke alarm which contained the cloves scent.
9 of the teams worked well here and correctly identified both hidden scents,the remaining two finding one.
Excellent handling and searching by Sarah and Teddyetna,Rosemary and Trev,Bettina and Tor and Rebecca and Morse in some,19,29,43 and 56 seconds respectively.

A lovely way to spend a morning watching these teams perform.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day……
1…Anita and Lacey…2…Sarah and Teddyetna…3…Rosemary and Trev…4…Bettina and Tor.

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