Sun 28th Apr 2019, Canvey Island

Levels 2 & 3: Judge - Harry Latusek
Level 2

1 Alan Clancy – Rhum – 100
2 Carina Stevenson – Dillion – 94.9
3 Karen Marsh – Gunner – 90
4 Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 80
5 Charles Robert – Breeze – 80
6 Angela Edwards – Woody – 80
7 Pauline Fuller – Denzel – 79.8
8 Cath Seddon – Dana – 77.55

Level 3

1 Naomi Sullivan – Buddy – 100
2 Carol Brooke – Alfie – 99.8
3 Jane Ellis – Febe – 89.9
4 Ruth Payton – Luna – 89.9
5 Charles Robert – Skye – 84.9

I’ll begin by saying a big Thankyou to Jo,for inviting me down to the lovely Canvey Island,to judge levels 2 and 3.A special Thankyou to all my helpers and scribes over the weekend,Ann,Dawn,Julie,Natalie,Karen,Sue,and last but not least,the lovely Danielle.Without your help,ladies,the trials would be very difficult to run.It was a reasonably nice day,with some sun,and very little wind. In level 2,we had 8 teams on clove scent and 2 on gun oil.A little organisational skills came into play,changing items and vehicles around,being very aware,to avoid any risk of contamination. In the boxes and luggage search,I placed 1 scent in a small box and 1 in the zip compartment of a bag.Only 4 of the teams were successful in finding both scents,although the standard of handling was good.Alan and Rhum found both scents in some 45 secs with Karen and Gunner on 47 secs. In the tables/chairs and perimeter search,we had 100% success,with all teams finding both scents.One was hidden,centrally underneath a chair and the other in a container,around the perimeter.Emma and Smartie with an excellent time of 37 secs followed by Angela and Woody in 49 secs. The vehicle search proved a little more difficult,with only 5 of the teams correctly finding both hides.1 of which was hidden in the front drivers wheel,in a wheel nut, of the1st vehicle..The second hide was in the rear no plate of the 3rd vehicle.The scents being at thier furthest point,from each other.The wind was swirling a little,making it difficult for the dogs.Emma and Smartie,showed us all the way,in a time of 51 secs. In the exterior search,2 of the items I chose,were a helmet and clock.Again the handling standard was good.Although a few dogs found difficulty, with the wind,and a few distracted within the grassy area.Alan and Rhum completed the task in 62 secs,followed by Charles and Breeze in 73 secs. In the overall trial,Some excellent searching and handling by the majority of teams. Congratulations to our rosette winners,with Alan and Rhum taking 1st place,with the max of 100.Carina and Dillon in 2nd place,with a clean sweep,3rd place went to Karen and Gunner,and 4th to Emma and Smartie. LEVEL 3. The scents used on the day,consisted of gun oil and cloves.Let me start with the boxes and luggage,often the downfall of many teams,Why,I don’t know. I chose to conceal the scents in the zip compartments of 2 bags.Only 2 of the 5 competing teams were successful in identifying both scents,Naomi and Buddy and Carole and Alfie.Both in excellent times,of 31 secs. The vehicle search proved more successful,with all of the teams finding both scents.The gun oil,I concealed under the front no plate of 1 of the vehs,and the cloves scent,in the seam of the drivers door in the other vehicle.Carole and Alfie,leading the way in 71 secs with Jane and Febe on 82 secs. The tables/chairs and perimeter search, once again proved a success for all teams.1 scent hidden under a chair and the other,in a small bag at the back of the search area,at it’s furthest point from the start line.Naomi and Buddy,18 secs,WOW !.Jane and Febe,hot on thier heels in 25 secs. The exterior search continued in the same vein,all teams finding both scents.,which were hidden in a toilet seat,the other in a child’s plastic hoopla game.Naomi and Buddy finding both in 25 secs. Congratulations to our rosette winners,Naomi and Buddy taking 1st place,on a max 100 score.2nd place to Carole and Alfie,with a clean sweep.3rd and 4th places were decided on time,both teams having the same score.Jane and Febe,3rd,Ruth and Luna 4th. Excellent searching and handling by all teams on the day.Your dogs were a credit to you all,it was wonderful to watch the bond between you. I wish you every success in your future trials,and hope I meet up with some,if not all of you,in the future.

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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Alan Clancy – Rhum205572056320512920545100294
2Carina Stevenson – Dillion204.918620014420524420510994.9683
3Karen Marsh – Gunner2057810592051402054890275
4Emma Conlisk – Smartie2053710579205511054380210
5Charles Robert – Breeze20558205741055410511380299
6Angela Edwards – Woody205501058310512320514080396
7Pauline Fuller – Denzel20584104.81002051601053579.8379
8Cath Seddon – Dana204.75140204.824510430010415377.55838
Level 3
1Naomi Sullivan – Buddy205182052620511620532100192
2Carol Brooke – Alfie20552204.891205722053299.8247
3Jane Ellis – Febe205262054020582104.99289.9240
4Ruth Payton – Luna2054120557205109104.912089.9327
5Charles Robert – Skye2054120537204.916410030084.9542

K9 Solutions, 1a Tavistock House, Charfleets Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 0PQ.

Start time – 10am level 2, 1.30pm level 3
Entry Fees: £25 per dog, Capped at 10 level 2 and 8 level 3. Only one dog per handler per level.
Contact: K9Solutions, Tel: 07776 334481,
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