Sun 28th Jul 2019, Finmere

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Grahame Godby & Lyn Bowers
Level 1

1 Emma Rebbetts – Murphy – 100
2 Linda Johnston – Rory – 100
3 Vay Coltrose –Magic – 99.75
4 Val Russell – Del – 99.75
5 Gillian Baird – Milo – 99.75
6 Lyn Bell – Bailey – 99.75
7 Susanne Broughton – Poco – 99.75
8 Rita Banfather – Elliott – 99.75
9 Stacey Robinson – Bella – 99.5
10 Jennie Gibson – Nelson – 99.5
11 Catherine Mansfield – Ozzy – 99.5
12 Shaun Kenvyn – Halley – 99.25
13 Alison Poulter – Jive – 98.25
14 Vicky Wilford – Cavronscourt Midas Touch – 98
15 Diane Barry – Milo – 97.75
16 Verity Edwin-Camp – Hermione – 79.5
17 Christine Williams – Barley – 79.5
18 Lucy Davis – Callie – 78.75
19 Nicky Hamlin – Bodie – 77
20 Julie Thomas – Sassy – 56.75

Level 2

1 Lynne Baseley – Lucy – 100
2 Helen Soper – Toby – 99.95
3 Barry Crook – Ziva – 99.75
4 Kate Rapley – Rafiki – 99.75
5 Linda Mead – Taboo – 99.5
6 Emma Conlisk – Danny – 99.25
7 Zoe Ashman – Mist – 89.95
8 Alison Poulter – Poppie – 88.9
9 Gillian Baird – Kai – 88.85
10 Chrissie McCroy – Paddy – 88.05

This Finmere trial was probably the most efficient trial that I have run and I attribute this to all my very willing and loyal helpers. So a big thank you to my judges Lyn Bowers and Grahame Godby for setting straight forward tests, good time keeping, giving positive competitor feedback and putting up with all my nagging just in case the cricketers arrived!

Also a big thank you to Jackie Lawrence & Caroline Nicolson who scribed both the L1 & 2’searches again in a very efficient & friendly manner helping to make the day relaxing for all competitors. Also thank you to Lynda Stangle for keeping everyone supplied with teas & coffees as well as being master scoreboard keeper, which was no mean feat combining scores from two judges of 21 competitors. Also Yaz Whitehall & Melanie Goble for the loan of their vehicles for the ‘vehicle search’ and the enormous task of organising 21 competitors, some of which had never been to a trial before, some got lost on route to the venue, some arrived late because of floods! and others having reactive dogs. I think you two did a brilliant job.

We had a record number of ‘clean sweep’ awards in L1 which just goes to show how high the standard was with 5 competitors on 99.75 so well done everyone. In the afternoon the L2’s had the extra challenge of the wind getting up making the vehicle search really difficult. Despite this everyone qualified a just a special mention to the winner Lynne Baseley with Lucy the reactive Cocker Spaniel who was the only one that gained full marks. I will always remember Lucy’s first lesson with me when I set up a table a chair search and I hid in the kitchen with shutter down because she didn’t like me. You have had an incredible journey Lynne and you must give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work and perseverance.

Grahame Godby

LEVEL ONE –Vehicle and Exterior.

With 20 super sniffers and rain forecasted I set out the vehicle search. With the rain staying away and the wonderful helpers we got started, and did we get started. The first few dogs made easy work of the vehicle search. With good clean searches from Stacey and Bella and a few dogs later Vay and Magic, setting the standard for the day With a constant stream of dogs and handlers the vehicle search came to an end. When I looked back over my notes I was pleased to see I had Emma and Murphy down as impressive.

With time for a quick cuppa it was onto the exterior search. I changed the entrance to the search area so the dogs would start with the wind. Unfortunately, in an instant the wind changed direction and once again the dog started the search into the wind. The standard continued to be outstandingly high with Shaun and Halley and Rita and Elliott showing how it should be done.

Well done everyone and a big thank you to the helpers.

Level One – Lyn BowersTables & Chairs & Container Searches

Thanks Heather for inviting me to co-judge. The trial, as I expected, was extremely well organised with a fab team of helpers providing a constant stream of willing victims! Special thanks to Jacky for her support and perfect scribing.

I was very impressed with the overall standard of both dogs and handlers and in particular how well most of the handlers read their dogs.

I tried to set searches appropriate to the level, with consideration for draughts into the room and the direction of entry to the search area. In both searches we had very few dogs failing to find the article. Looking back at my judging sheets, I have two WOW teams, namely Jennie & Nelson and Emma & Murphy, both of these dogs were all business and they were handled perfectly. I must also mention Stacey & Bella who set the standard for the Table and Chairs search and Verity & Hermione for coming back with lovely handling in the Containers search after jumping the gun in the Tables & Chairs.

Well done everyone, an absolute pleasure to judge you all.

LEVEL TWO – Vehicle and Exterior.
After lunch and with relief of no cricketers turning up to get in the way, it was onto the afternoons level two. I started with the exterior search. The wind that had been switching directions in the morning now decided to blow from all directions at once. The swirling wind did create some problems for the dogs but with good handling all the dogs coped very well.

During the vehicle search the wind was causing some difficulties and some dogs had problems pinpointing the target. However, the handler standard was extremely high and working as a team everyone did very well. I would just like to mention three teams which I felt had a special partnership. Helen and Toby, Kate and Rafiki and Zoe and Mist.

Well done everyone in tricky windy conditions.

Level Two – Lyn BowersTables & Chairs & Container Searches

I set slightly harder searches in the afternoon as we’d stepped up a level and toughened up on my expectations. In addition, there would have been some residual odour from the morning’s session in addition to the general contamination created by having run the Level One for the dogs to work through.

Again the standard was extremely high and all teams a pleasure to judge. I must mention the following teams who stood out today – Helen who read Toby perfectly, Barry & Ziva – my only note on their Tables & Chairs search was ‘Excellent’. Lynne & Lucy – beautiful handling, Lynne gave Lucy space to work and also Linda & Taboo.

Well done everyone.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Emma Rebbetts - Murphy2051020512205202051810060
2Linda Johnston - Rory20542205322053420519100127
3Vay Coltrose --Magic2051220520204.75152053499.7581
4Val Russell - Del 20519204.7547205182051799.75101
5Gillian Baird - Milo205532051520522204.751599.75105
6Lyn Bell – Bailey205432054620530204.751799.75136
7Susanne Broughton – Poco2052320513204.75242059299.75152
8Rita Banfather - Elliott2051072051420544204.755499.75219
9Stacey Robinson - Bella20521205720519204.55299.599
10Jennie Gibson - Nelson20515204.7532204.7547205899.5102
11Catherine Mansfield - Ozzy20528204.757620542204.754099.5186
12Shaun Kenvyn - Halley204.5372054120533204.759499.25205
13Alison Poulter - Jive204.598204.5120204.586204.757898.25382
14Vicky Wilford - Cavronscourt Midas Touch204.2512020585204.572204.258098357
15Diane Barry - Milo204.2586204.7558204.5108204.257597.75327
16Verity Edwin-Camp - Hermione0512204.7525204.75142051979.570
17Christine Williams - Barley04.52720513205222053679.598
18Lucy Davis - Callie204.752820519204.751904.2510578.75171
19Nicky Hamlin - Bodie 204168204.759820414404.259177501
20Julie Thomas - Sassy2041312041610416404.758256.75538
Level 2
1Lynne Baseley - Lucy205472054720521920525100338
2Helen Soper - Toby204.9539205192051012051699.95175
3Barry Crook - Ziva2051520549204.75672052599.75156
4Kate Rapley - Rafiki205492053820548204.752699.75161
5Linda Mead - Taboo2053820542204.7572204.754999.5201
6Emma Conlisk - Danny20566204.512620577204.754499.25313
7Zoe Ashman - Mist1057520525205144204.953389.95277
8Alison Poulter - Poppie204.657720597104.5169204.752788.9370
9Gillian Baird - Kai204.8595204.7597205197104.257288.85461
10Chrissie M c Croy - Paddy204.839204.754220469104.52188.05171

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