Sun 28th Jul 2019, Truro

Level 1: Judges - Denise Pile & Hannah Crook


1 Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan – 100
2 Pip Moran – Molly – 100
3 Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa – 100
4 Mandy Pillimg – Jasper – 100
5 Heide Rodriguea – Jessie – 100
6 Alex Brinnen – Ralph – 99.95
7 Brenda Langford – Ruby – 99.95
8 Lesley Saunders – Chiara – 99.95
9 Natasha French – Aika – 99.9
10 Tonie Powell – Gylly – 80
11 Sam Caddy – Maddie – 80
12 Bridget Woodman – Ernie – 79.95
13 Liz Evans – Gina – 79.75


1 Sue Dawkins – Nala – 100
2 Janet Shephard – Teal – 100
3 Jessica Lob – Wilbur – 100
4 Jackie Lawer – Dart – 100
5 Lisa Prynn – Honey – 100
6 Beccy Kestin – Pike – 100
7 Yvonne Hawke – Hazel – 99.95
8 Peter Millar – Holly – 99.95
9 Georgina Davis – Pi – 99.95
10 Lynn Crook – Fizz – 80
11 Yvonne Prideaux – Meryn – 79.5

We had a glorious day for our Level 1 trial held just outside Truro in Cornwall. The sun was shining but we had plenty of shade with many large trees surrounding the car park. The first group of 15 this morning worked really well and we had quite a few Clean Sweeps and also were able to hand out three Excellent rosettes. In the afternoon group we also had several Clean Sweeps and another three people gaining their Excellent Titles!

Our thanks go to our encouraging Judges, Denise Pile and Hannah Crook, who set appropriate hides and offered helpful feedback. We are also lucky to have a group of dedicated helpers and are very grateful to them for giving up their time to help run our Trials.

We are now looking forward to seeing lots of competitors at our August Trial when we will be running Level 1 and 2.

Jackie Lawer

Hannah Crook

Lovely day judging, we were lucky with the weather as it had been very hot and a few places were battling with heat. Our venue has nice shade and a cool area to walk dogs.

I judged the outdoor area in the morning, setting the exterior article within a deflated rolled airbed. When the white dog ran, I noticed that it moved a lot and nose marks were very obvious! I was unable to wipe them off! Reset the search so the article was a wicker crate which worked very well.

The vehicle search went well, the article set on the RH front wheel as I was facing the rear of the vehicle. Again – good results, only a couple of issues, with two dogs moving out of the search area and urinating on the grass, the area was washed but obviously still created a distraction for the rest of the teams (who were warned about what had happened).

All in all, good handing from everyone and some very promising teams.
It was nice to be able to hand out Excellent rosettes to Kate and Elsa (who is also a qualified assistance dog) and Pip and Molly.

Judged the Interior area in the afternoon, Tables and chairs were good with a couple of dogs getting confused, but most with good success. Lovely to see some brand new partnerships having a go.
The boxes/bags were a bit of an equalizer, I set the article in a bag in the centre of the search area. The biggest issue faced for the dogs was the handler blocking the area, walking through the centre rather than working from the edge.

At the end of the day we still ended up several partnerships on a perfect score. Lovely to see such a mix.

Thanks to everyone who supported the trial and helped to make it such a smooth day.
Also massive thanks to Jackie as the trial manager who sorted all the paperwork to ensure everything went very smoothly.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan2051120513205182052110063
2Pip Moran – Molly205452052120524205710097
3Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa2054620515205382055100104
4Mandy Pillimg – Jasper2055220527205232058100110
5Heide Rodriguea – Jessie20552205252054220538100157
6Alex Brinnen – Ralph205620517204.9519205699.9548
7Brenda Langford – Ruby20529204.9541205302053199.95131
8Lesley Saunders – Chiara20527204.957520592052299.95133
9Natasha French – Aika205159204.9554204.95362053199.9280
10Tonie Powell – Gylly20536205182052205218097
11Sam Caddy – Maddie205862052720546054980208
12Bridget Woodman – Ernie20518204.9511920574055979.95270
13Liz Evans – Gina20533204.7516820556053279.75289
Level 1 - PM
1Sue Dawkins – Nala205820510205152051210045
2Janet Shephard – Teal2051220592057020514100105
3Jessica Lob - Wilbur20528205132057620512100129
4Jackie Lawer – Dart20526205322055520516100129
5Lisa Prynn – Honey20526205122059920529100166
6Beccy Kestin – Pike20516205692055620538100179
7Yvonne Hawke – Hazel205432051320515204.954499.95115
8Peter Millar – Holly20592205820513204.953899.95151
9Georgina Davis – Pi205242053020581204.953599.95170
10Lynn Crook – Fizz205452052520529051280111
11Yvonne Prideaux – Meryn04.54020512205692052479.5145

Kea Community Centre, Playing Place, Truro. TR3 6ET

Start times: 10am & 2pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entry levels capped at 15 (2 separate groups of 15) Only one dog per handler per group.
Contact: Jackie Lawer 07720 859356
Download Entry Form to book a place. Fully booked.