Sun 29 Jan 2023, Haynes

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Sue Abbott-Dixon & Geoff Abbott-Dixon

Haynes Village Hall, Northwood End Rd, Haynes MK45 3QB

Start: L1 0930, L2 1300
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you for inviting us to Judge at Haynes Stacey.
We arrived early, ready to have a look at the venue, and form a plan for the levels.
We began with level 1, and had a few spanners thrown in the mix, with an unexpected football match starting, and then using the pitch they werent supposed to. So they were VERY close to the wall search.
I was amazed at how well you all dealt with this, and the dogs just stepped up and searched like Pros. I have to put a special mention in here to little Dash, a nervous reactive little man that I never imagined would work, let alone do a faultless textbook search. What a star !, and little Keira who had to deal with a football being kicked into the area, and the ‘little chat’ the judge had with the not so patient footballers.
While this was all going on I was having a lovely time watching the teams do some amazing exterior searches.
We quickly set up the interiors inside, so we could work them at the same time, and leaving everyone space outside to have their dogs out, away from the football.
Again most teams worked really well, there were a few of the usual “OMG boxes” nerves, and a couple of early calls but on the whole everyone worked really well.
Huge congratulations to everyone, especially those that came away with ribbons on this tricky day.
A quick break, and then ready for the level 2.
Thankfully the footballers had gone home, but clearly someone decided they didnt want the level 2’s to have it too easy either, so added some motorbike enthusiasts, and a shoot that was close enough for us to hear every shot.
Again every team worked so hard, and there were some exceptional searches.
I have to say a special well done to Marianne, and Nutmeg whose faultless performance gave them the Red ribbon. Well done.
As we said at the time. Thank you all for your hard work today, we had the pleasure of watching some lovely teams,
hope to see you all again soon,

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