Sun 29th Sep 2019, Longbridge Deverill

Level 5: Judge - Marianne Temby

1 Amie Pendarves – Bonnie – 150
2 Zoe Heritage – Teg – 130
3 Caroline O’Hare – Balian – 130
4 Hazel Kenble – Swift – 130
5 Julie Greenough – Ben – 129.75
6 Shelley Stubbington – Whirligig – 128.75
7 Ren Glass – Dudley – 120
8 Monique Moore – Chester – 120
9 Mick Hawkins – Cookie – 110
10 Jan Martin – Amber My Little Gem – 110
11 Felicity Veazey – Jet – 99.5
12 Margery Grant – Alfred – 99.5

WA = Wrong Alerts ( 4 = elimination )P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Amie Pendarves – Bonnie040100194130100760501001551120300150425
2Zoe Heritage – Teg0401008303010034140002961110200130413
3Caroline O’Hare – Balian04010012003010094140003001110200130514
4Hazel Kenble – Swift04010017413010090040003001110200130564
5Julie Greenough – Ben0401002150301006304000.253000110200.25129.75578
6Shelley Stubbington – Whirligig040100.575030100.56714000.253001110201.25128.75442
7Ren Glass – Dudley04010010413010063230003003100200120467
8Monique Moore – Chester04010013513010099030003001100200120534
9Mick Hawkins – Cookie04010014113010015312000300290200110594
10Jan Martin – Amber My Little Gem04010016102000180040003000100100110641
11Felicity Veazey – Jet13000.25240130100.2510003000300290100.599.5640
12Margery Grant – Alfred03000.524013010011813000300290100.599.5658

Thank you to Kate and Rick Burgess for inviting me to judge at their level 5 trial.

Thank you so much to Sue for being a brilliant scribe and to Peter for running.

It was a very long drive down on Saturday evening in torrential rain, but luckily the weather cleared up and we did not get too wet on Sunday.

The Scent Barn is a very interesting barn and just perfect for trials. Especially level 5.

We started with the first interior search which was the just half of the barn. Loads of interesting items (that are there all the time) with lots of brilliant places to hide the scented articles.

Just about all competitors found all four hides. We had some amazing searches.

We then ventured out into the wind and rain for the exterior search. Again a lovely area for searching. We had five hides out here. Only Amie and Bonnie found all five and went on to take 1st place.

Six teams found 4 but I think the very strong wind and the intermittent rain caused some problems here.

We then went back inside to do the second interior. This only had 3 hides and just about everyone found all three. Great work.

Annie Pendarves with Bonnie was outstanding from the very first search. I watched in awe as this little dog just got on with her job quietly and efficiently. Amie was a really great handler and knew when she needed to step in and just help Bonnie out. Great team work.

Another great team was Jan Martin with Amber My Little Gem. Such a great bond between them and Jan handled Amber so quietly and again just helped when it was needed.

Annie Martin with Maisie made a great start. Maisie was very enthusiastic and did some lovely searching.

Zoe Heritage with Teg was another lovely team with some very fast searches.

Hazel Kemble and Swift had a great day. Swift doing some amazing searching.

Felicity Veazey and Jet came into the room ready to search. Jet was a tad vocal whilst having a great time.

Shelley Stubbington and Whirligig are both full of energy. Whirligig lived up to her name and really enjoyed her searches. Just need to work on the paw being rather too enthusiastic.

Mick Hawkins and Cookie also had fun. Cookie worked really hard but sadly in the wrong places. She found enough hides to qualify but just need some work on letting Cookie tell you where it is!

Ren Glass and Dudley both looked like they were enjoying the searches.

Julie Greenough and Ben got better and better as the day went on, and they were awarded the dog of the trial certificate for improvement.

Amanda Murray and Thai came into the first search very quietly. Thai was not in the mood today for letting Amanda know where the hides were. She was very suttle. So when she actually indicated on the tree in the exterior search we were all ecstatic.

Margery Grant and Alfred brought made me smile whilst they were working as they were both so happy and enthusiastic. Lovely to watch.
Monique Moore and Chester were also lovely to watch as they have such a good bond between them . Everytime Monique called to Chester his expression said ‘yes I am here where do you want me to look?’ He whizzed about but was working beautifully.

Marie Poole and Roger were another lovely team to watch. Roger being still very young worked really hard. Did not quite find them all but worked very well and made Marie very proud.

Caroline O’Hare with Balian was lovely to watch, he did some super searches.

I had a great time and really enjoyed watching all the searches. I did admire the enthusiasm and motivation from most teams.

Also I really loved the quiet calm handling.

A white dog was used in each search area. (He enjoyed himself).

I look forward to meeting you all again soon and hope you enjoy your next level 5 (or 6).

Thank you for allowing me to watch your dogs. Marianne – judge for today.

The Scent Barn, Lords Hill, Longbridge Deverill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. BA12 7DF

Start 10:00 am
Entry Fees: £24 per dog. Entries capped at 15. One dog per handler.
Contact: Rick Burgess – 07813 324488
Online bookings only. Go to to book a place. Please do not send payment until you have a space allocated.