Sun 2nd Dec 2018, Daglingworth

Levels 3 & 4: Judge - Liz Ormerod
Level 3

1st Alison Williamson – Dylan – 100
2nd Paula Davis – Jazz – 90
3rd Deborah Dawson – Jasper – 89.5
4th Shaun Kenvyn – Cassie – 80
5th Janet Wykes – Jess – 79.75
6th Matilda Bell – Mitford – 79.75
7th Denise Pile – Butty – 79.75
8th Alison Deakin – Izzie – 79.5
9th Chris Gamson – Nell – 79.5
10th Lynn Grice- Ludo – 78.5

Level 4

1st Jackie Hodge – Lima – 99.5
2nd Helen Byrne – Nellie – 89
3rd Becky Layphries – Reba – 89
4th AlisonWilliamson – Peppa – 80
5th Pauline McGeoch – Mirren – 79.5

As Nigel’s Level 7 trial was held on a “training day”, we decided to turn the day into a trial. It was a mild day for December (barely December) and the rain stayed off mostly. Liz Ormerod had kindly agreed to judge Level 3 and Level 4 and due to some last minute changed, it turned out that rather than 9 in each level, we had 13 competitors in Level 3 and 5 in Level 4. We started with Level 3, which took longer than expected and a big than you to the Level 4 competitors for bearing with us. Thank you Berit for scribing in the morning and your amazing rock cakes, thank you Paula for scribing in the afternoon. Thank you Pauline for your flapjacks and thank you Alison for staying behind and helping me clean up.

Thankyou Tina & Nigel for inviting me to come along and judge at your Level 3 & 4 trial. My first time at your venue and a lovely little place it is.

The weather was wet, dry, windy and wet again but no competitor or dog let that phase them. A big thankyou to Berit Aherne scribed for me for the L3’s and also to Paula ¬¬¬Davis who took over that role for the L4’s.

Level 3

We had 13 entries in L3 and 1st place went to Alison & Dylan, an enthusiastic collie that works independently although Alison steps in to calm the proceedings when needed. Full marks well deserved today and only fitting too as it was Dylan’s birthday.

2nd was Paula with Jazz, great teamwork and a loves her searching. My 3rd placing was Deborah & Jasper; a very speedy boxes and luggage search for the 2 finds, Deborah allowing Jasper to be more independent. Shaun & Cassie took the 4th placing, a very calm handler who is understanding to the needs of Cassie who can be a sensitive dog.
I’d like to mention Janet with Jess – she allows time for Jess to get settled into the searching process and not guide her directly where she wants to go. Lovely to observe.

Congratulations to those that all qualified and for those that missed it, keep working towards your goal. Every trial is a learning process.

Level 4

So only 5 entries in L4 which led to a much quicker trial. The competitors were great at keeping the flow going so we could move smoothly on from one search area to another. The distraction scents I chose were shampoo and coffee which was welcomed by the competitors with a groan!

All competitors qualified, although unfortunately only one was to miss out on a rosette.

So 1st place to Jackie and Lima and well deserved. The only team to get maximum finds in which Jackie held her nerve in the table/ chairs and perimeter search. I had placed the scents on two chairs and two distraction scents around the perimeter. All except Lima indicated on the “shampoo” scent which, apparently was bought from Lidl so watch out folks for this particular brand!! Jackie stood back and is good at observing Lima, reading her indications well and asking sometimes for better commitment to the odour.

For the rest of the teams, the searches in the other 3 areas were good, although the unexpected gun shots that went off whilst exterior searches were underway led poor Peppa into a bit of a melt down before she started; she managed to find one and unfortunately falsely indicated on another but still took 4th place.

For a couple of these teams it was their first go at a L4 trial so well done.

Liz Ormerod

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stAlison Williamson – Dylan205100205632052620535100224
2ndPaula Davis – Jazz20565205842056010511390322
3rdDeborah Dawson – Jasper10582204.75117204.751282054389.5370
4thShaun Kenvyn – Cassie10513420581205611053680312
5thJanet Wykes – Jess10565104.7568205432059579.75271
6thMatilda Bell – Mitford204.751072057720567055379.75304
7thDenise Pile – Butty205189104.7547205381057279.75346
8thAlison Deakin – Izzie20578104.7517710543204.7510979.5407
9thChris Gamson – Nell104.7514220584204.751621058279.5470
10thLynn Grice- Ludo104.25276204.75187205121104.511578.5699
1stJackie Hodge – Lima205244205237205161204.516199.5803
2ndHelen Byrne – Nellie10556204.594204.5902056489304
3rdBecky Layphries – Reba105140204.25152205169204.7512489585
4thAlisonWilliamson – Peppa10552105106205512055180260
5thPauline McGeoch – Mirren04.511420538205972053879.5287

Daglingworth Village Hall, Cirencester, GL7 7AE

Start 9:30am
Entry Fees: £20 per dog.
Contact: Nigel Wilkes07974 918180
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