Sun 2nd Jun 2019, Truro

Level 1: Judges - Denise Pile & Hannah Crook

1 Lynn Hewins – Hattie – 100
2 Lesley Hughes – Gem – 100
3 Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa – 100
4 Peter Millar – Holly – 100
5 Josie Manley – Dexter – 100
6 Serena Stewart – Lyric – 99.75
7 Liz Evans – Gina – 99.75
8 Heidi Rodriquez – Jessie – 99.75
9 Beccy Kestin – Pike – 99.75
10 Jill Bone – Bobby – 80
11 Brenda Langford – Ruby – 79.75
12 Debra Cassidy – Buddy – 79.75
13 Debbie Fuller – Skye – 79.5

1 Janet Shepard – Teal – 100
2 Sam Caddy – Maddie – 100
3 Lisa Prynn – Honey – 100
4 Alex Brinnen – Ralph – 99.75
5 Dave Bird – Skipper – 99.75
6 Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan – 80
7 Katie Rogers – Gylly – 80
8 Bridget Woodman – Ernie – 80
9 Mandy Pilling – Jasper – 79.75
10 Lynn Crook – Fizz – 79.75
11 Yvonne Hawke– Hazel – 79.75
12 Natasha French – Aika – 79.5
13 Chris Bird – Maisy – 79.25

We ran two groups of Level 1 today. Apart from a small amount of drizzle the weather was kind to us and the sun came out later on.

Our judges set some great searches for us and gave friendly and helpful feedback to the competitors. We had some fabulous scores in both groups with several teams achieving full marks and two teams received their Excellent Awards!

Many thanks go to our lovely judges, Hannah Crook and Denise Pile, and to all the competitors for making it such an enjoyable day.

Jackie Lawer

Wonderful day spend judging 30 very promising level 1 teams with my fellow judge.

I started the day judging the indoor sections – Table and chairs first. Most people had been to the venue before so had a pretty good idea of the layout, however, the first team in, a lovely rescue Golden retriever, was at his first trial and running first for the day. He set a good benchmark with a lovely find which continued throughout the section. Sadly one team failed to call the find correctly, little Alfie (and he was SO close!), but I know the struggles this little one has had and it was lovely to see him so relaxed indoors, I know this has been an issue for him. He is gaining confidence at each trial which is wonderful to see.

Lynn and Hattie had to be the stars on this one, we could see Hattie working as I was taking Lynn through the checklist, and when released she shot off like a little bullet doing a whiplash turn onto the correct chair as she went passed it. Fabulous to watch.

Moving on to the Boxes and luggage, this was the first time I had laid a search in a box – I was wary as I knew we had some enthusiastic teams, so I had a standby box, just in case! However, I need not have worried as again, we had a good success with only a couple of teams calling the item next door. (…and no need for the spare box!)

I deducted very few marks though the morning, most of which were given for blocking the dog from the search area. I know it can be very difficult to be aware of this when you are working a dog.

During the afternoon, I judged the outdoor areas. The exterior article was a tyre with a nice central gap to place the article and allow the dogs to give a good clear indication. Most teams chose to go on lead and most chose to narrow the search down to three articles. I was pleased to see that the handlers still allowed the dog to work the area carefully and did not call them away if they deviated towards articles I had not mentioned.

The vehicle search proved to be a little harder although still a good success rate, many dogs missed the find on the first pass. There was quite a lot going on around the search, but the teams handled it very well.

Again – very few marks deducted, most for pulling the dog away on the vehicle.

Despite being (in my opinion) quite strict, we still finished with 5 dogs on a perfect score in the morning and 3 in the afternoon!

I was thrilled that Janet and Teal (a very excitable flatcoat) won the afternoon trial, a very deserving partnership. Also a special mention to Lisa and Honey – a very challenging rescued Rottweiler on her first placing at a trial with a perfect score. Wonderful to see this amazing dog being given her chance to shine.

A huge thank you to our Trial manager Jackie, and all the helpers who were there with smiles to keep the day running so smoothly.

Well done everyone.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Lynn Hewins – Hattie2051020511205192052610066
2Lesley Hughes – Gem2051720515205182052110071
3Kate Ring-Holmes – Elsa2051320542205262051310094
4Peter Millar – Holly2051320551205202051510099
5Josie Manley – Dexter20536205302057220510100148
6Serena Stewart – Lyric204.757420519205262051999.75138
7Liz Evans – Gina20577204.7582205192051699.75194
8Heidi Rodriquez – Jessie2055620560204.75542052599.75195
9Beccy Kestin – Pike204.7560205512051452057999.75335
10Jill Bone – Bobby20534057920547205980169
11Brenda Langford – Ruby20511205250528204.753979.75103
12Debra Cassidy – Buddy20578204.7510820556052179.75263
13Debbie Fuller – Skye204.7565059020557204.7515279.5364
1Janet Shepard – Teal205720518205112053010066
2Sam Caddy – Maddie20589205272052120534100171
3Lisa Prynn – Honey205152054620510020561100222
4Alex Brinnen – Ralph2052720521204.75372051599.75100
5Dave Bird – Skipper2055920513204.751012054499.75217
6Sue Toft-Hunt – Megan205405202052920588061
7Katie Rogers – Gylly20518205142052705348093
8Bridget Woodman – Ernie205662051220526056580169
9Mandy Pilling – Jasper20528204.752720533052679.75114
10Lynn Crook – Fizz2052020540204.7546052879.75134
11Yvonne Hawke– Hazel20512920520204.7531051679.75196
12Natasha French – Aika2052120520204.7510404.7513679.5281
13Chris Bird – Maisy2058204.759804.5252059479.25225

Kea Community Centre, Playing Place, Truro. TR3 6ET

Start times: 10am & 2pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entry levels capped at 15 (2 separate groups of 15) Only one dog per handler per group.
Contact: Jackie Lawer 07720 859356
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