Sun 30 Aug 2020, Mere

Level 5: Judge - Pippa Bentham

Dogwise training, Castle Street, Mere, Wiltshire, BA12 6JP

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £25.00 per dog.
Contact: Pippa Bentham
– Tel: 01761 241516

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Tina, Clive and Faye for the use of your venue at Dogwise in Mere Wilts for this level 5 trial. We used the large brick built potting shed for the first internal search with 5 scents to be found, the exterior area included the frontage of the old stables plus fence and a gate with 5 scents to be found, the second internal search was more normal in that it was a portacabin with 2 scents to be found. All the scents were found at least once which was a relief as this was my first time judging a level 5. Zoe Heritage scribed for me, thank you Zoe, it’s always good to have an experienced scribe beside you. The indespensible Kate Kemp did all the technical stuff before, during and after the trial, I genuinely could not run trials without someone to do the computer stuff. Zoe’s Teggy and Caroline O’Hare’s Balian did the white dog duties for the 2 groups of entrants, both dogs were excellent, thank you both.
Lastly thank you to the entrants, not everyone was successful but they all had a good go, the long lay-off due to COVID-19 really showed in some very excitable dogs who were so happy to be working again, unfortunately the excitement was just a bit too much for some. However the dogs that did qualify richly deserved to do so, in first was Shelley Stubbington with Whirli, an absolute pleasure to watch working, in second was Jane Holmes with Sami, and in 3rd Kay Jennings with Dazzle, well done everyone you worked hard.

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