Sun 31 Oct 2021, Honley

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Kev Bryan and Yvonne Carpenter

Neiley Pavilion, New Mill Road, Honley. HD9 6QT

Start: Level 1 starts 9.30am. Level 2 starts 1.00pm
Entry Fees: £26 per dog.
Contact: Tracey Eaton

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

31/10/2021 – Honley Hounds, Neiliey Pavilion, Honley, Huddersfield

This was our first trial since March 2020 and we were a little nervous about whether we could remember how to pull it off.
There was no need to worry, our fantastic team of judges and helpers made sure the day ran smoothly.

Our level 1 Judges were Yvonne Carpenter and Kev Bryan supported by scribes Eric Carpenter & Linda Newbold, and our newest helper John Eaton, they made the trials managers job super easy and I am very grateful to them all.
The weather was predicted to be bad – and it was ! Raining from start to finish of our Level 1.

Having two judges meant we could keep things moving quickly and hopefully limited how long our competitors had to hang about in the bad weather. The competitors were in the right place at the right time thanks to John and this helped reduce how long our judges & scribes were stood out in the non-stop rain.

Some great results with almost everyone qualifying. Special mentions to Andrea Little and Flake, and Jil Harper and Ajke who gained their Level 1 Excellence awards, also to Angela Waldram who I believe qualified in first place at her very first trial.

Could this have been the same day? The sun came out for most of the afternoon and our level 2 competitors probably wondered why all the judges and helpers looked like drowned rats.

Our judges for the Level 2 were Yvonne Carpenter and Eric Carpenter with scribes Becky and Elaine. Thank you to you all for giving up time with your own dogs to help at this trial.
Thank you to our competitors for accepting my running order changes to ensure our judges weren’t kept waiting. One of the external areas proved to be a bit of a magnet to the local dog walkers who wanted a nosy, but our competitors took this in their stride. Everyone in our level 2 qualified with our first place Kevin Bryan & Renko, and second place Daniel Gordon & Tess both finishing on 100 points. Well done everyone.

So now we’re hopefully back in the swing – on to the next.
Tracey – Trials Manager

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