Sun 31 Oct 2021, Mere

Level 7: Judge - Pippa Bentham

Dogwise training school, Castle St, Mere, Wiltshire, BA12 6JP

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Kate Kemp

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Awesome venue , mega taxing for the dogs with all the other smells about , great first indoor search , lots of machinery smells and general in house smells to confuse the dogs , a great out doors search ,, and for me it just goes to show how you can get focussed on your dog , without really focussing on the search area , as it wasnt till i reversed the outdoor search i twigged i hadnt done the digger , (how big and still missed it , lol ), last indoor search , sat at the start line im thinking , k’hell, we have our work cut out here , it was a real true life level 7 and without doubt the best 7 trial ive been too , mega thanks to faye and all for arranging this venue , now all i need is to come back for another go at the next level 7 at this venue , so c’mon pippa and kate , you know you want to , lets get it on

Thank you to Faye Sparkes of Dogwise training for the use of the venue, interior searches were the potting shed which is a commercial potting shed, part of a glass house, a commercial glass house with an area taped off, the exterior area contained 3 shipping containers a digger an office, brick stacks and various other items. The exterior and the potting shed both had 5 finds leaving 2 for the glass house. Everyone worked nicely outside and were mainly successful, the potting shed was a little more challenging with some handlers getting a bit fixated on one side of the room. The glass house proved interesting, there were a few items at one end where again some got a bit stuck having convinced themselves the scents must be there when in fact the scents were both on structural pipes one either side of the path. Congratulations to Amie who let Bonnie work with the minimum of interference, also congratulations to Margery and Alfred, he works magnificently. Helen and Nellie well done on qualifying and getting your excellent rosette you really deserved it. Well done to everyone else today didn’t go quite as well as you hoped but every dog did some excellent work. Kate Kemp thank you for being your usual organised self, a really excellent trials manager with a wealth of knowledge, Caroline O’Hare for braving the elements to bring Balian along to white dog he did a great job. Big thank s to my scribe Zoe Heritage , everyone needs a scribe like Zoe she knows her stuff and keeps me in my place many thanks couldn’t do it without all of you.

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