Sun 4th Aug 2019, Walcote

Levels 2 & 3: Judges - Harold Latusek & Liz Ormerod
Level 2

1 Nancy Chalmers – George – 100
2 Anne Vellenworth – Rosalie – 100
3 Vanessa Bonner – Willow – 99.9
4 Jane Page – Dinah – 99.7
5 Mary Allen – Alice – 89.8
6 Claire McDonald – Bowser – 89.7
7 Barbara Lees – Lola – 89.3
8 Lyddie Sommer – Merlot – 79.6

Level 3

1 Jo McKee – Milo – 89.8
2 Elizabeth Beaumont – Chandra – 89.7
3 Steve Hatfield – Stan – 89.7
4 Carina Stevenson – Dillon – 89.2
5 Gloria Bonnell – Dylan – 79.6
6 Emma Conlisk – Danny – 79.5
7 Marie Tomkinson – Bertie – 79.4
8 Sandra Gustaffson – Lexie – 79.1
9 Keith Clowes – Monty – 78

Many thanks to our judges Liz and Harry for coming to judge at our trial. They were both very relaxed and put the competitors at their ease.

The weather conditions for the level 2 search in the morning were good and all went smoothly for level 2 and we finished in good time.

In the afternoon the weather held out until almost the end of the day, the last dog was doing a level 3 search when the thunder started and the search had to be abandoned. About half an hour after the trial had finished there was an absolute deluge.

Many thanks to everyone who helped on the day, we could not manage these trials without help. Special thanks to the 2 scribes Jarek and Jo, it was their first time scribing, and also to the runners Laura and Ruth.

Harold Latusek

Firstly,Thankyou to Anne for inviting me to judge on the day.My first visit to Walcote in a judging capacity,having competed there in the past.I shared the judging with the lovely,Liz Ormerod.A special Thankyou to my scribe,Jo and my runner,Laura,you both did a wonderful job.It was a lovely morning,sunshine and a slight breeze.

I was tasked with judging the vehicle and exterior search in level two.A white dog was used prior to all searches

Level 2,vehicles.

I commenced with the 3 vehicles being lined up,side by side.I placed the scents on the middle and furthest away vehicle from the start line,on the front offside light and front number plate,respectively.This gave the teams the advantage of working into the wind,which the majority took advantage of.Overall,some lovely searching,with only 2 of the teams failing to find both scents.Excellent time of 16 seconds by Nancy and George,followed by Claire and Bowser and Jane and Dinah,in 34 and 42 secs.All dogs giving lovely indication,at source.

Moving on to the exterior search.I placed the first scent in a wall clock at the start of the search area,the 2nd,I placed in a plastic electric cable holder,at its furthest point from the start.The wind was blowing away from the start line,making it a little more difficult for the dogs.The majority of teams by passed the 1st scented article,picking it up when returning into the wind.A good all round display,with all but 3 of the teams failing to find both articles.Some lovely indications and quick times,by Nancy and George,Barbara and Lola in 38 secs.closely followed by Anne and Rosalie in 43 secs

Congrats to our 4 rosette winners,1st.Nancy and George,2nd Anne and Rosalie,3rd Vanessa and Willow,4th.Jane and Dinah.We had a further 4 clean sweeps and Excellent rosettes being presented to,Nancy and George and Jane and Dinah.


Following a short lunch break we moved on to level 3 in the afternoon.There was a dramatic change in the weather conditions,with heavy showers and thunder.

I judged indoors,commencing with everyone’s favourite,Boxes and luggage.

The 1st scent,I placed in the buckle of a small flat black bag,at the entrance to the search area.The 2nd I placed in the wheel of a small suitcase to the far left of the room.5 of the teams appeared oblivious to the small bag but correctly found the scent in the suitcase wheel.The other 6 teams,although by passing the small bag at the start,showed good perciverance,patience and some lovely methodical searching which proved fruitful,in that they found both scents.

Moving on to tables/chairs and perimeter search.

I placed the cloves scent in the 1st chair to the left on entering the area,the tables I had set up in a T shape.The gun oil I secreted in the hinge at the bottom of the fire doors,to the far right of the area.All teams were successful in finding the scented chair.The perimeter search again proved very successful,with all but 1 team failing to identify it.Some lovely teamwork,good indications and times by,Marie and Bertie,Steve and Stan,both in around 75 secs.closely followed by,Mary and Alfie and Keith and Monty,in 86 and 92 secs.

Some good patient handling shown by,Gloria and Dylan,Sandra and Lexie and Corina and Dillon.The majority of handlers working of lead were a pleasure to watch.

Congratulations to our eventual rosette winners,1st,Jo and Milo,2nd,Elizabeth and Chandra,3rd.Steve and Stan,4th.Carina and Dillon.

To all in levels 2 and 3.

I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to meeting some,if not all of you along the line

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Nancy Chalmers – George20543205382051620537100134
2Anne Vellenworth – Rosalie20552205432055620578100229
3Vanessa Bonner – Willow20540204.9592056320511999.9281
4Jane Page – Dinah204.930204.969204.9422054599.7186
5Mary Allen – Alice205105204.974105125204.912789.8431
6Claire McDonald – Bowser204.856104.9107205342052489.7221
7Barbara Lees – Lola204.6108204.93820585104.84889.3279
8Lyddie Sommer – Merlot20544104.7283205101104.94179.6469
Level 3
1Jo McKee – Milo-89.82058820548204.9106104.910289.8344
2Elizabeth Beaumont – Chandra-89.7205118104.8128204.912920511689.7491
3Steve Hatfield – Stan-89.720576204.990104.83002057189.7537
4Carina Stevenson – Dillon-89.2205216104.4122204.8922056089.2490
5Gloria Bonnell – Dylan-79.6205185104.8100204.821210510779.6604
6Emma Conlisk – Danny-79.5205169104.8112204.716310517179.5615
7Marie Tomkinson – Bertie-79.420575104.986204.51211057579.4357
8Sandra Gustaffson – Lexie-79.1205153104.671104.530020510579.1629
9Keith Clowes – Monty-7820592104.5144103.53002054578581

Walcote Memorial Hall, Franks Road, Walcote, Leicestershire. LE17 4JX

Start:- 10am level 2, 2pm level 3
Entry Fees: £20 per dog.
Capped at 10 entries. One dog per handler per level
Contact: Anne Tucker 07951 686694
Download Entry Form to book a place. Fully booked.