Sun 8th Dec 2019, Elton

Levels 2 & 3: Judge - Rebecca Gray
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1John Hearn - Whisper20548205612056920535100213
2Katie Dew - Red20552205412057420549100216
3Jackie Pywell - Jessie205107205422057420550100273
4Kate Osborn - Mr Kipling20510720510620592205117100422
5Julie Neale - Wren204.9142205512057320511999.9385
6Phil Jones - Koda20552204.530020563204.814899.3563
7Stacey Robinson - Ghost20513410545205452052690250
8NIcky Hamlin - Bong2051041058020524420512490552
9Anne Glennon - Missy205482053920559104.821389.8359
10Rosemary Steen - Harley204.915520588205112104.55489.4409
11Victoria Boyd - Brady104.9114204.911120514120413988.8505
12Nicola Cook - Myrtle104.9108105412058110510569.9335
13Helen Hankins - Sam104.5157104.990204.9180104.823569.1662
14Linda Lindley - Baxter20512004.8147104.8178104.512059.1565
15Alison Poulter - Jive04.75300104.8249204.8280104.522858.851057
16Ros Trusler - Mabel104.822104.75137204.5261104.522858.55847
Level 3
1Nic Christie - Kimi2054820514520514020535100368
2Christine Layton - Soul204.817320546204.813920513499.6492
3Becca Gray - Leo20591205134204.8112204.77899.5415
4Michelle Allen - Pye2055820597204.9150104.84689.7351
5Helen Pye - Chester204.910620565204.8102104.810089.5373
6Stacey Robinson - Bella104.518520569205802057589.5409
7Ruth Minter - Paddy104.523420557204.91102055189.4452
8Audrey Richardson - Tami104.614920586204.8182204.95589.3472
9John Hearn - Jay104.630020564204.892204.811289.2568
10Jackie Hodge - Kona104.566205158204.52712054389538
11Pam Butcher - Willow104.7291204.8238204.51801048878797
12Helen Taylor 104.8772053020555043368.8195
13Denis Layton - Ruff104.617404300104300104.612247.2896

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Elton Level 2 Trial-
This was my first judging experience and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you to Justine for allowing me to judge and thank you to all other helpers and competitors for making it a really enjoyable experience.
We were hit with a chilly day in Elton, with unpredictable winds and some light rain however this did not appear to dampen the spirits of competitors (humans and dogs!) who all showed such fantastic relationships and worked together beautifully.
I judged the exterior search firstly, and the table/chairs/perimeter after a brief break.
In the exterior search I was particularly impressed with competitors allowing their four legged friends to search off lead, and even more impressed with these dogs ability to concentrate despite the wind and the noisy fencing. There was some lovely handling displayed and, although the wind make the search a difficult one, some excellent finds at impressive speeds. Credit to Phil and Koda in particular who remained calm and patient in the face of some difficult distraction!
The table/chairs/perimeter search was welcome warmth for most and again it was lovely to see motivated, excited dogs and some excellent team work! Fantastic to work alongside Pam who proved an excellent scribe and welcomed each competitor with a welcome smile. It was lovely to watch Katie and Red, and to listen to Red’s excitable cries when he was preparing for a search (and when he found what he was looking for!).

All in all this was an excellent experience for me, and I look forward to my future ventures in judging in 2020!

Trial Manager Report – Justine Steele
Arriving early enough to catch the sun rising on a surprisingly mild December morning (although we paid for this later!!!) Chumley & myself went for a little walk & awaited the arrival of the Just Dogs faithful helpers & of course the sniffing teams that would wow us with their skills throughout the day on first of all a Level 3 then a PM start for a Level 2. So smoothly went the morning that we almost finished early!!! This was great news as the afternoon searches started to fight a losing battle against the light, but it was a delight to see teams getting on with it with no complaints and I think surprising themselves with often success on what happened to be their very own first dark searches! I mean we all know we don’t need to see to search anyway!!! Not only did the human dog teams work so well together, but actually the whole day felt very team spirited & it was my absolute pleasure to host this event for so many wonderful persons & pooches. However a massive thank you to first time judges Nikki Johnson, Becca Gray & having a storming white dog experience after his mornings clean sweep, Leo the Lion… Vicky Boyd was the runner with military precision & scribes Stu Gray, Rebecca Adcock & super stand in Pam Butcher were fabulous in their roles & worth every drop of mulled wine & chocs that was to come their way… Many congratulations to all who successfully passed their respective levels although I am still a little gutted that albeit so very close for many we only had opportunity to present the one Excellent rosette, super stuff from John & Whisper narrowly denying Katie & Red. I’m sure that there will be plenty of Excellents earned in the non too distant future & for those who did not succeed on this occasion I hope you found the Judges chats useful, not too subjective & delivered with empathy, I’m equally sure your success will be not be too far away… best of luck in the future I can’t wait to see you all again…

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