Thu 09 Mar 2023, Penryn

Level 5: Judge - Hannah Crook

Penryn Athletic football club, Little Oaks, Penryn, TR10 8QE

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Sue McAuliff

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Huge thank you to everyone who attended this trial. I know there were a few who had not done a L5 before so it was a bit of a baptism of fire!

It is a lovely interesting venue, but it is very different working areas like that when you have been used to more sterile village hall environments.

The dogs coped fantastically with the challenges set and everyone was so close to qualifying. Today there were mainly larger dogs working, Flatcoats, Labradors, with one Working cocker and a Border terrier (not small) The floor finds certainly seemed to be the more challenging ones.

Interior 1 – the clubhouse. 5 finds – 5 mins
I set this as ¾ of the room, which included some benching, a couple of pool tables and some other interesting bits.
This was not really a room where you could let the dog go, it was a larger busy area which needed a bit of planning. Very easy to lose you bearings if you were not careful. I had set the two finds on the snooker tables to see if people would systematically work both, Only one dog achieved both of these finds.
The most WAs happened in this area. This was on two signs on the pool table. The dogs were acting very much as if on odour and on inspection after the last dog had run, the signs were stuck with an adhesive similar to that on the back of the sticky Velcro.
Going anti clockwise round the room, the scent and correct calls as follows…
1. GO – on an arcade game, about 40cm off the floor 7/8
2. Clove – on the corner of the table between two sofas. (50cm) 8/8
3. Clove – The far left hand corner of the Green pool table, floor level 3/8
4. Clove – The right corner of the Blue pool table 6in off the floor 4/8
5. GO – under the bench seat in the second booth along. (50cm) 5/8

Exterior – The stands. 3 finds – 4 mins
I debated long and hard about using this area. I did know it would be a challenge due to space, with that in mind, I did allow an extra minute. We timed this amazingly with the heavens opening Just as the last dog finished!
1. GO – at the top of the steps on the LHS in a crack in the wall(40cm) 6/8
2. Clove – on the edge of the ‘roof’ at the end of the first stretch of wall (60cm) 6/8
3. GO – on the bench at the back in the centre. 8/8

Interior 2 – The changing area – 4 finds 4 mins
It was really obvious that the dogs were starting to fatigue at this point. They did very well to keep going. We had the L shaped hall way, with a changing area and a shower room off that. The two door way finds caused the most issues, The first, just inside the shower area was often missed at least on the first pass as people worked one side but either blocked the other or glossed over it as they entered the room. The second find which caused the most issue, although totally in view of human and dog (black Velcro on lack door frame), needed to be worked from the fire exit due to the way the odour appeared to be moving.
1. GO on the gate at the base, about (35cm) off the floor 8/8
2. On the corner of the bench in the changing area (50cm) 7/8
3. Door frame between the changing room and shower room on the RHS floor level 6/8
4. At the far end of the corridor on the door to the left facing the fire exit, floor level 5/8

It really was a privilege to watch you all working. There were some beautiful bits of handing from everyone as well as some lovely indications and fabulous dogs.
Well done all.

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