Thu 12 Mar 2020, Hayes

Level 1: Judge - Ali Brannen
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Hannelore Onkelbach - Henry20521.1920525.4420526.9720516.6310090.23
2Michael Tooley - Frankie20544.8120524.8520520.0620537.38100127.1
3Lynette Saunders - Gayl20549.3220535.0620527.1620562.03100173.57
4Edwina Coda - Beau20521.0620555.5320591.6920588.32100256.6
5Debbie Deuchar - Magic20522.9420513.6920511.03204.9529.5499.9577.2
6Heidi Totesaut - Klaus20531.2920522.8520514.44204.9528.8599.9597.43
7Dawn Jenkins - Sirius20522.1520517.7520521.91204.9536.4499.9598.25
8Isabelle Long - Lyllou20534.2520535.46204.953320530.0999.95132.8
9Caroline Nicholson - Gus20515.34204.95119.6220514.8220543.4699.95193.24
10Karen Rogers - Merlin204.9545.6920541.3120556.94204.9548.1699.9192.1
11Melinda Hope - Zigs20525.81204.9575.7520551.53204.9560.0999.9213.18
12Kim Street - Dexter20563.7220521.7520514.9204.546.8199.5147.18
13Susie Hackett - Tanner20526.0320518.84204.9576.22204.596.1299.45217.21
14Lyn Church - Pudding20559.920555.0620564.470567.680247.03
15Anne Vellenoweth - Gabriella20521.0320541.3420520.7204.9527.3279.95110.41
16Ella Eccleston - Harry20595.1204.9558.8820527.35204.95139.1379.9320.48
17Helen Hankins - Hazel20526.8204.95161.88204.9587.6520546.7179.9323.06

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report

First off thank you to Lyn & Lyn for asking me to judge at this trial, and thank you for the cake! Thanks also to Jackie Lawrence for scribing all day.
I always expect quite a high standard from the Hayes crew and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Some fabulous teams were trialling and a whopping 17/18 teams qualified.

We started with the Boxes & Luggage search due to the fact it was haling outside. The scent was hidden in a red box on the left/middle of the search area. 15/18 teams were successful and they were Isabelle & Lyllou, Susie & Tanner, Debbie & Magic, Edwina & Beau, Caroline & Gus, Lynette & Gayl, Kim & Dexter, Helen & Hazel, Heidi & Klaus, Michael & Frankie, Hannelore & Henry, Dawn & Sirius, Ella & Harry, Melinda & Zigs and Karen & Merlin.

A break in the weather allowed us outside to do the Vehicle search. It was very windy so I placed the scent on the right rear wheel of the vehicle to prevent the scent from being blown everywhere. This search had 100% success rate with all teams identifying the correct wheel. They were Kim & Dexter, Hannelore & Henry, Ella & Harry, Lyn & Pudding, Caroline & Gus, Heidi & Klaus, Helen & Hazel, Melinda & Zigs, Susie & Tanner, Margaret & Time, Dawn & Sirius, Isabelle & Lyllou, Karen & Merlin, Michael & Frankie, Edwina & Beau, Debbie & Magic, Anne & Gabriella and Lyn & Gayl.

It was on to the exterior search next, with the scent being placed on a spirit level in the middle of the search area, the teams were given the choice of knowing which 3 items it could be, the other items were a wicker basket on the left and a child’s wheelbarrow on the right of the area. 16/18 teams were successful and they were Hannelore & Henry, Lyn & Pudding, Heidi & Klaus, Dawn & Sirius, Michael & Frankie, Debbie & Magic, Karen & Merlin, Susie & Tanner, Margaret & Time, Kim & Dexter, Melinda & Zigs, Edwina & Beau, Anne & Gabriella, Caroline & Gus, Lynette & Gayl and Isabelle & Lyllou.

Lastly it was the Tables & Chairs search. The scent was hidden on the 3rd chair from the left underneath the seat. 17/18 teams were successful and they were Michael & Frankie, Melinda & Zigs, Susie & Tanner, Isabelle & Lyllou, Karen & Merlin, Hannelore & Henry, Lyn & Pudding, Ella & Harry, Edwina & Beau, Lynette & Gayl, Caroline & Gus, Helen & Hazel, Heidi & Klaus, Debbie & Magic, Anne & Gabriella, Dawn & Sirius and Kim & Dexter.

As mentioned earlier there were some fabulous teams with some great handling to be seen. 17/18 teams qualified, many gaining a clean sweep. Qualifiers were Melinda & Zigs, Susie & Tanner, Isabelle & Lyllou, Karen & Merlin, Lyn & Pudding, Ella & Harry, Helen & Hazel, Heidi & Klaus, Debbie & Magic, Anne & Gabriella, Dawn & Sirius, Kim & Dexter and Caroline & Gus who also gained their excellence award. In 4th Place was Edwina & Beau, 3rd place went to Lynette & Gayl, in 2nd place was Michael & Frankie and 1st place went to Hannelore & Henry.

Huge congratulations to you all, it was lovely to see some familiar faces and to also see how much all your dogs have improved. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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