Thu 12 Mar 2020, Nuneaton

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Keith Clowes
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1ELAINE SHERGOLD - ROSCO20511.7820518.1820510.9420533.8710074.77
2IAN CREWE - BOND20539.6320513.3720513.6320513.9710080.6
3DIANE LYNE - BILLY20527.9120529.2520517.6220525.97100100.75
4JACQUELYN CLOWES - LEXI20540.3420527.6220513.2520539.91100121.12
5ELLEN WARD LINDLEY - JACK20518.6320587.2120522.8120592.37100221.02
6JACKIE EAVES - HEIDI204.9530.2820523.3120517.5620523.599.9594.65
7JOAN WARD - HOLLY20521.75204.9531.6520514.8720560.1399.95128.4
8MAUREEN COOK - MAJ20538.31204.860.162057.3720517.599.8123.34
9LINDA TREADWELL - IZZY20530.28204.864.1920515.0304.933.7879.7143.28
10YVONNE HUGHES - GINNY20524.22204.7547.520522.4404.924.3179.65118.47
11MICHELLE ABLESON - BRUCE04.831.3420538.78204.947.53204.8151.8479.5269.49
12GAIL BEASLEY - MARS20510.4720536.19204.6100.9704.859.5379.4207.16
13PETE EAVES - RENE204.946.22204.6973.7904.876.2804.6170.1558.99366.44
Level 2
1Lynn Evans - Dixie20554.3520533.2520515.920515.4100118.9
2Sue Ellis - Milly20547.2820546.8720546.120570.9100211.15
3Pete Beasley - Kalypso204.963.120525.5720543.220557.899.9189.67
4Rita Cunningham - Betty20581.5620536.8620526.8204.948.899.9194.02
5Jan Martin - Jasmine204.9565.1204.9593.8205117.7205112.199.9388.7
6Susanne Broughton - Poco20558.6220553.5920588.3204.819099.8390.51
7Diane Ireland - Lily204.950.1520524.41204.853.820576.699.7204.96
8Anne Johnson - Ellie204.95108.0720566.2520525.7104.93489.85234.02
9Janette Ross - Buddy104.8132.7120574.55204.995205132.989.7435.16
10Gill Smith - Paddie204.75149.69104.8177.620582.3205115.589.55525.09
11Robert Sheppard - Bailey104.952.62204.9569.5920564.5105120.579.85307.21
12Dawn Tranter - Chance20593.38104.8108.9320568.5104.9143.679.7414.41

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to TM,Gloria Bonnell for inviting me along to co judge the level 1 and 2 trials.Level 1 with my friend,Liz Ormroyd and level 2 with another good friend,Keith Clowes.A Thankyou also to my scribes for the day,Sonia and Julia.
It was a reasonable day with a blustery swirling wind.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.I started the day by judging the tables/chairs and exterior searches in level 1.

I set up the tables and chairs in a square pattern,hiding the cloves scent underneath the furthest away chair to the left.An excellent start to the day,with 12 of the 13 teams correctly finding this.It was nice to see the majority of teams working of lead and meticulously going about their business.Excellent display by Elaine and Rosco and Gail and Mars finding the hidden scent in some 10 and 11 seconds respectively.

I laid out some 12 articles in a fenced of area,hiding the scent inside an electric cable holder.All teams elected to be informed of the 3 items.Some lovely searching,with the vast majority of dogs allowed to work freely of lead.Good methodical searching by Ian and Bond,finding the hidden scent in some 13 secs.Good handling and patience shown by Ellen and Jack.Nice to see the dogs noses working overtime ,with Ellen and Rosco and Jacqui and Lexi quickly picking up the scent on the wind.Lovely indications shown by,Diana and Billy and Gail and Mars.
A pleasure to watch all the teams work,all being successful.
A very high standard indeed for a level 1 trial.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners,1st..Elaine and Rosco..2nd..Ian and Bond..3rd..Diana and Billy..4th..Jacquline and Lexi.
All placings being decided on time as all gained
the maximum 100 points.The 5th placed team,Ellen and Jack,also gaining the max 100 points.

Level 2
Following a short lunch break,we moved on to the afternoon level 2 trial.
I commenced with the exterior search,using an electric cable holder,placing this to the back centre of the
14 items I had laid out,the 2nd scented item was a small fire extinguisher,which I placed to the front right.
Another excellent display of searching with 10 of the 12 teams finding both,the remaining two teams finding one.
Lovely searching of lead and indications shown by Pete and Kalypso,in some 25 secs,followed by Diane and Lilly,24 secs.Excellent flick backs to the scented articles by Lyn and Dixie,lovely to watch.

Tables/chairs and perimeter
I placed the scents,number one on the 1st chair to the left of the square set up,the other to the front right of the perimeter in the pipe of a Hoover.9 of the 12 teams correctly finding both.Excellent searching and indication shown by Sue and Milly,closely followed by Diane and Lilly and Lyn and Dixie.Lovely methodical search by Rita and wee Betty.
A very successful day all round with 1st and 2nd place rosette winners,scoring the maximum 100 points.3rd and 4th places also being decided on time,both achieving 99.9 points. 1st.Lyn and Dixie..2nd..Sue and Milly..3rd..Pete and Kalypso..4th..Rita and Betty…

12th March 2020
What a brilliant day we had for our second trial at Nuneaton Dog Training Club. The weather stayed dry for us even though a bit blustery. The venue looked grerat even after all the wet weather. Can I start with a huge thank you to Liz Ormerod, Harry Latusek and Keith Clowes for judging also Julia Reeves & Sonia Pidhajeckyj for scribing. Along with Janette Ross, Jeff Alan & Jacky Clowes for being fantastic runners who kept our entry flowing all day. Lastly, Julia Bodsworth for taking on the task of scoring.
We had an entry of 14 in Level 1 and 14 in Level 2, the very efficient runners and competitors being ready when needed allowed for it to ran very smoothly, we started the trial at 10am for Level 1 and 1pm Level 2.
This was my second trial as manager with my first try at two levels, but I’m delighted to report that everything went exceptionally well, I prepared a map and list of jobs which I handed out the day before so on the morning everyone got on with their jobs and the venue was prepared in record time for our 10am start. Thank you to the helpers, you definitely took the pressure off me on the day by just getting on with the job in hand. Thanks’ must also go to Mary & Jeff Alan and Keith for the preparation of the food, which was put on for judges and entrants.
Our judges were very impressed by the quality. We had Clean Sweep’s and placings were decided on times. There was a lovely atmosphere all day and I received many compliments on how much handlers enjoyed their day. I thank the competitors for making my day special and for the lovely feedback. Plus, of cause the lovely flowers received at the end of the day.

Keith Clowes
Level 2 NDTC
I would like to thank Gloria the trial manager for inviting Harry and me to judge. Also, to thank Ann my scribe and the many helpers that have given their time to make this a successful day.
I judged Boxes and Luggage and the Vehicle search.
Boxes and Luggage
I placed the cloves on the handle of wheeled case and on the flap of a box. Nine out of the thirteen competing found both items correctly, with the others finding one item. Some of the times were really quick and overall handling was of a high standard for level 2.
Vehicle Search
I placed the scent on the nearest vehicle on the rear right wheel. The next scent was placed on the second vehicle, in the plug of the towing hook. Again, there was some quick times and some really good handling. With Lyn and Dixie taking just 15.4 seconds to find both scents.
I would like to congratulate all competitors on qualifying and in particular the first four placed:
1st Lyn with Dixie 100 points
2nd Sue with Milly 100 points
3rd Pete with Kalypso 99.9 points
4th Rita with Betty 99.9 points
All the competitors were a fantastic bunch and a pleasure to judge, thank you.

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