Thu 13 Feb 2020, Hayes

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Anne Vellenoweth - Gabriella20521.7520550.3120522.420527.25100121.71
2Margaret Deuchar - Time20536.1520533.8420540.3420541.12100151.45
3Michael Tooley - Alfie20527.35204.966.3520525.8720561.7299.9181.29
4Lyn Church - Pudding20521.09204.985.78205126.9720525.5999.9259.43
5Dawn Jenkins - Sirius20529.53204.9113.8120562.1920573.0399.9278.56
6Hannelore Onkelbach - Henry20519.94204.981.81204.9143204.9569.9799.75314.72
7Caroline Nicholson - Gus20522.120517.250542.7920585.0980167.23
8Edwina Coda - Beau20523.3404.890.81204.8143.7520548.3479.6306.24
9Debbie Deuchar - Magic204.943.6920518.43204.949.4704.7538.7579.55150.34
10Maya Monk - Sascha04.5180204.9118.9420564.9120566.4479.4430.29
Level 2
1Lyn Church - Tero20525.52059520554.2820534.85100209.63
2Emma Rebbetts - Murphy20536.7220524.1220521.22204.9547.699.95129.66
3Ruby Blake - Leo204.9122.9720534.720572.2220543.7299.9273.61
4Joe Delaney - Rio204.9556.4204.9555.2220560.19204.95127.9999.85299.8
5Lena Stanton - Angel204.95166.2520536.91204.5156.44204.849.8299.25409.42
6Lynette Saunders - Kai20539.13104.933.4420533.6320545.5389.9151.73
7Stacey Robinson - Ghost20577.7620529.38204.954.610524.8189.9186.55
8Jan Martin - Jasmine20559.6620558.18204.9173.97105149.9189.9441.72
9Helen Hankins - Sam104.9571.3820574.18204.991.09204.8264.1689.65500.81

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly, I’d like to thank Lynda Bowers for inviting me to judge, it was an enjoyable day, thank you to her helpers who were attentive and hard-working, kept the coffee and cake flowing. My scribe Julia Reeves and lastly the competitors for their entry.
My co-judge for the day was Harry Latusek. My task was to covered the exterior searches. On the whole the standard was very good, although a few nerves which resulted in unsure call alerts.
The exterior searches were next to a public walkway, with dogs, pushchairs etc going past, they were blocked by cars, but could still be heard, so the dogs and handlers worked really well to overcome this distraction.
Congratulations to everyone who won rosettes today, a number of clean sweeps and an excellent award. Everyone today, are more than capable of getting into the rosettes, so keep up the training, your time will come.
I placed the articles giving enough room for the handlers to walk around, the item scented was a toy boat, with two other toys being part of the 3 chosen items. All but one handler requested to know the 3 items. Only one team failed to find the scent, although some, when finding the scent did not trust their dogs completely and held back on the alert call.
The scent was placed in the driver’s side front wheel. This caused a problem for a couple of handlers as the breeze was blowing the scent under the car and they false called on the opposite wheel, before the dogs had actually indicated. Give your dog’s time to work out the source. Lyn Church and Pudding, boy what a fantastic alert. Anne Vellenoweth and Gabriella, cracking young dog this team were a pleasure to watch. 1st Anne Vellenoweth & Gabriella 2nd Margaret & Deuchar & Time, 3rd Michael Tooley & Alfie, 4th Lyn Church & Pudding.
After a short lunch-break we continued with the next level. This time my task was the interior searches. I placed the scents on a box just to the right through the cones, and on the strap of a bag in the top left corner of the search area. On the boxes and luggage, the main problem I found here was trashing of the boxes, this is something that needs to be worked on. There were two false calls, but on the whole, very good team work handlers worked their dogs well and found the scent easy.

The scent on this occasion was placed on the underside of the chair to the right side, all dogs found this scent. The perimeter was placed at the front of a vacuum cleaner laying on its side. Just one dog failed to find the perimeter scent. What I did notice was that the handlers after taking their dogs to the tables and chairs first, did not watch their dogs indication, a couple of dogs picked up the scent on the perimeter and were not allowed to follow the scent, be mindful of allowing your dogs to do the work. On the whole some lovely team work and it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs. Michael Tooley & Frankie, NFC, good team, enjoyed watching this combination. Stacey Robinson after calling a false alert on the earlier search made up for it, really good search and indication. I’m sure we will be seeing most of these dogs in the higher levels very soon. Congratulations to everyone.
1st Lyn Church & Tero, 2nd Emma Rebbetts & Murphy, 3rd Ruby Blake & Leo, 4th Joe Delaney & Rio
Thank you everyone for making this day so enjoyable, it was a pleasure meeting you all and watching your lovely dogs.

It was, as always, a pleasure to welcome everyone to our venue. This was our first double trial, with Level One in the morning and Level Two after a short lunch break. The weather was a lot kinder than we were expecting, although we did have a sudden downpour and some gusty winds.
Many thanks to our fabulous judges, Gloria Bonnell and Harry Latusek who put all the competitors at ease and made it a really fun day. Both set excellent searches and offered constructive advice to the competitors. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you also to our scribes, Julia, Jacky and Caroline for their flawless work.
From myself and the other half of Best Paw Forward, Lyn Church, a massive thank you to our wonderful team of runners and helpers, for whom nothing is too much trouble. As usual you made the day run like clockwork, we couldn’t do it without you.
Finally, thank you to all the competitors for supporting our trials. I was lucky enough to watch some great teams. Many congratulations to the rosette winners and a special well done to Lyn Church & Tero on winning at your first L2 trial and Michael & Alfie on achieving your Level 1 Excellent Award.
Hope you all had a lovely day.
Lyn Bowers
Trial Manager

A big Thankyou to Lyn Bowers for inviting me along to Judge the levels 1 and 2 at her lovely venue in Hayes.Also many thanks to my 2 scribes,Jackie and Caroline,you both did a wonderful job.Likewise Thankyou to the helpers,nothing was to much trouble.
My co judge on the day was my good friend,Gloria Bonnell.A white dog was used in both levels,prior to all searches commencing.
I took on the task of judging both interior searches in level 1.
Level 1

I set these up in a square pattern,hiding the cloves scent underneath the furthest away chair, to the left rear of the start cones.
10 of the 11 teams were successful in finding the scent in some very times.Half of them in around 20 seconds.
Excellent methodical searching by Hannelore and Henry,Lyn and Pudding and Caroline and Gus,who gave a lovely indication.

Boxes and Luggage

I placed out some 12 items,hiding the scent in the Velcro fastening strip of a medium sized black bag,I placed this in the centre of the search area.
9 of the 11 teams calling this correctly,the remaining two on a box alongside.Some lovely searching all round,particularly by,Lyn and Pudding,Michael and Alfie and Anne and Gabriella,working of lead.
Overall lovely teamwork at level 1 standard,only a couple of minute handling errors coming to the fore.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners,who have been mentioned in Gloria’s report.
A special congratulations to Michael and Alfie in achieving their excellence award…

Level 2
Following a short lunch break,I moved outside to Judge the vehicles and exterior searches.
The 3 vehicles were lined up side by side in a fenced of area,facing an open public park.
I hid the scents,1 in the air valve of the front drivers wheel,on the nearest vehicle to the start line,the second underneath the front number plate of the middle vehicle.There was a nice gentle breeze blowing towards the start line.We had some 12 teams competing,3 of these running NFC.
All 9 of the competitive teams were successful in finding both scents,with little difficulty.
Some excellent searching,and well worthy of note were,were Emma and Murphy and Lynette and Kai,finding both in some 21 and 33 seconds respectively.

I placed out 14 items,hiding the scents in a toilet seat,placing this to the far left, and an electric cable holder,siting this front right of the start line.
8 of the 9 competition teams finding both with ease,the other finding 1.
Some lovely all round handling skills shown by the majority of teams and good methodical searching by their dogs.
Excellent work by Emma and Murphy,Stacey and Ghost and Ruby and Leo,finding both hidden scents in some,24,29 and 34 seconds,respectively.
Some lovely teams in the making, and I wish them every success in their future trials.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners, 1.Lyn and Tero. 2.Emma and Murphy..3.Ruby and Leo..4.Joe and Rio..

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