Thu 17 Mar 2022, Bearley

Levels 3 & 5: Judges - Nigel Wilkes & Sue Gardner (assist level 3 )

Bearley Village Hall, Snitterfield Road, Bearley, Stratford-on-Avon, CV37 0SR

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Sue Gardner

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

I had a lovely drive through the Cotswolds to Judge a Level 3 and 5 for Sue at Bearley, Stratford on Avon. On arrival I found that half of the competitors had arrived and I found Sue in the Hall. As Sue and I were co-judging the Level 3 its was decided that I would judge the Tables and Chairs and Exterior Search and Sue would Judge the other two searches.
The first search I did was Table and Chairs and perimeter. I hid the Clove towards the bottom of the table leg and the other Gun Oil in between the door and the frame. The dogs worked really well, although a couple could not find the table and chair hide, although they had got the scent, they could not go to the source, whilst Lisa and Brew went to source after she had taken his lead off and he went under the table to find the hide. The second search was the Exterior and most dogs found them apart from one. It was and interesting morning and the dogs searched extremely well with Vicky and Dexter being placed first, Lisa and Brew 2nd and Margaret and Time 3rd. I would like to thank Jackie my scribe for doing and excellent job.
In the afternoon we had the Level 5 Trial the first search was in the main hall and I put out 4 hides, one on a table leg, one on a stack of chairs, one in a corner and the 4th on another set of chairs some 4 foot away. Only two dogs found all four with Mandy and Mac and Hazell and Cedar being the two. Most of the others found 3. The Exterior Search was next and there were 3 hides, a wheel, pipe and under the step. Apart from one competitor everyone found all 3 and mostly in very quick times. The 3rd and final search was inside and there were 5 hides. two in the Hallway, one in the disabled toilet and the other in the cleaners cupboard. Although we had the use of a changing room I decided not to put a hide in there! This proved a little more difficult as some over searched the changing rooms. However, the dogs and handlers did extremely well with 4 finds. The one that people missed was in the bottom of the door when entering the search area. Mandy and Mac came 1st followed by Hazell and Cedar and Sue and Fern with 4th going to Rosie and slinkydog, who for a little dog had a big jump!
Thank you to Lisa who scribed for me and of course Sue who fed me and sked me to attend. I really had a good day at a wonderful venue and then slowly travelled home across the Cotswolds.

Trial Managers report
Thank heavens we booked Thursday and not Wednesday for our level 3 & 5 trial!!
While parts of the day were a little cool, it did stay dry, thank goodness.
Thanks go to the team that helped put on the trial, our Judge Nigel Wilkes, Scribes, Jackie Hodge, Sandy Hartwell Lisa Finney & our amazing runner Gill Robinson who did an amazing job all day while having to contending with the cold.
It was lovely to see old and new faces at the trial, Bearley is a great venue and has a lovely area for walking the dog.
I assisted Nigel in the level 3, judging, first cars and then boxes & luggage.
We had 2 cars and a van for our teams, the scent was hidden behind the number plate (gun oi) and the second was in the door seam of the van (clove). For our four qualifiers this was no problem, all found both items, with only the time splitting them. Chocolate lab Dexter, handled by Vicky, finding this a simple task and recording an amazing time of 57 seconds.
The second search gave no problem for the teams, just one handler calling a false alert while everyone else found both items. While the box (gun oil) seemed an easy find in the centre of the area, it was the blue bag (clove) that had teams having to search a little harder, located on the edge of the area. Margaret and Time found this a simple challenge recording the quickest time of 32 seconds.
Congratulations go to all the qualifiers and special mention to Lisa Finney with Bew & Margaret Deuchar with Time for achieving their excellence at level 3.

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