Thu 20th Jun 2019, Stoneleigh

Level 4: Judges - Sue Benson and Karen Kendall

1 Nikki Thorpe – Zigzag – 89.95
2 Jean Tuck – Maddie – 89.85
3 Hazell Williamson – Teddy – 89.35
4 Katrina Landrey – Nigel – 79.98
5 Valerie Ridgers – Brace – 79.85
6 Melanie Goble – Rowan – 79.6
7 Sarah Melling – Ash – 79.3

What a splendid evening we had for Leamington Dog Training Clubs (LDTC) first Scentwork UK trial. We had some lovely competitors & dogs, some fabulous judges, Sue Benson and Karen Kendall, an amazing LDTC team supporting the evening and just to make it extra special, a beautiful sunny evening.

First I have to thank some very special people who have allowed us to run trials from the Kennel Club building. Heather Donnelly & Marianne Tembey together with, Sue Benson, Karen Kendall and Karen Denton.

Running a little late on the set up, we started with the external searches. Sue electing for the cars, and Karen taking the external search. We are truly blessed with a great deal of space, so searches were a considerable distance apart, so no issues with any less confident dogs.

Half time gave us all an opportunity to stop for a snack and put on half a stone with all the goodies provided, and then on to the internal searches, the boxes and bags judged by Karen and Table & chairs by Sue.

The results were then calculated by Laura and presentations took place. The placings were very tight, confirming what great partnerships & lovely searches were achieved during the evening. Congratulations to Nikki Thorpe with Zig Zag for securing 1st place.

Finally, I have to thanks the LDTC team, they are truly amazing (and not for hire!!). Although my name shows as the trial manager, this is truly a team performance, so special thanks go to the team of, Jackie, Lisa, Sue K, Claire, Gill, Fiona, Dave, Sean & Paul.

We look forward to holding more trials in the future

Sue Gardner, LDTC

Sue Benson

I was very pleased to be asked to judge Level 4 for Leamington Dog Training Club,
alongside Karen Kendal.

It was a lovely, although windy and warm evening and when we arrived everything was in full swing. I was judging the vehicles This turned out to be challenging as we were in a large area, with few trees about and the wind was swirling about. I placed the scents on the same car and this caught some teams out. Several dogs were picking up the scent on the opposite side of the car and trying to get underneath Overall some very good teams.

We then were treated to very nice refreshments, to set us up for the next searches.

I then set up the table and chairs and perimeter search. There were distractions out, vanilla and coffee. The vanilla caused quite a few problems with several dogs taking a liking to it. Some very thorough searches .

A very worthy winner, Nicky Thorpe with her lovely dog Zig Zag, Jean Tuck with Maddie was second, third was Hazel Williamson with Teddy and Katrina Landrey with Nigel was fourth. Well done to you all and all the other teams that passed. For those of you who didn’t quite make it this time, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Many thanks to Sue Gardener and her team for a very well organised trial. Thank you to my very efficient scribe, Sue Kirkham, all the runners and everyone who made this a very friendly and pleasant trial. Well done.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Nikki Thorpe – Zigzag20573205222051104.954289.95138
2Jean Tuck – Maddie20514820585104.9111204.958789.85431
3Hazell Williamson – Teddy205127204.8576104.53002054489.35547
4Katrina Landrey – Nigel10515920549205100104.984779.98355
5Valerie Ridgers – Brace105102204.980205135104.956979.85386
6Melanie Goble – Rowan205173104.7586104.998204.958879.6445
7Sarah Melling – Ash105112104.5251204.81162053279.3511

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, CV8 2LZ

7.00pm – 9.30pm
Entry Fees: £20 per dog. Entries capped at 15. Only one dog per handler per group.
Contact: Sue Gardener 07970 108037
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