Thu 29th Aug 2019, Sutton Coldfield

Levels 1 & 6: Judges - Marianne Tembey & Chris Bennett
Level 1

1 Rachel Richards – Wispa – 99.8
2 Fiona Vaughan – Dot – 99.75
3 Debbie Goodwin – Fab – 99.4
4 Sue Ellis – Poppy – 99.35
5 Lynne White – Torin – 99.25
6 Michelle Rogers – Loki – 98.95
7 Julie Nelson – Ricco – 79
8 Deb Atkins – Belle – 78.9
9 Kate Wilkes – Skye – 78.6
10 Fiona Powell – Murphy – 78.3
11 Paula Warwicker – Ludo – 78.2
12 Linda – Jess – 74.05
13 Sarah Fortes-Mayer – Bonnie – 73.85

Level 6

1 Sarah Taylor – Hugo – 150
2 Janet Wykes – Jess – 130
3 Helen Byrne – Nellie – 130
4 Chris Clements – QueevaDiva – 130
5 Jennifer Pirie – Sullivan – 130
6 Dolores Palmer – Gypsy – 128
7 Sue Kirkham – Tilly – 100

Scheduled for the 29th August at St Chads Church in Sutton Coldfield, the level 1s were all new entrants, but most of the Level 6s had been rescheduled from the hottest day of the year which we’d had to cancel.

Five days before the trial we were alerted to a communication break down which meant there would also be tree surgeons at the venue on the same day… all day! Thankfully a new venue was found the following day. The day after that we were told we were double booked for the morning, so some frantic phone calls were made and a third venue was found – not ideal, but just enough parking space to house us and definitely available (with no tree surgeons)

My judges and assistants were all incredible on the day – coping with a far from ideal situation: over-crowded car-park, external search area on long grass, restricted access to toilets and kitchen and slightly slippy floor. The conditions were the same for all, however, and everyone worked really well with their dogs. It was particularly lovely to see people give dogs plenty of space that needed it.

A huge thank you to Lisa Finney for being an excellent runner as always – managing to shuffle people around the car park in such a way that no dogs got overly stressed or upset. No mean feat given the tightness of the space.

Many thanks to Marianne Tembey and Chris Bennett for judging Level 1 and providing such fantastic comments and encouragement to the handlers. Also to Brenda Ward and James Lindley for scribing.

Congratulations to Rachel Richards with Wispa for their very well deserved first place.

Our afternoon was Level 6 which Marianne also judged. I scribed and learnt so much. The quality for all the handlers was incredible, and we even had a clean sweep!

Congratulations to Sarah Taylor and Hugo for a fantastic performance!

Thank you to everyone who managed to find the venue after so many changes, and for sticking with it. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Chris Bennett

Thank you to Ellen for asking me to judge alongside Marianne, despite a few hiccups this trial went ahead in a different venue. The outside was grass area and VERY smelly! Not ideal but hey, it went ahead. There was lots of nice handling in evidence and super dogs too. Well done to Helen Hepple and Marcus who competed NFC having actually gained their excellent at a previous trial but was presented with it today. A huge thank you to Brenda for doing a sterling job scribing for me. Ellen knows by now that Jaffa Cakes are a MUST at trials and there were plenty of them! Congratulations to those placed or gaining their qualifiers and, if you didn’t, don’t be disheartened , this wasn’t the easiest of venues and your dog just needs more experience.

I judged Bags and boxes (b&b) scent in rucksack and Vehicle (v) scent in number plate.

1st 99.98 Rachel Richards and Wispa ( Min Poodle) B&B off lead, good search pattern by handler and well handled. Huge sigh of relief as this was the first dog to find the odour! (V) nicely handled, helped the dog just enough. Dog pawed vehicle so points dropped.

2nd on 99.75 Fiona Vaughan and Dot (COLLIE) on long line, nice search but watch your line isn’t too tight. Good indication (V) Keen dog missed a lot of the car due to the distraction of the grass but picked up odour well at a distance and was straight to source.

3rd on 99.4 Debbie Goodwin and Fab (Papillion) (B&B) on lead steady search and handler let the dog work for himself. Well done. (V) Great handling with good use of voice over lead. Cracking indication

4th on 99.35 Sue Ellis and Poppy (Welsh Springer) Off lead, handler was patient and didn’t call an interest on the box, lovely freeze on odour. (V) good search, spent longer looking at the butterfly than she did to find the odour! again, good freeze on odour.

99.25 Lynne White and Torin (Hoverwart) (B&B)on lead. I don’t think I have ever seen a handler so stunned as Lynne was when her lovely black dog found this. He did a beautiful search and froze on odour. (V) steady search and a good indication.

98.95 Michelle Rodgers and Loki (Xbreed) (B&B) loki was very distracted and happy to be playing, this caused a few tight leads but he knew the odour when he found it. (V) Nice search, well handled, found the source well, was spot on.

79 Julie Nelson and Ricco (lagotto) (B&B) off lead Ricco was rather taken with one of the boxes and mum called wrongly. (V) good handling, correct use of line and clear indication.

78.9 Deb Atkins and Belle (Labradoodle) (B&B) off lead, another handler who was shocked by their dog, Belle went straight to source in 8 seconds! (V) Nice search and good indication by dog, mum needs to practice her positioning.

78.6 Kate Wilkes and Skye (Cocker) (B&B) off lead. Dog showed interest in an early box and handler called. (V) Dog caught the scent from by the front tyre and followed straight to source, slightly distracted by sniffs.

78.3 Fiona Powell and Murphy (kooikerhondje) (B&B) On lead, this pretty dog was very distracted and mum had to work hard to get him to look at the items, sadly not found. (V) Had settled by this time and mum was more worried than the dog, good indication. Tight lead at start dropped a few points.

78.2 Paula Warwicker and Ludo (collie) (B&B) mum was a bit quick and called on interest, (V) Ludo worked really hard to find the odour and mum helped him all she could. Nice partnership.

74.05 Linda and Jess (Collie) (B&B) steady search with good indication (V) Dog missed over half of the vehicle due to distractions and mum had to work hard to get her to search the front of the car but when she did the dog picked up and indicated well

73.85 Sarah Fortes Mayer and Bonnie, (Parson Russell) (B&B) on lead, searched well but false indication on Grey bag. (V) she did a lovely search until she found a rather nice stick. Once mum had persuaded her to relinquish it she settled and found what she was supposed to be searching for!

N/Q Tracy Ridgeway and Enzo (Golden Retriever) (B&B) on line and Enzo was straight into search mode, but mum called on interest . (V) slightly distracted by the environment but well -handled and a fantastic indication

N/Q Robert Sheppard and Bailey (XBreed) (B&B) off lead, very distracted and sort of indicated on the grey bag (V) started well by handler checking the wind direction, sadly the dog struggled to find it and handler called wrongly.

N/Q Karen Callender and Max ( Lab) (B&B) on lead, handler actually called the dog off the target and then Max didn’t go back to it. Called on Grey Suitcase. (V) Max didn’t seem up for it today but well handled by mum for not letting him pee in the search area.

NQ Lynne Evans and Dixie (labx)( b&B) worked off lead, sadly Dixie indicated on the first item they came across which was the red bag and handler called it. (V) really nice search, Dixie caught the odour early and followed it and then gave a good sound indication.

N/Q Julie Neale and Wren (Lab) B&B worked off lead, again another dog who showed a lot of interest in the first item it got to and again the handler called it wrongly. This time the big brown leather case. (V) Handler knew her job here and walked backwards helping to keep the dog focused on the car. Good Indication but dropped .1 for a paw scrape.

NFC Helen Hepple and Marcus (Xbreed) (B&B) on line steady search, handler didn’t rush and let him make sure, watch him getting his leg over the line. (V) searched well and good indication, congratulations on your Excellent award.

Marianne Tembey

Firstly thank you so much to Ellen Ward Lindley for inviting me to judge at her trial alongside Chris Bennett.

Thank you to James Lindley for scribing in the morning and Ellen in the afternoon. Also thank you to Lisa who kept the competitors coming through to the search areas.
Great job Lisa.

It was a great experience judging level 1 in the morning and then level 6 in the afternoon. It just reminds me of how far so many competitors have come.

It was really lovely to meet a lot of new competitors with their fabulous dogs.

Level 1 was really challenging (as due to the venue change we had to run the exterior search on long grass). I opted to do the exterior search and then the table and chairs.

We also had Helen Hepple running Marcus NFC (not for competition) – he did a fabulous job on the tables and chairs in just 24 seconds.

Tracy Ridgway and Enzo had the fastest time on tables and chairs with 12 seconds and a fabulous indication.

Robert Sheppard had a very excited Bailey but waited until the indication was on the correct chair.

Lynne White was so patient with Torin and did some really calm handling. Such a pleasure to watch.

Fabulous indication from Loki superbly handled by Michelle Rodgers.

Rachel Richards read her dog Wispa really well and went onto a very well deserved 1st place.

Fab handled by Debbie Goodwin really knows his job and had a great search.

Fiona Powell handled Murphy beautifully and when Murphy did not find the scent the first time around then Fiona quite rightly asked him to search in the opposite direction which then allowed Murphy to pick up the scent. Very well done.

Some fabulous handling from everyone and I look forward to you all moving up the levels and having FUN.

Level 6

We started with interior search 1 in the main room. 4 competitors found all five scents.
Chris Clements – QueevaDiva
Sarah Taylor – Hugo
Helen Byrne – Nellie
Jenie Pirie – Sullivan
Janet Wykes – Jess

Dolores Palmer with Gypsy found 4

Georgina Lucas – Nelson and Annette Leslie and Disney found 3.

Exterior Search

Sarah – Hugo, Dolores – Gypsy and Jenie Pirie – Sullivan found all three
The one hidden in the bench seemed to be the problem one. It was down at the foot of the bench and some dogs did not go down that far (also it was on the back leg – although access was easy).

Interior search 2

6 out of 7 dogs found all 4 hides in plenty of time.
The moral of this is:

keep your eye on your dog at all times

All in all I really enjoyed watching the level 6 dogs working as at this stage they all know what they are doing.

It was also a great pleasure to watch Sue Kirkham and Tilly and so pleased that they qualified as this was the last trial before Tilly retired. We did have some tears of happiness.

Thank you to everyone who attended and hope you all enjoyed the trial as much as I did.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Rachel Richards – Wispa2053720518204.8362052199.8112
2Fiona Vaughan – Dot204.95202055520536204.86999.75180
3Debbie Goodwin – Fab204.6872054720538204.810399.4275
4Sue Ellis – Poppy204.828204.7599204.8652056599.35257
5Lynne White – Torin204.753820531204.5552052099.25144
6Michelle Rogers – Loki204.927204.2514020558204.83398.95258
7Julie Nelson – Ricco20537204.51222055504.52179235
8Deb Atkins – Belle204.853304.7530204.336205878.9107
9Kate Wilkes – Skye2046820556204.84604.83078.6200
10Fiona Powell – Murphy204.56020517204.8710416678.3314
11Paula Warwicker – Ludo20431204.586204.7158052078.2295
12Linda – Jess204.254300180204.84820523374.05504
13Sarah Fortes-Mayer – Bonnie204.851920085204.58804.54473.85236
WA = Wrong Alerts ( 4 = elimination )P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Sarah Taylor – Hugo050100216040100188030100830120300150487
2Janet Wykes – Jess15010022304010094120001802110200130497
3Helen Byrne – Nellie05010029004010079120001801110200130549
4Chris Clements – QueevaDiva050100230040100158120001801110200130568
5Jennifer Pirie – Sullivan250100275030002400301001242110200130639
6Dolores Palmer – Gypsy040023000401001570301001280110202128585
7Sue Kirkham – Tilly0300030004010012402000180090100100604

St Chad’s Anglican Church, Hollyfield Road, Sutton Coldfield. B75 7SN.

Start time: Level 1 9.30 am, level 6 1.30 pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entries caped at 20 level 1 and 10 level 6. Only one dog per handler per levels.
Contact: Ellen Lindley, Tel 07413 111 921
Online entries are available Fully booked

Anyone wanting to submit by post needs to call first so the slot can be reserved in the online booking system

Download Entry Form to book a place.