Thu 31st Oct 2019, Hayes

Level 1: Judge - Ali Brannen
Level 1

Ali Brannen

Thank you to Lyn Bowers for asking me to judge this trial, also thanks to Jackie for scribing for me and to Lyn Church for organising everyone. I always enjoy judging at Hayes as they are a really friendly well organised bunch and pack me off with cake for my journey home as well as keeping me fuelled with coffee all day. This trial was no exception.

We started with the vehicle search, the scent was hidden on the right rear wheel. 19/20 teams were successful in this search. Successful teams were Pam & Willow (NFC), Hannelore & Henry, Dawn & Sirius, Helen & Hazel, Caroline & Gus, Michael & Alfie, Ruby & Leo (young handler), Lyn & Tero, Babs & Breeze, John & Whisper, Margaret & Time, Anne & Iris, Stacey & Ghost, Rita & Elliott, Isabelle & Lyllou, Val & Trio, Vanessa & Lola, Maya & Sascha and Edwina & Beau.

Then it was on to the exterior search. The scent was hidden in the handle of a wicker basket at the back of the search area. Again 19/20 teams were successful and they were Dawn & Sirius, Stacey & Ghost, Margaret & Time, Lyn & Tero, John & Whisper, Mel & Patch, Rita & Elliott, Anne & Iris, Helen & Hazel, Val & Trio, Maya & Sascha, Ruby & Leo, Pam & Willow, Hannelore & Henry, Edwina & Coda, Isabelle & Lyllou, Michael & Alfie, Caroline & Gus and Vanessa & Lola.

Next was tables & chairs, the scent was hidden on the 6th chair. 18/20 teams were successful, and they were Rita & Elliott, Anne & Iris, Lyn & Tero, Isabelle & Lyllou, Val & Trio, Edwina & Coda, Stacey & Ghost, Pam & Willow, Vanessa & Lola, Caroline & Gus, Michael & Alfie, John & Whisper, Mel & Patch, Margaret & Time, Dawn & Sirius, Ruby & Leo, Babs & Breeze and Helen & Hazel.

Lastly was the boxes & luggage. The scent was hidden in the seam of a box on the right side of the search area. 16/20 teams were successful and they were Ruby & Leo, Lyn & Tero, Edwina & Beau, Michael & Alfie, Margaret & Time, Caroline & Gus, Hannelore & Henry, Val & Trio, Stacey & Ghost, Isabelle & Lyllou, Babs & Breeze, Vanessa & Lola, Anne & Iris, Pam & Willow, John & Whisper and Rita & Elliott.

18/20 teams qualified with 1st place going to Stacey & Ghost, 2nd Place to Ruby & Leo, 3rd place went to Vanessa & Lola and 4th to Margaret & Time. Excellent awards were handed out to Stacey & Ghost, Ruby & Leo and Lyn & Tero. Other qualifiers were Edwina & Beau, Michael & Alfie, Caroline & Gus, Hannelore & Henry, Dawn & Sirius, Val & Trio, Isabelle & Lyllou, Babs & Breeze, Helen & Hazel, Anne & Iris, Pam & Willow (NFC), John & Whisper and Rita & Elliott.

I’ve judged a lot of level 1 trials and I have to say that the teamwork and handling was excellent, which can be seen by the scores. Lots of clean sweep rosettes were also handed out and I was truly impressed by the teams work throughout the search areas. Well done to everyone who took part and I look forward to seeing you all in the future.

A white dog was used on all searches.

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Start: 10.00am,
Entry Fees: £24 per dog, capped at 20 entries, only 1 dog per handler
Contact: Lynda Bowers,
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