Thu 31st Oct 2019, Nuneaton

Level 1: Judges - Karen Kendall & Harry Latusek

1 Lynn Evans – Dixie – 99.9
2 Pete Beasley – Kalypso – 99.9
3 Diane Ireland – Lilly – 99.8
4 Patricia C-Howell – Tizzie – 99.8
5 Rita Cunningham – Betty – 99.8
6 Diane Lyne – Billy – 99.8
7 Sue Ellis – Milly – 99.8
8 Paula Warwicker – Ludo – 99.7
9 Kay Spencer – Katy – 99.7
10 Denise Pile – Oddbod – 99.5
11 Sue Hoyle – Tessa – 99.5
12 Janette Ross – Buddy – 99.5
13 Rosemary Steen – Harley – 99.5
14 Rob Sheppard – Bailey – 99.3
15 Joan Ward – Holly – 98.7
16 Nicola Gilder – Watson – 79.8
17 Gill Smith – Paddie – 79.8
18 Jane Moore – Charlie – 78.7
19 Linda Treadwell – Izzy – 77.2

What a brilliant day we had for our first trial at Nuneaton Dog Training Club. The weather stayed dry for us and the venue looked beautiful. Can I start with a huge thank you to Karen Kendall and Harry Latusek for judging also Keith Clowes and Julia Reeves for scribing. Along with Sonia Pidhajeckyj and Sally Millns who were fantastic runners who kept our large entry flowing all day. Also, Julia Bodsworth for taking on the task of scoring.

We had a huge entry of 24, but with the excellent organisation and the very efficient runners and competitors being ready when needed it all ran very smoothly, we started the trial at 11am and it was over by 2.30pm.

This was my first trial as manager so a huge learning curb, but I’m delighted to report that everything went exceptionally well, I prepared a map and list of jobs which I handed out the day before so on the morning everyone got on with their jobs and the venue was prepared in record time for our 11am start. Thank you to the helpers, you definitely took the pressure off me on the day by just getting on with the job in hand. Thanks’ must also go to Mary & Jeff Alan and Keith for the preparation of the food, which was put on for judges and entrants.

This was some competitors first trial, so a lot of nervous visits to the loo, but our judges were very impressed by the quality. We had 11 Clean Sweep’s; placings were decided on times. There was a lovely atmosphere all day and I received many compliments on how much handlers enjoyed their day. I thank the competitors for making my day special and for the lovely feedback.


Harold Latusek

Level 1.Nuneaton..31102019
A big Thankyou to Gloria Bonnell for inviting me to co judge this level 1 at Nuneaton.My co judge on the day being the lovely Karen Bailey(known as Cookie Kendall to some).It was the first trial to be held at Nuneaton,one would never have known,the day went swimmingly.A Thankyou must also go my runner and scribe,Sonia and Julia,who did a wonderful job,enabling us to get through the large entry of 23 teams,without any hiccups.It was a pleasant day and thankfully dry.A white dog was used prior to all searches.
I was tasked with judging the vehicle and tables chairs searches.
I set out the tables and chairs in a square pattern,hiding the scent under the furthest away chair to the left of the start cones.20 of the teams correctly identifying the scent.Some lovely searching and handling,with exceptionally quick times by Pete and Kalypso,Joan and Holly,Diane and Lilly and Diane and Billy,in 7,8,9 and 10 seconds respectively.

Moving on to the vehicle search,this was set up on grass with a screen around the perimeter.I hid the scent in the front offside fog light casing,approx 25cm from ground level,owing to the fact that we had several small dogs competing.Only 3 of the dogs failed to find it,the remaining 20 working extremely well,and the handling was exceptional.Very quick times were the order of the day,with Diane and Lilly in 7 seconds,Patricia and Tizzie,9 secs,Rita and Betty,10 secs,Pete and Kalypso,11 secs,Lynn and Dixie 12 secs and Denise and Oddball in 14 secs.
It was lovely to watch these young teams in action,a credit to the sport.My congratulations to the eventual Rosette winners.1.Lynn and Dixie,2.Pete and Kalypso(decided on time).3.Diane and Lilly.4.Patricia and Tizzie.(3rd and 4th place also decided on time).

I wish all of you good luck in your future trials.

Karen Kendall

I arrived at the club venue to find everything organised and in place ready for the large entry in the
Club’s first trial. My scribe Keith and Gloria the Trial Manager gave me a warm welcome, and a list
(with space to write notes) of competitors in running orders for the two searches I was to judge.
That was a real help, thank you.
I shared the judging with Harry Latusek and there was an interior and exterior search running
simultaneously so that teams weren’t hanging around too long. I started with the exterior search,
which was on grass. The hide was on the underside of a foot pump step, laid so it wouldn’t move if a
dog touched it and placed on the perimeter furthest away from the start. Next to the foot-pump, on
the down-wind side was a large plastic box with slatted sides. The standard was exceptionally high
and most dogs successfully found the hide, and ignored the environmental scent, including a fresh
“scent-mark wee” left early in the running order. The dogs worked independently, for the most part,
and the handling was sensitive with a great awareness of their dogs alerting behaviour, as opposed
to investigation. Some great searches with really quick times from Sue with Milly, Nicola with
Watson, Pete with Kalypso, Lynn with Dixie, Patricia with Tizzie, Diane with Billy and Paula with Ludo.
After a quick cuppa it was inside for the container search (or boxes and luggage). The scent was put
between two zips on a compact case with a significant profile, set with the zips on the outside edge
of the perimeter to the right-hand side and about half-way along.
In the main, dogs set off either through the middle or down the left-hand side of the perimeter, but
not Rita and Betty who set off to the right with a cracking find in just 7 seconds! Some handlers were
feeling the pressure at this stage and the handling was not always as systematic and sensitive as in
the exterior search. Several followed their dogs and got caught close by when their dogs doubled
back to check articles, which in a couple of cases triggered false alerts. I was very impressed with the
confident handlers who watched their dogs do intense investigation of a couple of bags, before
moving on to correctly identify the hide! Peter and Rene performed really well with a quick search
with a very definite alert that Peter confidently called! Jo and Jolli did a very nice search and so did
Rob and little Bailey. Well done too to Joan and Holly who worked well to get all the finds for their
clean sweep.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Lynn Evans - Dixie20511.42051120511.78204.92799.961.18
2Pete Beasley - Kalypso 2057.252051420511204.94699.978.25
3Diane Ireland - Lilly 2058.75204.882057.592052199.845.34
4Patricia C-Howell - Tizzie20516.12205152059.37204.81699.856.49
5Rita Cunningham - Betty204.935.63204.92220510.1205799.874.73
6Diane Lyne - Billy2059.8720516204.840.412052299.888.28
7Sue Ellis - Milly 204.919.312051020518.82204.95699.8104.13
8Paula Warwicker - Ludo204.830.472051920525.28204.93399.7107.75
9Kay Spencer - Katy204.931.71204.84320528.562052699.7129.27
10Denise Pile - Oddbod 20521.912052220514.94204.51799.575.85
11Sue Hoyle - Tessa204.933.78204.855204.958.63204.92799.5174.41
12Janette Ross - Buddy20563.75204.929204.867.5204.86799.5227.25
13Rosemary Steen - Harley 204.852.62204.94220552.82204.89299.5239.44
14Rob Sheppard - Bailey20514.72204.549204.925.25204.92099.3108.97
15Joan Ward - Holly2057.9720434204.917.81204.83398.792.78
16Nicola Gilder - Watson204.844.972051320529.75054079.8127.72
17Gill Smith - Paddie20518.09204.92520530.104.96979.8142.19
18Jane Moore - Charlie20515.62204.74120541.370410878.7205.99
19Linda Treadwell - Izzy04.840.3620335204.550204.92677.2151.36

Nuneaton Dog Training Club, Old Hinkley Road, Nuneaton, Warks, CV10 0AA

Start:- 11am
Entry Fees: £21 per dog.
Contact: Gloria Bonnell 07762 110330
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