Tue 12th Feb 2019, Priors Marston

Levels 1, 3 & Pre-Trial
Judges - Keith Clowes and Susan Benson
Level 1

1st Emma Bearman – Alfie – 100
2nd Lynda Stangle – Magic – 100
3rd Julia Bodsworth – Spot – 100
4th Gill Robinson – Sybil – 99.9
5th Niki Wright – Frida – 99.65
6th Jo Hickman – Monty – 99.5
7th Charlotte Hamblin – Flo – 80
8th Sonia Pidhajeckyj – Ruby – 79.9
9th Liz Ormerod – Benji – 79.9
10th Julie Cox – Edith – 79.8
11th Maggie Loughran – Bran – 77.65

Level 3

1st Lynda Stangle – Max – 100
2nd Barbara O’Brien – Joey – 100
3rd Justine Steele – Chumley – 100
4th Jean Tuck – Maddie – 99.9
5th Alison Williamson – Dylan – 99.8
6th Harold Latusek – Rosie – 89.9
7th Catherine Williams – Cael – 89.8
8th Charlotte Hamblin – Mabel – 79.8

All I can say is wow what a day! I’m on a high and I’m only the Trial Manager, not even competing or judging! Apologies for being a bit over the top but I’ve just had the privilege of watching teams of handlers and dogs work in almost perfect understanding to gain the finds in amazing times! You will see, when you look at the results, that the judges thought so too and have reflected the performances in the great handling marks.

We were at another venue, as it was impossible to get our usual place on a weekday and were made to feel very welcome. We had the sports pavilion and a huge field all to ourselves, and my wonderful team of judges and helpers arrived in good time to help to set up. I ran the Level 1 in the morning, then after an early lunch Level 3, followed by a Pre-trial for handlers new to Scentwork.
A massive thank you to our very experienced judge Susan Benson, and newly qualified judge Keith Clowes on his first appointment with us. Competitors found them both helpful and very kind which helped put them at ease. Judges were assisted by first time scribes Julia Reeves and Gloria Bonnell who both did a brilliant job in keeping track of everything.

I was overwhelmed by offers of help and my thanks to Charlotte Hamblin for all the signs and carparking, Barbara for doing registration, running and entering the Level 1 results; Sue for managing the kitchen, getting the judges lunches ready and bringing a wonderful homemade fruit cake plus helping with the running orders in between times; thanks to the afternoon helpers Jo and Liz as runners and computer results input, Sonia who did a fantastic job making sure we had photos at presentation time and for emailing them to me when she got home; and a huge thank you to Jo and Sonia particularly but to everyone who gave time to our newbies the Pre-trial sniffers who came to learn about what goes on and to watch the Level 3s compete (with permission of course)! Oh, and I can’t forget amazing Phil, who came with Jan and was almost a one man clearing up unit at the end! Huge thank you, as I got home in good time to enjoy a lovely curry and glass of wine with my husband.

Thank you to all who came to compete at our trial (loved the wonderful cakes you brought to share). All who entered qualified, which was brilliant to see.

Well done to all and a massive thank you from me to you for enabling our Pre-trial handlers to have such a great first experience of competing in Scentwork, a sport which we all love and hopefully enjoy. Hope to see you all again soon.

Karen Kendall

Keith Clowes

Gosh what a fantastic time Judging Level 1 and Level 3. At both levels I was pleasantly surprised at the high standard of dog handling and the performance of the handler and dog teams.

At Level 1 we had 3 teams with 100 points and the rest where not far behind. I was so pleased for Emma Bearman with Alfie, her first time out, and to come first with a time of 59 seconds what a performance, so pleasing to watch. Next again with her usual high standard was Lynda Stangle with Magic, then Julia Bosworth with Spot with her charming performance, and although these 3 were the only ones to achieve 100 points, there were too many other excellent performances that its impossible to mention them all.

At Level 3 we again had many excellent dog teams all performing to a high standard and again a pleasure to watch. We had another 3 with 100 points. Lynda Stangle with Max coming 1st with her normal cool efficient and excellent performance showing us all how it’s done. Then we had at 2nd Barbara O’Brien with Joey only 1 second behind Lynda what an exciting finish then in 3rd place was Justine Steele with Chumley, another exciting team to watch. We then had 2 with clean sweeps and the rest all passed, and all with a high standard but not enough space to mention them all. Well done everybody a truly pleasure to watch you all and some really fast times.

Susan Benson

We had a lovely trial at Priors Marston. Everyone enjoying themselves, making new friends and getting fabulous results.

I shared the judging with Keith, such a lovely, kind person who put everyone at ease and gave useful feedback.

Level 1.

I started off with tables and chairs. All but three teams found the scents with some very fast times.

My next search was the vehicle . Everyone found the scent in fine style.

Emma and Alfie were very worthy winners, followed by Lynda and Magic and Julia with Spot were third.

Everyone passed and it was a pleasure to see these teams working so well together. Well done to you all.

Level 3

Again I started with table and chairs and perimeter. I put the scent inside an umbrella which made the dogs take interest. It was some owners who were deciding whether it was there or not, even though the dogs were telling them, yes it was. Everyone found both scents here so very well done.

Then out to the vehicles. Three cars and two scents. Again most found both with some calling too early.

Everyone passed this level too. A brilliant trial with some great searches.

Lynda and Max were very worthy winners
Barbara and Joey were second.
Justine and Chumley were third.

Pre trial

There were 6 teams in the pre trial. They were all incredible and all passed. It is always so lovely to see new teams starting off and I am so looking forward to seeing these teams moving through the levels. The enthusiasm and teamwork was a pleasure to see. Well done to you all. Onwards and upwards now.

Well done everyone.

Thankyou to Karen for a very well organised trial. My scribe for Level 1 and 3, Gloria, My scribe for Pre trial Jo. All the competitors for being ready and keeping everything flowing well. Sue in the kitchen who kept up watered and fed all day. I look forward to seeing you all, again very soon.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stEmma Bearman – Alfie205182052120514205610059
2ndLynda Stangle – Magic2053520518205112051210076
3rdJulia Bodsworth – Spot2054120522205202051610099
4thGill Robinson – Sybil204.97320515205362051399.9137
5thNiki Wright – Frida204.75972056204.9262051199.65140
6thJo Hickman – Monty205332059204.5572051499.5113
7thCharlotte Hamblin – Flo205192051220537054780115
8thSonia Pidhajeckyj – Ruby04.97920511205122051879.9120
9thLiz Ormerod – Benji04.94520535205322052279.9134
10thJulie Cox – Edith04.96220551204.9292052379.8165
11thMaggie Loughran – Bran204.753203180204.9182052777.65257
Level 3
1stLynda Stangle – Max20539205352058420559100217
2ndBarbara O’Brien – Joey205292052720512820534100218
3rdJustine Steele – Chumley205562052620519520557100334
4thJean Tuck – Maddie2056420561205189204.98399.9397
5thAlison Williamson – Dylan205185204.8762051232057799.8461
6thHarold Latusek – Rosie2055220583104.92902054989.9474
7thCatherine Williams – Cael2058320544104.9170204.915189.8448
8thCharlotte Hamblin – Mabel20560204.939104.9531056879.8220

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