Tue 14 Sep 2021, Punnetts Town

Level 1: Judge - Anna Katkowska

Punnetts Town, East Sussex

Start: 9.30am
Contact: Calm and Content Dogs calmandcontentdogs@gmail.com

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

What a fab day!
Thank you to Anna Katkowska for judging and Gill Fountain for scribing.
We have a great set of competitors and I got to see a few working.

We started with the tables and chairs, this got off to a good start with everyone finding!
The second search was a wall within a courtyard. The hide was in a corner which was tricky for a couple.
On to boxes and bags which foiled a few dogs.
We finished off with the exterior, this was done on grass which had lots of wildlife smells. The concrete had flooded in the down pour. The dogs did an amazing job and all worked amazingly!
Huge well done and thank you for making such an enjoyable day.

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