Tue 15 Sep 2020, Dauntsey

Level 3: Judge - Marie Poole

The Little Barn, Church Lane, Dauntsey, SN15 4HW

Start: 10.30
Entry Fees: £25.00 per dog.
Contact: Marie Poole marie.poole@me.com

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

How wonderful to judge such a cracking group of dogs and handlers. It was a gorgeous day and great conditions for sniffing. We started on the exterior, a few dogs were caught out by a golf trolley placed to the front of the search. The trolley was quite bulky but the odour was in the clip on a strap and I had pulled it to the side of the trolley. If handlers weren’t working the whole area it was easily missed by the dogs. Boxes and luggage was a good search to judge with most of the dogs getting both hides which were on bags. The vehicle search was a three vehicle search – I had put a scent in the corner of a rear door right where the handlers started, some missed this and some also missed a fairly straight forward hide on the front wheel of another vehicle. There was some beautiful handling on the vehicles. The table & chairs I put the odour in a cabinet door near the start and in the corner of a table. A few dogs went under the table to source the odour and the successful handlers were those that waited until the dog had completely settled before calling it. The cabinet caused few problems. 7 out of 9 dogs qualified and just 1 dog got a clean sweep.

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