Tue 18 Feb 2020, Walsall

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Chris Bennett & Rachel Fox
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Sue Ellis - Delphi20533205252053420526100118
2Natalie Wakelin - Jensen20525205432052320538100129
3Kate Wilkes - Skye20547205812057320529100230
4Rachel Richards - Daisy204.94020517205472052499.9128
5Douglas Merchant - Tawney2052320537204.91102055699.9226
6Deb Atkins - Chester205512052920574204.911899.9272
7Tiena Myoko - Scramble204.9232058204.9282052099.879
8Ceris Wolfenden - Alfie204.978205552005920516294.9354
9Rachael Fox - Esme20569205610538204.91879.9186
10Scott Hamblett - Lilo052220544204.91702056879.9304
11Rosemary Steen - Berti04.8125204.9132057320510779.7318
Level 2
1Tracy Ridgway - Enzo20556205292053220537100154
2Deb Atkins - Belle20588205292056420542100223
3Jo Robson - Kite20589205372058320517100226
4Rachel Richards - Wispa205225205652053520562100387
5Lynne White - Torin205262052720582204.94499.9179
6Sue McAuliffe - Tiva1055420531204.8462054589.8176
7Helen Hepple - Marcus20569104.866205892053289.8256
8Elizabeth Beaumont - Ceri205582056720547104.811789.8289
9Denise Pile - Oddbod1055920453205882057189271
10Ruby Kwok - Boo Boo2056310556205831052480226
11Anne Johnson - Ellie204.912410554104.7565204.824679.45489
12Sarah Fortes Mayer - Bonnie20516010418610530020511479760
13Debbie Goodwin - Fab10599204.8273204.922610018474.7782

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 2
thankyou very much Ellen, for asking me to judge at this trial.
I want to say how impressed I was at the level of the dogs and handlers working, for a level two, some of the teamwork was amazing and you should all be proud of yourselves and your dogs, all the dogs had fun and enjoyed working with their owners, which to me is what scentwork is all about.
the first search area was bags and boxes, some lovely searching and tasking, i saw some very happy dogs at work. Lynne with Torin were beautiful to watch, great independent searching, methodical and a lovely indication, then at then other end of the size scale, we had lovely enthusiasm and good tasking from Sarah and Bonnie.
Deb and Belle were a joy to watch, this dog was so enthusiastic and obviously loves doing her scentwork, such a happy little girl.
Jo and Kite had great indication, again Jo let Kite work independently, tasking where needed:some lovely teamwork
Some some lovely teamwork and tasking from Tracy and Enzo, another very happy enthusiastic boy . Sue and Tiva were another calm partnership, lots of lovely independent work, with Sue calmly tasking where needed.
Anne and Ellie worked well and its lovely to see this happy little girl gaining confidence
Helen demonstrated some very good use of the long line with handling, which is unfortunately where a number of handlers struggled.
We then went outside, unfortunately the weather did put off a few sensitive souls, but again everyone worked very nicely.
I have got to mention Denise and Oddbod, a challenging little boy, but handled so beautifully and patiently by Denise, he worked very well and Denise your patience and love for him is evident.
Booboo and Ruby were a focused and enthusiastic pair, as were Debbie and Fab, some lovely tasking from handlers and happy dogs.
Harley was very calm and focused on the task with Rosemary despite the adverse weather conditions and worked well together as did Elizabeth and Ceri, a very patient and thorough handler with a happy dog who enjoyed the game.
i have to mention Rachel and Whispa again, their vehicle search was lovely to watch, a really good partnership & lovely control of the line, i think you could teach may of us a thing or two!
well done all and i hope to see you at a trial in the future

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