Tue 21 Feb 2023, Wichenford

Level 6: Judge - Harry Latusek

Wichenford Memorial Hall, Venn Lane, Wichenford, Worcestershire WR6 6YF,

Start: 10.00am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Bridget Francis pauline@paulinewhittaker.co.uk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Bridget for inviting me back to Wichenford to judge this level 6 trial.A big Thankyou to my helpers on the day,My scribe,Judy and my runner,Nikki,you both did an excellent job.
It was a lovely clear day,very slight breeze and a little nip in the air.
We had 12 teams taking part.
This search area comprised of half of the main hall and the ladies and disabled toilet area.
4 scents were placed out,comprising of 2 cloves,a gun and a truffle oil,4 minutes were allocated.
3 of the hides I placed around the hall ,an early under a shelf,immediately to the left of the entrance door,(c),another behind and half way up a wall radiator(c).the third was hidden in the seam of a door(g).Lastly the truffle which was hidden under a chair in the toilets.
A mixed bag here with only 5 of the teams finding all 4,3 finding 3 and the remainder finding 2.
A flying start by Ruby and Boo Boo finding all in some 2 mins 25 secs.A good display also by Vicky and Dexter searching of lead.

This was set up,to the left and rear of the main building,comprising of a large tarmac and patio area,which contained a bench.
A large planter surrounding a tree and a paved pathway along the rea of the building.
3 hides were laid out,2 cloves and 1 truffle,3 minutes were allocated.
1 to the right and under the corner of the bench.The remaining 2 were secreted in the woodwork of the large planter,diagonally at each corner.
A good show here with 8 of the teams finding all 3 hides ,the remaining 4 finding 2.
Some lovely searching here by a number of the teams,these were Bobbie and Bella,Rosie and Slinky dog,Jo and Dolly,Joanne and Cora.Leading the way home with an excellent search was ,Paula and Bonnie Jazz in some 1 minute 37 secs.

I used the remaining half of the main hall,an adjoining room containing tables,2 cupboards and stacked chairs.Leading off onto a small store room and corridor.
5 hides were placed out and 5 minutes were allocated.
Hide 1 was concealed in the skirting board at the bottom of the door leading from the main hall to the adjoining room.
Number 2 was at the bottom of a cupboard in the room,number 3 was concealed in the seam of a cupboard at the opposite end of the room,partially obstructed by a small trolly,number 4 was hidden under one of the stacked chairs on the opposite wall…
Finally hide 5 was tucked into the skirting at the bottom of the door leading to the small store room.
All hides were found but no team found all 5…..8 teams found 4, and 3 teams found 3.All handlers used the allotted full 5 minutes.
Unfortunately Phillipa and Stan withdrew following a nasty experience for the little man,it appeared to be be a shotgun blast which had occurred just prior to his exterior search,leaving him visibly shaken.
Lovely to watch here were Bobbie and Bella and Joanne and Cora.
Overall it was a lovely day out and a pleasure to judge these lovely teams,all,played their part during the day.
A few handlers need to work a little on high hides.This caused a problem for a few and resulted in a number of wrong alerts,not being at source.
Two teams managed the day without calling wrong alerts,well done Joanne and Clara and Bobbie and Bella.
My congratulations go to the final 4 rosette winners on the day….
1…Jo and Dolly…2…Heather and Rudi…3…Joanne and Cora…4…Vicky and Dexter…
I wish you all the best in your future trials and look forward to seeing some of you,if not all at sometime in the future.

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