Tue 21 Jan 2020, Broom, Bedfordshire

Level 1: Judge - Heather Donnelly
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Meghan Jones - Rocket2051820525205182052010081
2Maggie Wills - Evie20595205202055220516100183
3Jacquelyn Clowes - Lexi2053520510120545.220553100234.2
4Sarah Connatty - Teddyetna204.7536.34205720522.32051099.7575.64
5Jan Martin - Astra Jasmine204.754920537205105.5205999.75200.5
6Melanie Jones - Coco204.751820519204.569.2204.952999.2135.2
7Jess Forster - Perryn20412720558205822054999316
8Michael Tooley - Alfie0587204.95121205752056879.95351
9Anne Tucker - Oscar204.9552.0805187204.95482055079.9337.08
10Susanne Broughton - Poco204.8525.1820412804.8547.312053778.7237.49
11Sarah Witkin - Bodger204.8511.03205310543052659.85111.03
12Charlotte Ping - Blue0526.0904.8581204.959320549.259.8249.29

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial Managers Report

Our first trial of 2020 got off too a frosty start but by mid morning the winter sun was beaming and the smiles were huge!
As always, it was a pleasure to run the trial, as all competitors were friendly and supportive of each other and clearly adore their dogs. Whether the scent was located or not, all the competitors celebrated their dogs’ efforts, which was a real joy to see.
We were delighted to again welcome Heather Donnelly as our judge, supported by Scribe Frances Wandlowsky, Runner and White Dog handler Laura Burton and ‘Mr Numbers’ Conner How.

Heather Donnelly

Judges Report

It was a super sunny January day judging at the ‘Broom’ L1 trial today which attracted an entry of 15 runners.
I started with the tables and chair search, as it was a cold start and I hoped that the temperature would rise making the next search, the vehicle search, a little easier for the competitors which it seemed to do.
The standard was pretty high and even those that didn’t qualify today their performance was very good compared with other L1 trials that I have judged at so well done.
However I felt that most teams could have improved their performance dramatically by getting a better connection at the start as some dogs did take a little time to realise that they had turned up here to search.
I hid the scented article on one of the chairs at the top and those that ran first fared better as from competitor number 5 onwards the scent had coned out and covered a neighbouring chair. Those that called the wrong chair however made the problem worse as they un wittingly ‘blocked’ the dog and the dog felt compelled to alert even though they weren’t quite on the source. However there were some super quick finds with both Mel with Coco and Meg & Rocket on 18 seconds and Sarah and Bodger, who lived up to his name by knocking over the chairs, locating the scented article after only 11 seconds.
I then went on swiftly to the vehicle search and first drawn was Meg with her very young Labrador Rocket. A very impressive start line maximise the connection between these two with Rocket finding the scented article in the fastest time of only 18 seconds. This team continued in this way successfully finding all four finds in the fastest time and coming home with first place. Well done.
Also impressive was Jan with her young Border Collie Jasmine. Jan line handling was particularly impressive maximising Jasmines use of the very gentle breeze. A joy to watch and I would recommend all newbies to come and watch and learn from team if they ever get the chance.
Another very quick ‘Find’ was Sarah and Teddyetna finding the scented article in just 22 seconds. Sarah lovely handling of this rather sensitive and unusual breed of dog was very refreshing to watch and again a well deserved 4th place on their first time out. Well done.
The next search was the dreaded boxes & luggage and surprisingly this was executed really well. I was surprised not to see any box trashing with all the teams very focused with the job in hand. Several teams gained full marks with Susanne’s Poco being pretty convincing by sitting on the rather large piece of luggage. Maggie and Evie did a very quick find in just 15 seconds and Maggie’s handling was of such a high standard that she was one of three competitors who gained 100 marks. Well done for your well deserved 2nd place.
The ‘Exterior Search’ was generally well done with probably 50% of competitors wanting to know the 3 selected items. Again a very good performance by most teams. Jacqueline showed nice sensitive directing Lexi away from the rather alluring grassy area. I have met this rather sensitive dog before and this the best I have seen this dog work so well done on gain full marks with a 3rd
place as well.
My thanks to Lesley for organising and always creating a nice relaxed friendly trial, Fran for scribing and being good company, Laura for keeping the competitor flow as well running the white dog and Connor for bringing myself and my team teas & coffee as well adding up all the scores enabling a early finish. Thank you once again team ‘Dogzaloud’

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