Tue 25 Feb 2020, Langley Burrell

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Linda Bowden & Lindsay Gilmore
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Jeanne Price - Skye20511.6920538.182052120517.2510088.12
2Julie Saunders - Inca20563204.7556.8120521.562052599.75166.37
3Gaye Doig - Sasha20532.62204.7544.37204.829.9320536.8199.55143.73
4Kay Luis - Brisa20537.43204.6101.62204.835.3720526.3799.4200.79
5Leanne Reddock - Wilson 204.7569.31204.75100.81204.7549.05204.7532.6299251.79
6Anna Willitt - Finn20547.87204.7512.56204.818.310521.7579.55100.49
7Therese Dymott - Percy20516.62204.7539.25204.838.43051579.55109.3
8Karen James - Indy20591.68204.754204.546.1820510.7579.25190.61
Level 3
1Clare Robbins - Ripple20535.8120555.37204.7592.06104.6160.0689.35343.3
2Julie Cox - Edith204.894.8120561.18104.75168.43204.75167.2589.3491.67
3Mike Wright - Poppy20554.93104.5173.25204.5109.0620550.4389387.67
4Jane Turner - Shia104.7246205154.18205102104.75121.9379.45624.11
5Tracy Hussey - Juniper204.861.31104.5104.75204.75116104.6127.5678.65409.62
6Rachel Gowshall - Hattie204.852.3110449.7520555104.7553.8778.55210.93
7Peter Tuck - Button204.6132.18204123104.75180104.75111.6878.1546.86
8Kay Luis - Reno204.7559.6810444.75204.5135.56104.683.6877.85323.67

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you Marie for asking me to co-judge the Level 1 and 3 tests and Ann and Steph for scribing. Marie is a good organiser and thinks of everything!
Our day started with Level 1 and Table and chairs. I placed the scent under the seat of the chair towards the back, all the dogs located it with time to spare. The boxes and luggage proved to be more of a challenge for some resulting in a couple of wrong calls, perhaps the pressure of having successfully completed all the other exercises got to these handlers? The scent was placed under the strap near where it was stitched to the outside of the bag.
Handlers were very sympathetic in the handling of their dogs and all were successful in qualifying.
After lunch we moved outside for the Level 3 tests and were fortunate to miss the heavy rain showers, but the wind was quite strong and gusty. We started with the vehicles, parked side by side and I had placed the scent on the top right corner of the front number plate on one and on the front wheel arch of the second, with the middle vehicle unscented. Only two dogs failed to find both scents due handlers calling wrongly. A couple of dogs started to nibble at the scent and I had already advised this would be penalised if it involved potential damage to a vehicle. Most people worked both tests on lines and this was only a hindrance to a couple of the more enthusiastic dogs, but some handlers failed to help their dogs by not working the vehicles both clockwise and anti-clockwise, particularly important with the effect the wind was having on the scent.
Having moved the vehicles out of the way, we set up the exterior search and I think failing to give their dogs the opportunity to thoroughly search all the objects was the cause of some failing. One scent was on the bag clips of a ‘litter picking bag ring’, placed on the far side of the search area, the second under the closing clip of a plastic box, the latter was located by all dogs, and there were a couple of wrong calls, early on in the exercise. Handlers need to watch ‘hovering’ near objects which has the tendency to bring on a false alert and we had four of these in this test.
Eight of the 11 entrants qualified and we finished in god time without getting wet or too cold.

Lindsay Gilmore

Thank you to Marie for inviting me to co-judge the L1 & L3 at Langley Burrell. Also thanks to my Scribe Monique.
I was tasked with judging the outside elements and I started with the external search. I placed the scent on the handle of a large plastic garden sieve, the scented item was placed half way up the search area on the outer edge. Only one team opted not to know which 3 items may be scented. All teams worked the search area well, covering all items. All were successful.
Their was some really good work in the vehicle search. I placed the scent just below the front number plate, starting cones were at the rear of the car. The wind was blowing in the dogs favour and most teams nailed this search.
What struck me about the L1 trial was the high level of verbal praise the dogs were receiving and how quickly the dogs were rewarded with food/toys as soon as they left the search area. It was really lovely to see.

I was inside for the L3. I started with the container search. I scented a handbag which I placed right at the front of the search and a suitcase which was to the rear of the search area. This element of the trial proved challenging for most teams. Of the 10 entrants 8 called a wrong alert. There was no one container that attracted a wrong alert as in total 6 different containers, of various materials (plastic, Wood, cardboard and material) were incorrectly called as being scented. All teams got the suitcase hide at the rear of the search. The main difficulty was handlers not seeing the first item in the search as dogs ran past it or missed the more subtle signs of interested their dogs showed as they passed the bag. The wrong alerts seemed to be a result of nerves and anxiety that time was ticking.
Table, chairs and perimeter. I arranged the tables in a T shape and scented a chair. A cupboard door was scented on the perimeter. Some great handling saw most teams nail the door hide.
Well done to all the L3 entrants. You worked really hard and came in to the second inside search with a positive attitude after the ‘pressure’ of the container search.

Marie Poole – trial manager
Thank you to Linda & Lindsay for judging and Ann, Monique and Steph for scribing. We had 8 competitors in level 1 and 11 in level 3. I don’t know how but I think we managed to get most, if not all the searches done in the dry. Neighbours to the hall were having major tree surgery done on the boundary. This meant very noisy exterior searches for the level 1’s. The judges were super quick and the level 1 was judged and rosettes awarded by 11.45 just in time for the level 3 competitors to arrive. Again with competitors being where they needed to be at the right time we were finished by 3.

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