Tue 29 Sep 2020, Dauntsey

Level 4: Judge - Nigel Wilkes

The Little Barn, Dauntsey, SN15 4HW

Start: 10.00
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Marie Poole marie@mydogsmells.uk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was a nice Autumn day as I drove down to Dauntsey to Judge the Level 4 trial for Marie. Due to Covid-19 we were running two groups of three and one of 4. Marie had got my coffee ready and the first 3 teams had arrived and we were ready for the off. We started on the Vehicle /Wall search and the hides were on the rear left mud flap and the front right bumper. Most dogs found the bumper but missed out on the mud flap as their dogs noises were all to the floor. than at the height of the scent. One competitor actually pulled his dog off the scent twice and it was the only points dropped for this team.
The second search was the exterior with the hides this time on the number plate and pink chair. Again all teams searched well , but unfortunately Tarn had been ill that morning and he had to leave the ring for a few minutes. I really felt for Jackie and Tarn as they had travelled a long way to attend the trial.
The 3rd search was boxes and luggage with the scent being in 2 plastic boxes one as you entered the door and the other at the rear of the room. The final search was Table, Chairs and perimeter. The hides this time were both on the perimeter on the green drawers and the other on the red tray. You could tell that a few were nervous as they searched and perhaps they were a little over cautious, but their dogs were up to it and indicated perfectly.
At the end of the day Kate and Rafiki were worthy winners with 100 points, followed by Mike and Poppy, Rosie and Slinkydog and Zoe and Dash.
I really enjoyed watching all the dogs work and there was really not much between any of them which showed on the scores. Ufortunately out of the 10 entered one did not qualify but I am sure that will happen soon.
I would like to thank Marie for asking me to judge as well as being my scribe for the day.
Nigel Wilkes

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