Tue 29th Oct 2019, Walsall

Levels 2 & 4: Judges - Harry Latusek & Felicity Ashford
Level 2

1 Helen Hepple & Marcus – 100
2 Anne Glennon & Missy – 99.8
3 Lisa Finney & Brew – 99.8
4 Cath Seddon & Reaper – 99.8
5 Rachel Richards & Chip – 99.7
6 Julie Bytheway & Jess – 99.7
7 Jackie Hodge & Kona – 90
8 Helen Hankins & Sam – 89.6
9 Liz Burton & Artie – 89.6
10 Sue Ellis & Poppy – 89.55
11 Mandy Wade & Fred – 79.75
12 Anne Johnson & Ellie – 79.45
13 Deb Atkins & Belle – 79.25
14 Pam Butcher & Willow – 78.85

Level 3

1 Hannah Crook & Quin – 99.9
2 Christine Cummins & Teasel – 99.8
3 Ellen Lindley & Meg – 89.9
4 Alan Clancy & Rhum – 79.5
5 Mandy Rigby & Reenie – 69.4
6 Rachael Fox & Logan – 69

After the issues with venues earlier in the year, I’ve had to take a break from running trials until I could find somewhere suitable, and Killock in Walsall looked set to be close on perfect. A nice sized car park, a waiting area, a large hall, and a little dead-end road which looked perfect for external and vehicle car searches. There is even a café next door for anyone wanting a sausage butty while they wait.

Unfortunately the café owner was less than impressed at our attempt to use the little dead-end for searches, so we had to improvise and use the middle of the carpark – less than ideal, but I take my hat off to the competitors who worked around it with forbearance.

Our morning trial was level 2 and despite the car issue went really well, and pleasingly all teams qualified. Helen Hepple with Marcus took first place, with Anne Glennon and Missy coming second. Congratulations to Lisa Finney with Brew and Cath Seddon with Reaper for gaining their excellence.

The afternoon trial was Level 4 and comparatively very small, with just 6 competitors; we made a merry bunch. Helen Hepple kindly stepped in as Trial Manager so that I could run my dog. Hannah Crook with Quin took first place, with Christine Cummins and Teasle taking second.

Harry Latusek and Felicity Ashford were fantastic judges, who made the day a joy to host. Jo Welch, Alun Clancy and Cath Seddon were our brilliant scribes, without whom the judge’s have a much harder job, and Brenda Ward was our ever efficient and helpful tea-lady for the day. Thank you all for putting up with the cold to help – it’s not the warmest of venues and I hope you didn’t take too long to thaw out. A trial is only as good as the helpers involved – and I have been blessed with some amazing help! Thank you all.

Finally a huge thank you to Penny Harris who loaned me her vehicle for the car search and trustingly handed over the keys for the day while she went to work!

Harry Latusek

Let me begin by thanking Ellen,for inviting me along to co judge levels 2 and 4 at this new venue,near Walsall.My co judge on the day was,Felicity Wilash.A Thankyou also to my scribe,Jo Welch who did a wonderful job throughout the day.It was a pleasant day,sunshine and a light breeze.A white dog was used prior to all of the searches.
I lined the three vehicles,nose to tail,along the centre of the car parking area.I hid the cloves scent in the tow bar electrics of the 1st vehicle,directly in front of the start cones.The gun oil I hid on the front near side wheel of the 2nd vehicle,pushing it into a wheel nut to prevent it being retrieved.I am pleased to say that we had 100% success,with all 14 teams correctly finding both.Some lovely searching by Anne and Missy,in a time of 41 secs,closely followed by Jackie and Kona in some 42 secs.

This was set up in the corner of the car park area,on a tarmac surface.The cloves scent,I hid in a smoke alarm,immediately to the front left of the start line,and the gun oil in a wall clock,placed on the perimeter,to the right.This was not an easy search area for level 2 dogs,with leaves abundant and a grass verge nearby.However,this caused no problem whatsoever to the majority of the teams,who went about thier business with ease.10 of the teams correctly finding both scents,the others finding one.Some excellent handling,and quick times by,Rachel and Chip,Anne and Missy,Jackie and Kona and Liz and Artie,in 11 secs,39 secs,40 secs and 44 secs respectively.
The overall standard was very good for level 2,and I am sure many of the teams will progress quickly through the levels.Congratulations to our eventual 4 rosette winners.
1.Helen and Marcus,2.Anne and Missy,3.Lisa and Brew,4.Cath and Reaper.
Well done to Cath and Reaper,gaining thier Excellence.

Level 4
Following a short lunch break,it was on to level 4 in the afternoon.I was tasked with judging the boxes and luggage and tables/chairs and perimeter searches.The distractions scents were coffee and shampoo.
I placed the gun oil scent in the zip of a black bag,positioning it immediately to the left,in front of the start cones.the cloves scent was hidden in the zip of another black Bag and placed in the centre of the search area.The distractions,coffee,was hidden in a small box to the left and rear.The shampoo,in a black bag,to the far right.We had 6 teams competing,only 2 of these were successful in finding both scents,a couple of the remaining teams falsely calling on the shampoo.Excellent searching and handling by,Hannah and Quin and Christine and Teasel,both in around 25 seconds.
I placed the distraction scents as follows,the shampoo under a stool on the left of the perimeter and the coffee under a chair,to the left of the table set up.The gun oil,I hid in the bottom seam of a fire door,which was situated on the left hand side, at its furthest away point from the start line.The cloves scent was hidden in an air vent,on the right hand side of the perimeter wall.4 of the teams found both,the remaining 2 only finding the scent hidden in the fire door.Lovely teamwork shown by Hannah and Quin,finding both in 79 secs.
All round,I saw some excellent searching and handling,it was a pleasure to watch.
My congratulations go to the eventual 4 rosette winners.
1.Hannah and Quin,2.Christine and Teasel,3.Ellen and Meg,4.Alan and Rhum.
I wish you all success in your future trials and look forward to meeting some,if not all of sometime soon.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Helen Hepple & Marcus20551205402057420554100219
2Anne Glennon & Missy20549204.93920541204.97699.8205
3Lisa Finney & Brew205104204.976204.9832052599.8288
4Cath Seddon & Reaper204.9142204.9922051122052899.8374
5Rachel Richards & Chip2053120511204.8105204.96199.7208
6Julie Bytheway & Jess204.970204.96820595204.98499.7317
7Jackie Hodge & Kona1056820549205422055090209
8Helen Hankins & Sam105136204.888204.9127204.96689.6417
9Liz Burton & Artie104.9141204.844205109204.99389.6387
10Sue Ellis & Poppy10540204.871204.751412057989.55331
11Mandy Wade & Fred054220564204.751412054379.75290
12Anne Johnson & Ellie20589104.7555204.8106104.99879.45348
13Deb Atkins & Belle204.7138104.7572204.8841054479.25338
14Pam Butcher & Willow104.8180104.75114204.5269204.86778.85630
Level 4
1Hannah Crook & Quin20579204.9622051192055099.9310
2Christine Cummins & Teasel20521420565204.8692052599.8373
3Ellen Lindley & Meg205190204.91202051421058589.9537
4Alan Clancy & Rhum205187204.8180104.71851056179.5613
5Mandy Rigby & Reenie104.8300204.855104.81001054969.4504
6Rachael Fox & Logan10517120594205158048469507

Killock, Longwood Lane, Walsall WS4 2JT.

Start:- L2 9.30am, L4 1.30pm
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Capped at 12 entries for L2 and 10 for L4. Only one dog per handler
Contact: Ellen Lindley 07413 111 921
Download Entry Form to book a place. Anyone wanting to submit by post needs to call first so I can reserve the slot in my online booking system.
Online entries are available Level 2, Level 4