Wed 04 Nov 2020, Great Rollright

Level 3: Judge - Ali Brannen

Hand House, Great Rollright, Chipping Norton OX7 5RE

Start: 9.30am & 1pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Karen Denton

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

alison brannen

Judges Report – Level 3

First off I would like to say thank you to Karen for asking me to judge this level, thanks also to Hazell who scribed and again lent us her lovely Venue for the day. It was a beautiful sunny day and all teams seemed on good form.

We started with the Tables, chairs & Perimeter. 2 hides were placed out, gun oil was placed on the 5th chair around the table and clove was placed on the bottom leg of a chair around the perimeter. 5/10 teams found both and they were John & Whisper, Denise & Oddbod, Jo & Brock, Julia & Spot and Lena & Angel. 5 teams found 1 hide and they were Val & Trio, Liz & Ceri, Rita & Elliott, Glenis & Loxley and Christine & Indy.

Then it was to the Exterior search which was held on a patio area, 2 hides were placed out which were clove on a flower pot and gun oil on the head of a hoover. 7/10 teams found both hides and they were John & Whisper, Rita & Elliott, Liz & Ceri, Lena & Angel, Denise & Oddbod, Julia & Spot and Jo & Brock. 2/10 teams found 1 and they were Val & Trio and Christine & Indy. 1 team didn’t find any hides.

Then it was the vehicle search, we used 1 vehicle and a length of the barn wall. 1 hide was placed on the barn and this was gun oil, the clove hide was placed on the left side of the vehicle towards the rear wheel. Only 2 teams found both hides and they were Glenis & Loxley and Rita & Elliott. 7 teams found 1 hide and they were Liz & Ceri, Val & Trio, John & Whisper, Jo & Brock, Lena & Angel, Denise & Oddbod and Julia & Spot. 1 team didn’t find either hide.

Lastly it was to Bags & Boxes. Clove was placed on a green box at the front of the search and gun oil was placed in a blue bag towards the back of the search area. 4 teams found both hides and they were John & Whisper, Liz & Ceri, Jo & Brock and Denise & Oddbod. 5 teams found 1 hide and they were Glenis & Loxley, Rita & Elliott, Julia & Spot, Christine & Indy, and Lena & Angel. 1 team didn’t find either hide.

There were some really lovely dogs at this trial but some handlers and dogs were a tad rusty or a little bit cheeky to say the least. Despite this 7 teams qualified and they were in 1st Place Denise & Oddbod, 2nd place went to John & Whisper, 3rd to Jo & Brock and 4th to Julia & Spot, 5th to Liz & Ceri, 6th to Lena & Angel and 7th to Rita & Elliott. Grand Job guys you certainly did well.

Thank you to everyone who came along, it was lovely to see you all and to see how well your dogs have progressed in their training. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you all again soon.

Trial Manager’s report

A beautiful blue sky greeted us for the last trial before lockdown 2. Once again folk came from long distances to Hazell’s lovely venue in the Cotswolds where she, Ali and I have ‘bubbled’ in these weird times. This was a Level 3 trial and, as usual, we had 5 teams in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Covid guidelines were happily observed and competitors were in good spirits.

Denise’s Oddbod rocked it with great handling and took 1st place. John needs to believe Whisper when she makes a find as he nearly gave us a heart attack pulling her off it so many times! Despite that they came in 2nd. Jo’s Brock put in a great performance on his first L3 and gave her 2nd place. Julia’s Spot was a delight to watch, a proper little independent searcher who knew exactly what to do. Well done on your 4th place. Liz’s Ceri came in at 5th after a little struggle on the vehicle and
and Lena’s Angel came in 6th. She’s a strong dog with a strong personality. Rita’s teeny weeny Elliott came in 7th and got better as the trial progressed. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small dog doing scent work.

Three teams didn’t qualify but their dogs weren’t in the right headspace today. Glenis’s Loxley was unusually inaccurate, Indy was very rusty and Trio just wasn’t in the mood but, as we know, we all have off days.

Many thanks again to Ali for judging and to Hazell for scribing. I think a good day was had by all and great company was enjoyed.

See you on the other side of lockdown folks when we’ll have some more trialling fun. Till then keep safe.

Karen Denton

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