Wed 06 Jul 2022, Marston Moreteyne

Levels 1 & 5: Judge - Harry Latusek

Beancroft Farm, Beancroft Road, Marston Moreteyne, Bedfordshire MK430QE

Start: L1 – Briefing 9.15am; Judging 9.30am. L5 – Briefing 1pm; Judging 1.15pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Emma Conlisk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Emma for inviting me along to judge the level 1 and 5 trials at Beancroft.Also a Thankyou to my scribes of the day,Andrea and Lisa.
It was a lovel sunny day with a slight breeze.We had 13 teams in total competing.
A white dog was used prior to all searches in both trials.

Two tables and 8 chairs were set up in a square pattern,the scent was hidden under the furthest chair to the left of the start line.
11 dogs finding the hidden scent with reasonable ease.Five of these in under 20 seconds,Margaret and Bessie and Hazel and Rannoch showing all the way home in some 15 seconds.

Boxes and Luggage
I set out some 13 boxes/bags in the main hall.The scent was concealed in then buckle of a black breifcase and placed centrally in the search area.
Some lovely searching by the majority with 10 teams being successful.Excellent searching of lead by Carole and Dakota in 11 seconds.
Also worthy of note here were,Gill and Bella,Val and Pip,Sara and Jimmy,Vanessa and Ellie and Janice and Robert.

14 items were laid out in the paved court yard patio area.
All teams were told the 3 items,which were,a camping chair,a fire extinguisher(scented)and a vehicle pump.
9 teams were successful here.Some lovely searching and handling by Vanessa and Ellie,Carole and Dakota,well done to Gill and Bella,Gill holding her nerve while Bella paid a bit of attention to the camping chair.

The scent was concealed front left of the vehicle inside a tow hook attachment,facing the start line.
8 of the dogs finding this with ease and going to source.Some of the dogs indicated around the wheel arch,12”(30 cm )away, Obviously picking up the scent trail which was blowing through.
Lovely searching again by,Hazel and Rannoch,Sara and Jimmy and Vanessa and Ellie.
A lovely way to spend a morning watching these up and coming teams.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day.
1st…Gill and Bella….2nd…Val and Pip…Both with maximum points,2 seconds separating them.
3rd…Andrea and Tizzy….4th…Margaret and Bessie.
I look forward to meeting up with some,if not all of you at sometime in the future.

Following a short lunch break I commenced with the level 5
10 teams taking part in the trial,plus 1 running nfc.

Interior 1
This was set up,in the kitchen area and a nice long corridor leading of it.
4 scents were placed out,2 in cupboard seams,1 in a door edge and 1 at the bottom of a door frame.3 mins 30 secs were allocated.
3 of the teams showing lovely searching skills and finding all 4,two finding 2 and the remainder finding 3.
Excellent handling shown here by Angela and Woody,Lynn and Google and Jonand Dolly…

This was laid out in the forecourt paved patio area,which was enclosed,being surrounded by walls and several doors.Several chairs and loungers were positioned in the area, also a nice large picnic box,a gun oil scent was hidden in the handle.
6 scents in total were laid out,around the area,in doors,under ledges and in the wall itself.These varied in height from ground level to some 24”(30cm).5 minutes was allocated after timing the white dogs search.
Well done to the excellent handling skills of Lisa,enabling McGee to find all 6 hidden scents in around 3 mins 40 secs.
Several of the dogs here were more interested in searching around the gravel and paving slabs,neither of which contained any scent.

Interior 2
The remaining 2 scents,1 cloves and 1 gun oil were hidden behind 2 radiators on the same wall,a few inches from ground level and some 2 meters apart.Two tables and a number of chairs were placed out in the centre of the room.. A nice quick easy search to finish of the day I thought.
How wrong could I be,to my surprise only 3 of the teams were successful in finding both.Two finding none,the others finding only 1.

Some lovely handling and searching shown by the majority of the teams throughout the day.A pleasure to watch.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…

1st….Lisa and McGee……2nd…Angela and Woody….3..Louise and Bo…4th…Katherine and Heston….


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